Comcast sues FCC over net neutrality ruling

Comcast sues FCC over net neutrality ruling

Summary: Comcast is suing the Federal Communications Commission over the agency's move to sanction the cable giant over blocking peer-to-peer Internet traffic from BitTorrent.According to the Wall Street Journal, Comcast filed the lawsuit on Thursday.


Comcast is suing the Federal Communications Commission over the agency's move to sanction the cable giant over blocking peer-to-peer Internet traffic from BitTorrent. According to the Wall Street Journal, Comcast filed the lawsuit on Thursday. Comcast said it will comply with the FCC order, but is suing because it believes the agency's move was inappropriate.

Comcast's move isn't totally unexpected. The FCC made its first net neutrality sanction in August when it ruled 3-2 that Comcast violated rules by blocking BitTorrent traffic. Comcast has argued that it should be allowed to discriminate against traffic to better manage its network.

Overall, the suit is probably a good thing since it may establish more concrete net neutrality boundaries.

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  • Is this Government megalomania?

    Or is Comcast grasping at straws in a sinking ship on a road to no return!
  • The cable companies poor planning

    shouldn't hurt the users. There have been many suggestions of how they could improve the way their network runs with out a huge cost in hardware up grading yet in normal cable company fashion rather raise their rates and screw their customers.....

    They (the cable companies) have gotten so bad that if you drive down the street in my city (a Time Warner area) you will see tons of DirectTV and Dish Network satellite dishes. I actually found Dish even has a Pre_Pay satellite tv set-up for those who don't want contracts....yep I have it....hate contracts
  • RE: Comcast sues FCC over net neutrality ruling

    The Federal Government has sovereign immunity and cannot be sued by either commercial companies or the public, except if consents to such a suit. I do not understand how Comcast can sue the FCC when they have no standing to do so. This must be some sort of show they are putting on as part of lobbying congress to strip the FCC's power to enforce net neutrality.
    • a different kind of action

      You're thinking of one kind of action. What they are in actuality doing is challenging the jurisdiction of the action taken by the federal agency-- which IS challengable in court.
  • They are just miffed...

    because they got called out and are trying to head off any future lawsuits from consumers and the EFF. Metered internet is bad and will not be tolerated - just you wait. I've already been investigating other options for my HSI service.
  • The day when DSL becomes available in my apartment... the day I'll switch from Comcast, as I'd be very happy to not have to pay $10 for cable TV service that I do not watch, except for the locals with my antenna that I currently have (yes, I do have HDTV with an ATSC tuner). I really wanted to get rid of cable TV service, as I don't watch 5 or more channels on TV. If I want to enjoy sports in ESPN, that'd be HD only, but I can't afford $100 a month with HSI and HD programming. The channels that I do watch from most to least are: ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, and FOX and I don't watch PBS (unless Hometime and New Yankee Workshop shows up, but I tend to sleep late during the weekends...).

    Okay, I know the topic of the article is High Speed Internet from Comcast who filed a lawsuit against FCC, but the point I'm trying to get across is I don't like having to spend about $60 just to have Internet. So, either with High-Speed Internet for non-cable customers or High-Speed Internet with basic cable TV service, I'll still be charged $60 a month for 12 to 16 mBits/s download speed and 1.5 mBits/s upload speed.

    Why have that speed so fast for $60/month while I'll be fine with 6 mBits/s down/768 kBits/s up for $30 with DSL?

    Please excuse my whining; I don't mean to complain and I'll grow up and waste my money toward Comcrap... :(

    I still want a DSL service (again, none available) regardless if a landlord has a contract/agreement with Comcr@$h or not...

    *shrug* Oh, well... :(
    Grayson Peddie
  • RE: Comcast sues FCC over net neutrality ruling

    Comcast should not be selling more bandwidth that it can supply. We pay for bandwidth not content usage or how many bytes we use. What is next? Charging people for how many words they say while talking on their cell phone.
    • I Think They Already Do

      if your cell phone plan charges by the minute. Except for that ad where the whole family is talking at auctioneer speed, :D you could probably come up with a consistent words per minute average that people speak at. So, yes, they are charging you more if you say more.

      And in the US, we used to be charged for time on the Internet, not our modem speed. Competition changed that. Maybe the pendulum is starting to swing back...
  • Let the market decide.

    Comcast is trying to stiffle companies like Netflix, which wants to rent DVDs as downloads over the internet. Comcast wants to force you to watch movies via your cable box and is using their control of the delivery medium to prevent you choosing.

    Net Neutrality: making Capitalism succeed on a screen near you.
  • I love Comcast Bashing-

    I have been on top of almost every article related to these JA's. I have yet to see any relating to "network performance". Are they having trouble providing service to us? Besides the usuall crap of a bad cable in the house, who actually has any problems? And Is it the Network? or is it them "saying" it's the network? How I understand their network it is extremely dynamic and resilient and has plenty of room.
    Now do not get me wrong, I do not like them, sam I am, I do not like them in my house, i do not like them in my computer either. Over priced, poor service and knuckleheads who answer the phone, even the automated version is screwed up!! I think they are trying to gather attention for a future royal screwing. They figure, most people won't even be on that much so we can sell it to the masses, but little did they know there are heavy users out there, so they want to block torrent users, and change peoples email ports, and institute a cap of 250GB/mo for bandwidth, now they want to raise a stink to the FCC (who better not back off)well boo hoo, i feel nothing for them.
    Back off my net!!
    • I'm with you in this.

      I've grown tired of Comcast. I want DSL and want Comcast out of my apartment; however, that's only if DSL is available in my area and I can't move to a different apartment complex until my lease is up at the end of the year.
      Grayson Peddie
  • RE: Comcast sues FCC over net neutrality ruling

    Who really cares as long as you are able to get on the net with all the traffic. Pretty soon you will have to wear a helmet and a seat belt in your own home at your desk. If they are not careful they will squeeze lemons to get orange juice. After you are all confused about what is really going on. It is the ad companies that want the posh delivery at higher levels, which us folks that can barely afford the rates already get shoved down in grunts-ville. "Why not" lets really throw down the throttle on em since we have a choice here.