ComScore: RIM's lead shrinks

ComScore: RIM's lead shrinks

Summary: Another day, another positive data point for Android. This go round it's comScore reporting that RIM's market share is shrinking at the expense of Android.


Another day, another positive data point for Android.

This go round, comScore reported its smartphone platform market share statistics for September. The tally:

  • RIM lost 2.8 percent market share from June to September to wind up at 37.3 percent.
  • Apple held steady at 24.3 percent for that period.
  • Android jumped 6.5 percent to 21.4 percent.

Here's a look at the standings.

Meanwhile, analysts are mixed at best when it comes to RIM's prospects. Wells Fargo analyst Jennifer Fritzsche gave RIM a "market perform" rating on Tuesday and said:

We believe RIM's position in the smartphone business is weakening as customer preferences have moved beyond email-centric devices and more toward web and multimedia-centric devices. While we believe negativity around its OS 6 platform may be too high, we remain concerned about Q4 and early 2011 as competition appears to be one step ahead of RIMM and its ecosystem lags that of its peers.


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  • Cool! Apple seems to be doing fine:)

    I saw an article that said something to the effect that Apple gets like 48% of the overall smartphone profits out there. Also cool. Still it is interesting news for Google and as we all know competition is good. So RIM will likely have to try to "shake up" it's business model and with MS jumping in with Windows Phone 7 the game will continue to show interesting results I think.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • RE: ComScore: RIM's lead shrinks

      @James Quinn
      Why is that "cool?" Who cares what this multi million dollar company does? How is that "cool?"
      • Well for me personally it is cool...

        I bought Apple stock when it was selling for $12.00 a share. I support/repair Apple products for a living. While I also support PC's and have built/repaired countless thousands over my career I admit I've always found Apple products more fun to work on.. In fact I'd say Windows is WORK while when I'm busy with Apple issues I'm actually having far more enjoyment so it's my hobby as well as my job. So I would ask you from my personal experience how is that NOT cool? I don't think a company is good or bad based on it's size but rather on how it satisfies me and Apple does it better. Oh and I think Apple is a multi billion dollar company.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn