Consumers spending more money on better TVs for Super Bowl: survey

Consumers spending more money on better TVs for Super Bowl: survey

Summary: A new Super Bowl survey finds that most fans prefer to watch on TV rather than live at the game, and many will pay big bucks for better screens that make them feel like they're there.


Many football fans would prefer to watch the Super Bowl from the comforts of their own homes that see it live, according to a new survey from

But funny enough, the survey also finds that consumers are planning to shell out more money for better HDTVs this year, presumably so they not only have a better picture but also so they can feel like they're at the event. (Without all of the crowds and cold weather, of course.)

Specifically, approximately slightly more than half of the people planning to watch the NFL championship game would prefer to do so on state-of-the-art TV equipment, and 72 percent believe the size of a TV impacts how positive the Super Bowl viewing experience is.

Approximately one in four shoppers are considering purchasing a new television before kickoff, and 63 percent of survey participants plan to spend more on this TV purchase than the last television purchase.

So what are these consumers looking for in an HDTV? The majority of shoppers who are certain that they will buy a TV before the Super Bowl want an LED panel. The LCD, plasma and 3D options all hover around only 14 to 16 percent of the vote each.

As far as how much they're willing to pay, the answer is still quite a bit. Most first-time HDTV owners are planning to spend less than $1,000, yet nearly half of this group is still willing to pay more than $500 for a new HDTV in time for the game day.

Are you planning to buy a new TV in time for the Super Bowl?


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  • RE: Consumers spending more money on better TVs for Super Bowl: survey

    We already did, an LG 55 inch LED-LCD TV. It's nice. Too bad our cable provider is kind of crappy. We get a lot of artifacts.

    And honestly, it doesn't surprise me people would rather see the Super Bowl on a big HDTV rather than seeing it Live. You can more or less see the sweat on their brows with television today, as opposed to seeing some ants run around while in the stands, without freezing your ass off and overpaying for a hotdog.
  • RE: Consumers spending more money on better TVs for Super Bowl: survey

    No need to freeze at the game, it is indoors. I would rather watch live if it is halfway decent weather. I admire those folks in Green Bay and Buffalo going in sub zero weather but not for me. I can walk in the bitter cold but sitting there is a whole other story. Drinking warms people up but it makes me colder. Waiting 20 minutes or a half an hour for a bus everyday in cold weather (in normal winters not this one) is enough for me. <br><br>Will be watching it on a 27" 2000 Sony Trinitron SDT set with DVD like quality due to S-Cable from cable box. Would I rather watch on a 50" HDTV of course but unless any of you would like to pay my bills for me it ain't happening for awhile. The only time it bothers me a bit is when FOX and ESPN broadcast an HD only signal causing bars meaning I am really watching the equivalent of a 20 or 22 " picture. FOX HD signal is poor on a SD set. ESPN pretty good. My local baseball and hockey teams broadcast an excellent picture no bars.<br><br> Question do broadcasters simulcast HD and SD signals or is it like the movies "Pan and Scan"?
  • No more Superbowl

    I've noticed that this year -- for the time, I think -- a lot of advertisers seem to be trying to avoid the term "Superbowl." I see one ad after another promoting new televisions for "the big game." It's almost like the way Christmas vanished, replaced by the Winter Shopping Festival.
    Robert Hahn