Comcast rakes in the dough; Continues to poach voice customers

Comcast rakes in the dough; Continues to poach voice customers

Summary: Comcast reported stronger than expected profits as more customers transitioned to digital cable and the voice and Internet services that often ride shotgun.In the second quarter (statement), Comcast reported earnings of $967 million, or 33 cents a share, on revenue of $8.


Comcast reported stronger than expected profits as more customers transitioned to digital cable and the voice and Internet services that often ride shotgun.

In the second quarter (statement), Comcast reported earnings of $967 million, or 33 cents a share, on revenue of $8.94 billion, up 4.5 percent from a year ago. A year ago, Comcast reported net income of $632 million, or 21 cents a share. Wall Street was expecting earnings of 26 cents a share on revenue of $8.86 billion.

Like Verizon and AT&T, Comcast has managed the economic downturn well. Comcast ended the second quarter 46.2 million total customers. Here's a snapshot of the customer trends. As you can see, Comcast is gobbling up voice customers yet losing video customers.

Some of the more notable charts:

And Comcast is talking more about its wireless initiatives.

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  • Why, just Why?

    Why would anyone willingly subject themselves to becoming Comcast customers? Where I live even DSL is not available so my only choice is Comcast and they are terrible, their customer service is terrible, their installers are unreliable and they charge fees for everything, I'm surprised there's no fee on my bill for "Listening to muzak while waiting on hold for our highly trained CSR's to get back online and tell you to go to hell". The "highly trained" part, yeah that was sarcasm in case you didn't know. The second heck the god damn nano-second Fios or DSL or anything short of dial up becomes available I am dropping Comcast to the curb. I can't imagin trusting them with something as important as my land-line.
    User 13
  • RE: Comcast rakes in the dough; Continues to poach voice customers

    They rake in the dough because they are about the only choice...there are no options. What a joke when you call and say "Thank you for choosing Comcast"...geesh...let the FIOS God come to Illinois soon!
    • I see the FIOS trucks

      near my neihborhood, so I will second that statement: "FIOS, please let me see the light!"
    • Illinois too!

      Comcast has a horrible reputation here in Detroit too, as well as a near monopoly in much of the metro area. I live in the city and have ATT and they are just as bad! High speed service that is not fast at all, constantly being knocked off the net for no apparent reason, and look out for bad weather, it's like I still have a satellite dish for my internet (which I used to). ATT blames the old wires they are sending over, and the distance I am from their central unit. Well, fix the wires, build more units dammit, you charge me enough for it!
      I've been trying for some time now to find a service in Detroit to switch to, but it seems if I want anything decent, I have to pay for a business account (way out of my budget). Anybody got any suggestions, helpful ones that is?
  • RE: Comcast rakes in the dough; Continues to poach voice customers

    comcast takes the good programs and moves them to the higher price service so you have top pay more and upgrade to that level get more with ATT uverse.....................
  • Flakier than my old phone service

    Comcast internet and voice are great when they're up. Unfortunately, that's far from 100%. I'm frequently plagued by internet and voice outages (even when the tv works) which a couple of dozen visits by Comcast technicians has failed to cure. They always end up telling me that the signal quality at the pole is poor and they forward the trouble ticket to their network services which fails to do anything about it.

    All of this reminds me of the early days of broadband ethernet over coax. Our company was plagued by frequent network outages that usually occured when someone kicked a cable under their desk accidently. All that trouble went away when we switched to twisted pair.

    I'm still using comcast because I like the speed when it is working but as soon as either Verizon FIOS or AT&T Uverse come to my neighborhood I'll be all over it.
  • I spent 2 months with my daughter

    Last year. She lives in White River junction Vermont. Comcast is her provider for Digital TV and a business Internet account. She's a Software support engineer who works from home for a big medical services equipment vendor in southern Florida. After 5 years working for this company in Florida, she moved to Vermont with her husband to complete his post doctorate at a large university. So she went remote.

    After 3 months working online, while connected to the medical lab computer at a major NY hospital, her Internet connection went dead!

    The local phone company cut her Comcast cable while laying a nearby phone cable. She immediately called Comcast. Their answer: We don't have anyone available. After one week of frantic calls to any level at Comcast, they cut her off from being able to connect to anyone at Comcast. One year later, they repaired the line.

    She used all her remaining vacation time, personal days, sick days, unpaid leaves, everything. How did she keep her job? She bought the house next door! Her old house would not sell because there was NO cable TV or Internet available. Deep in the New England mountains, Satellite is out.

    Her new house also has Comcast! They made her pay for the remaining contract obligations for her old house!

    This is Comcast! I attest to these events as I witnessed them personally.

    I deeply sorrow for all of you in the grasp of this pathetic excuse for an ISP or cable company!
  • RE: Comcast rakes in the dough; Continues to poach voice customers

    That's a great pun, assuming you meant it as a pun. As in, FIOS is the transmission of light over a fiber cable! :-)

    I used to have Comcast. So did my brother, who lives right next door to me. Our internet would go out, and everytime it did and we'd call, we would have to go through the same ridiculous procedures, such as rebooting our modems, our computers, etc. In other words, even though two separate houses were down at the exact same time, they were looking at the problem as if it were internal to the home. A stupid robot could do a better job of on the phone troubleshooting than the playbook following people that they use. They never could find the source of the trouble for the intermittent outages for our neighborhood. One guy even came to the house, was going to leave because he couldn't see anything wrong, when the net dropped while he was running some pings. He went outside for about a half an hour, came back and said it wasn't doing it anymore so there was nothing he could do. If I were to do that to one of my computer customers they'd have my head on a platter served to my management.

    AT&T U-verse is what I'm fortunate enough to have now (as does my brother), and it runs flawlessly. I've had one service call, and it ended up being a dog chewing through my outdoor line. They fixed it, and didn't bill me. Comcast could learn a lot from AT&T. The only way I'd ever go back to Comcast is if I were left with no choice. I know some of you are in that position, and I truly feel sorry for you.
  • RE: Comcast rakes in the dough; Continues to poach voice customers

    Agree with you on how bad comcast is.

    Back on July 4th, I awoke to find my Internet connection for email to comcast had been turned off by comcast. They said my computer had been misbehaving so they closed my communication port. Possibly as part of the DOS attack on government sites.

    I used the comast webform to complain to the VP of Operations - which really routes the complaint to your local office. Got a response back that they had noticed "suspecious behavior" from my computer at 2 AM and had sent me a warning email. comcast also said that when they detected the behavior again at 6 AM - they sent me a 2nd email and blocked my email account.

    I raised several ?s which they would not answer. First, for the 2 emails they sent me - I only received 1 email at 4 AM which said they were shutting down my account. Getting 1 email - and the time it was received does not match comncast's version of something happening. Second, as a retired computer security engineer - I have all my computer equipment - including the cable modem connected to a surge protector. When I'm not on-line, I turn everything off. At the 2 times they said my computer was misbehaving - all electrical power was off to the equipment. And just in case, I forget to turn off the electrical power - I also have a lamp plugged into that surge protector - so the lamp's light will shine in my face when I go to bed. No light was in my face when I went to bed that night at 11 PM.

    So how did my computer turn itself on and misbehave? No answers from comast other than "it misbehaved".

    comcast helpdesk provided me with instructions for re-establishing my email account - and those instructions did not work. We treid for over 2 hours. Got out of the chat with the helpdesk and read the instructions comcast had posted on their website, and I was back in operation in less than 5 minutes.

    Posted a ? about this in Yahoo's chat room and got a response from someone at comcast's corporate office that I was wrong. Things did not happen as I described. (What could I possibly know about what happened to me?)

    Saw a survey by ConsumerReports of the top 12 ISP providers. I seem to remember that Comcast was ranked 8th in terms of customer satisfaction - near the bottom.

    When I switched to digital cable, it took 3 phone calls to comcast before they processed the order and somebody showed up to do the install. And he couldn't get the equipment to work. 2 days later a higher skilled technician came in - looked at the equipment - called the office and said "turn it on". Worked after that. Took 3 months of phone calls to get the bill correct.

    When I switched to Comcast Internet from AT&T, 3 months after the switch Comcast doubled the price of my Internet service even thought the offer I responded to said it was not an intro price. Took 3 months to get that straighten out.

    My wife wants to get more tv programming, but I simply do not want to try to deal with comcast any more. Can you blame me?

    Read that comcast had admitted to the federal government, that when there was a hearing about people complaints about comcast - that comcast paid people to attend the hearing and take up seats so the people who wanted to complain could not get into the meeting. ?