Come and get it: Fedora laptop for $150

Come and get it: Fedora laptop for $150

Summary: Would you try a $150 laptop powered by Fedora? Sure you would.

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Would you try a $150 laptop powered by Fedora? Sure you would. And apparently so are a lot of other folks.

celebrityfront.PNGA Swedish company called Medison has unveiled a laptop called the Celebrity. Medison's laptop is the latest in a race to the bottom of the pricing barrel. Nicholas Negroponte OLPC is one effort and others are also getting into the act.

There's only one problem with Medison's laptop--it's a slog to get through to its reseller's site to buy one. The laptop is available through a reseller After a few tries I got through to order despite that "if it's sounds too good to be true it is" feeling. Here's Medison's pitch:

Medison Celebrity is a high quality laptop for the everyday user. It is adapted to functionality that does not demand the highest performance, but rather to everyday tasks such as e-mailing, surfing the Web, word processing and working with spreadsheet programmes. Built-in Wireless and slim design makes this a truly flexible and mobile laptop for the active user.

The computer is shipped completely set up and ready-to-use with Linux pre-installed - no complicated installations or adjustments are needed -within 4-6 weeks.

The Medison Celebrity also consists of components approved for the American and European markets as an environmental friendly product according to new laws taken by them.

Umm. OK. I only cared it was $150.

As for the details: The Celebrity has a 14 inch LCD, an Intel Celeron 1.5 GHz chip, a 40 GB hard drive, 256 MB of memory. Linux and office applications.

The big question: How is Medison making money from this laptop?

In an FAQ, Medison addresses why the Celebrity is cheap. "We see this from a democratic point of view where we believe everyone should be able to afford to have a laptop. The other reason is that we have our own plants where we assemble our laptops."

This laptop is supposed to arrive in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Stay tuned.

Crave's Matthew Elliott has more.

Topic: Laptops

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  • I sure as heck would

    Though I'd certainly look in the bargain bins for more memory and perhaps a bigger hard drive to plop in it. And I'm sure other less adventurous folk would add on an OEM copy of Vista or XP.
    Michael Kelly
  • Defintely: too good to be true

    Your feeling was right: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Well, here we have it.

    If a laptop could be sold that cheaply with Linux on it, why aren't the Dell laptops with Ubuntu comparatively priced?

    This sounds suspicious. I hope your money isn't lost.

    Greetz, Pjotr.
    • Because Dell is in the biz of making money and screwing people

      They have too much "value-added" in their advertising to give away anuthing for what its actually worth.
      • Yeah, you got it.

        They are into making money. Imagine that. Now how about you? You work for a living or on government's payroll? <br>
        It would be interesting to see where their manufacturing facilities are and how many they employ, or if they are buying the hardware and reselling it.
    • some related facts

      It probably is too good to be true, but all it takes is one brave soul to find out for sure.

      Dell laptops are not comparative, because "it's a Dell". Can you buy anything with the Dell name on it for $150???

      Fry's electronics often has newspaper ads with linux desktop machines for $99 - $199. They are similar, bottom of the computing food-chain systems, like this. Pretty much the same specs.

      So, it's always possible that this company bought up some company's old stock that just doesn't standup to today's Windows' needs. Repackage it with Linux, and sell it off.

      Just pointing out some facts.
      Mad Maximus
      • Yeah, Dell has some machines, even windows machines, not all that much more

        than this. I mean they have entry level machines in the 400.00 range w/ windows. <br><br>
        You know the funny thing here is how one poster suggested Dell is into making money and screwing people...I guess if you are not a capitalist, that would seem like a bad thing....but I've heard Apple users go on and on about how OEMs, like Dell, are selling at razor thin margins and making money on volume. So if that's true, and they can't get a linux laptop to 150, something is up. Surely Dell has more buying power. <br>
        I would want to find out who is actually manufacturing these. They say they have their own facilities, but that doesn't rule out buying them from another source...being "their" facility which they do business. Hopefully this does not turn out to be a situation where anyone is being taken advantage of for labor building these machines. Not saying there is any hint of that, but really does sound too good to be true. Hard to imagine they could build these from virtually no labor costs. Perhaps people are doing it in their spare time for free....
    • There is nothing surprising about this laptop. :)

      You are all nut cases to even remotely leave post on this subject of $150.00 laptop. Shows what you people know about the world around you. Do you all read or watch tech news? Every year prices of electronics are going down and new and better electronics are created. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they start selling Laptop for $50 in 5 years. The only reason you can't get Dell Laptop no less than $600.00 is because their main manufacturering plant is in the USA, the land of freedom and happiness. Why do you think companies are outsourcing? If you can answer that you will know why Dell computer is expensive even the used Dell Laptop. Cost of production, tax and minimum wages for the low end workers are some of the main reason. If Dell doesn't have to pay any of his poor employees, you can get Dell Laptop for $10.00 :)

      This $150.00 laptop to me is no surprise. First of all, their plant is in Brazil. What does that say. That means their cost of production is very low. Even if they are buying parts from others and assembling it in Brazil, it's still good because they can cut cost even further. Do you all think Dell manufacturers all their computer parts in the U.S.A? LOL. Just like other smart companies, Dell buys parts from other countries like Japan, Europe, China, Tiwan and others. And then they assemble them in the U.S.A. $150.00 laptop is a surprise to you all, because no one ever showed that you can have a computer for less than what you all been told. Easily I can get a computer for $89.00 with monitor.
      • What is surprising

        What is surprising is this example of total cluelessness. Its even hard to tell where to start with this one.
  • If it does work

    I would get two for my daughters. They could use them to access, webkinz, etc. and don't really need them for school since the oldest is only going into first grade.
    Patrick Jones
    • That's my thinking

      Let's hope Nick and Noggin work on Linux
      Larry Dignan
      • Websites on Linux

        I just tried Noggin and it seemed ok. I got as far on as the arcade when I saw that they charge for the games? What's up with that? And I *know* Webkinz works because my 11-year-old niece requires me to login when I'm up at night and earn her some money.

        The only problem I see is it's all Flash-based and Flash is slow. My laptop is a Dell C640 (P4M-1.8, ATI Mobility 7500C w/32M and 1G RAM) and it isn't very smooth. It's not a Linux issue though as it's equivalently slower on my niece's P4-1.3 with 768M and a GeForce2 MX 200 with 32M.

        The laptop being sold is a Celeron 1.5 with 256M and no mention of the video? It most likely isn't accelerated though. That could be a problem.
  • This has to be a close out hardware that they bought. So, the price will

    probably only last as long as the supply. Who can quick add up the wholesale prices to tell us if this is remotely possible.
    • Entirely Possible!

      We've grown so accustomed to overpriced operating systems, high-margin hardware and multi-tiered distribution and sales channels that a $150 laptop seems impossible, but consider the XO/OLPC machine, arguably a much more capable and certainly more rugged laptop, and this machine isn't really at all outlandish.
      • We ???

        Even your email address is fishy.

        gfisher => stand for Grand Fisher (or maybe Ground Fisher). If you watch Bleach (it's an anime), Grand / Ground fisher is a Hollow (monster / enemy in that series) who use a female doll as a bait to lure his target.

        Maybe this guy use $150 laptop as the bait to "eat" you. Beware..

        But, still I hope it's true. And if it's really true, i will buy two, one for my self, and one for my family.
  • that's the last nail in M$ coffin and the OEM cartel

    The day of software liberation is closing fast!
    Let's sped up the process and ad more distros that are not affiliated with M$!
    Linux Geek
    • Shut up fool of fools!

      Give it a rest already you imbecilic dunderhead! YOU ARE NOT HELPING THE LINUX MOVEMENT WITH YOUR IGNORANCE! ]:)
      Linux User 147560
      • M$ is desperate and it's spreading FUD at full throttle

        Just look at the latest FUD and defamation campaign initiated by the M$ agents against this great Linux company that is eating their lunch.
        This company should become the preferred hardware vendor for the Linux community.
        Linux Geek
        • Message has been deleted.

          Hallowed are the Ori
          • There is no way to argue with ...

            the brain dead trolls. They are not interested in intelligent interaction. They are only interested in sowing discord and in attempting to make other people look like idiots. But it is pretty obvious to all of us who they are around here and I suspect it doesn't take most of us long to learn not to pay attention to anything they post. But they are certainly a big time annoyance to those of us who would prefer to debate real issues and to learn from each other in the process. Name calling and other example of toddler level social skills certainly doesn't contribute much toward that target. So John, I suspect that there are at least a few things on which we can agree.


            George Mitchell
          • Let us not argue with those of LG's afflictions

            On the subject of "eating's one lunch", one would have to presume that Linux Geek's lunch consists of a varied blend of reality altering herbs and other plant matter. Under this state when someone does laugh, his drug addled perception hides the fact that we are laughing [i]at[/i] him, not [i]with[/i] him.

            More's the pitty to fools like he.