Dell launches Android smartphone; Inks China, Brazil carrier deals

Dell launches Android smartphone; Inks China, Brazil carrier deals

Summary: Dell has hatched its grand smartphone plan and it's focused on emerging markets. The company confirmed its plans to launch smartphones in China and Brazil.


Dell officially hatched its grand smartphone plan and it's focused on emerging markets and the Android operating system. The company confirmed its plans to launch smartphones in China and Brazil.

In a statement Friday, Dell said it will distribute its Mini 3 smartphones through China Mobile, the wireless behemoth in China. In Brazil, Dell has inked a deal with Claro, which has more than 42 million customers.

The strategy makes a lot of sense. In the U.S. Dell would face a crowded field. In so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) the growth pie is big enough to support multiple players and new entrants such as Dell. For instance, China Mobile has 500 million customers.

Gallery: Dell calls on its new Mini 3 smartphone

The other notable wrinkle here is that Dell's Mini 3 smartphones run on Android. The Mini 3 will be available in late November on China Mobile and by the end of the year on Claro. In a blog post, Dell said:

With Android, we’re designing these initial Mini 3 phones to provide power, flexibility and customization to both our customers and to carriers around the world.

It remains to be seen whether Dell can be a smartphone contender, but if it's going to be successful the emerging markets are the best place to start. Indeed, Ron Garriques, president of Dell's consumer group, is familiar with emerging market turf since he led Motorola's efforts abroad.

Dell said the moves solidify its "continued expansion into mobile Internet products." Dell already has a bevy of netbook deals with various carriers around the world. Rumors of Dell's move into smartphones have circulated for months. Dell CEO Michael Dell talked about the company's smartphone plans on an earnings conference call in August.

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  • Compared to other Android offerings

    it doesn't look like much. But it's only their first try.
    Michael Kelly
    • They do tend to try, try, and try again

      over the years they have moved into (then out of, then into again) different products or lines.

      Maybe if they stick with it they will eventually have themselves a winner, especially if they can bundle it into a computer purchase, As Apple does with their iPod
    • Sure, but it IS an Android phone, and if performance is good enough, and

      the price is right, they can have success.
  • Argh. Why are all these Android phones so lame?

    Johnny Vegas
    • The phones that are lame are the Win Mobile phones. Sure, the case is not

      that sexy, but, it runs Android, and if the screen
      is big enough, performance is good enough, and the
      price is right, that is what is needed.
      • Well remember the Dell DJ?

        There MP3 player? It was an ugly pug of a player and I think it worked
        right? In some cases looks do matter. You might have an ugly dust
        collector of a computer at home sitting under you're desk. But still when
        you are out in public and the world around you can see your chosen
        product then looks do tend to matter at least somewhat more.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
        • Well, yes, style does matter, but, with Android, the sexy part is in the

          user interface. An Android phone just has to have
          a good screen, and good performance, and not too
          big. It can be just a plain black case.
          • You are totally incorrect

            the "sey part is in the interface"?
            No one I know that has an Android phone gives a darn about the interface or what it is running on, they would have still purchased it with another OS on it.

            Most people just want a phone to talk or text, nothing more.
          • You are totally incorrect

            u r Wrong !
            People Who`s Buy a Smartphone,they wants to integrate the apps they have in their PC`s.and with google map,voice.they want to be able to play videos,music,take a pic,video to send to their the net and also use the COOLS androids if u never used Android u dont KNOW what r u missing.
      • Really. Like the Omnia 2 that it to be released

        here on the verizon network shortly.
        With winMobile6.5

        Yes, that (and other phones like the HTC, etc) are all lame because they work with WinMobile, but the not too good phone with Android on it is "not lame"?

        Do you actually listen to yourself at times?
    • I have one and it is pretty good.

      I picked up a Motorola Droid from Verizon and I like it. The call quality is good, the Internet browser is great. The touch screen keyboard is good and better in landscape mode. The hardware keyboard is pretty good but I prefer the touch screen because I used to have an iPhone and I got used to a screen based keyboard. Google Maps is great. The apps are good. There are plenty of games to play in cars and subways.

      Overall, it is a solid smartphone. I didn't mind the hardware/software on the iPhone but the AT&T network coverage and the AT&T customer support was so horrible I just couldn't justify sticking with it(based on my own experiences only, other people may disagree). If Verizon came out with the iPhone it would be a much harder decision to make, IMHO.
      • Yeah I've got no problem with AT&T.

        No I just signed up and well since them I've never had to deal with them.
        So I don't know what issues you had with customer support for to me
        AT&T is or has never been an issue with me they just give me phone
        service and well that works so I don't ever deal with them. Now the
        iPhone itself is great... so I'm good.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
  • RE: Dell launches Android smartphone; Inks China, Brazil carrier deals

    Yes I like Dell Product...I Think Dell is the Best
    So My Laptop Is Dell
    Steveny Ballmer
  • Why? I mean its not like Dell makes them.

    At best, Dell is a middle man and is rebranding hardware and software made and sold by others. Just as in PCs, Dell is going to find a lot of competition buying from the same sources and selling it at razor thin margins, or giving them away to sell contracts. No, I do not see Dell becoming a power player in phones.
    • Why? I mean its not like Dell makes them.

      YOU are Very Wrong. Dell Computers Last very can get on cragslist/Ebay dell laptops and desktops with over 10 years old and they work with the original Brazil the MARKET is OPEN and theres NO Smartphone to Buy from the Brazilian Carriers.if you want a Iphone or any other SMARTPHONE u got to pay a arm and a leg to get one there.and they have to be imported and you have to get it UNLOCKED and also you have to pay over 60% of the Taxes to the Brazilian Government.if Dell can manufacture the Smartphones There.they will make a huge PROFIT there.
      DELL is a Brand Name that everyone trust everywhere.
      Brazil is About to Explode with cellphones and Computers.the Market is THERE.
  • RE: Dell launches Android smartphone; Inks China, Brazil carrier deals

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