Dell may get serious about product design

Dell may get serious about product design

Summary: Michael Dell has been quickly making some necessary changes to his namesake PC maker. First, comes a shakeup.


Michael Dell has been quickly making some necessary changes to his namesake PC maker.

First, comes a shakeup. Second, comes a revamped consumer division. Dell announced that it has named Ron Garriques to serve as president of Dell's global consumer business starting Feb. 19.

Garriques (at left) was most recently president of Motorola's mobile device division. Garriques division rolled out a series of new product designs earlier this week at 3GSM.

Dell? Consumer?

For a company that totally missed the boat on selling to consumers, Dell's latest move is quite a turnabout. Michael Dell apparently got the memo about the intersection of business and consumer and its importance.

But hiring Garriques is only part of the story. Dell 2.0 seems to be giving product design some priority.

In a statement Michael Dell said:

"We are asking Ron to create a new global consumer organization that will set new standards for innovative product design, leadership in providing the best customer experience, and flexibility in how we build and distribute products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers around the world."

Garriques will be in charge all consumer products including PCs, software, peripherals and product design. It remains to be seen if Dell can become Apple-ish with its product design, but it bears watching.

At Motorola Garriques division was charged with "best mobile experiences through the design, innovation and creation of compelling and seamlessly connected mobile solutions, such as handsets and accessories, for businesses and consumers."

For its part, Motorola, which has its own struggles, is replacing Garriques with Ray Roman, senior vice president of global sales, and Terry Vega, senior vice president of global devices. Vega and Roman will be interim co-heads of Motorola's mobile devices division.

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  • Another huge mis-step by Dell

    So he hired yet another person steeped in traditional thinking who's claim to fame is wrapping the same old products with a new ribbon and bow.

    If this is the best Mr. Dell can do then the company is in deep trouble.
    • You're mistaken

      Your opinion is baseless. Take an opportunity to read about RG and his background as well as what he has done for Motorola products (is RAZR).
      My company works closely with Motorola and RG. This guy is just what Dell needs to launch their consumer portfolio.
      • You make my point.

        He wrapped a cell phone in a new package. Pfffttt....
    • I kinda agree with ya:P

      If it's just wrapping around the same ole same ole then he and it will fail. If it's a
      hand N glove approach with the user and his/her experiance KEY then it might work
      but that would require Dell and whomever is in charge of said project to have greater
      control of the WHOLE widget and since MS have a huge part of that control I tend to
      doubt it even with an improved vision.

      Pagan jim
      • I wonder how this will effect price.

        Design, materials and non-standard components all cost money. And for a company that doesn't have experience making this method of manufacturing streamlined and efficient, it will probably drive costs up by a substantial margin. The question is: Will they swallow those costs and keep prices down or will they pass them on to the consumer?

        Dell has the reputation of a company that sells adequate quality products, but at bargin bin prices. If prices go up, it might be difficult convincing people to spend more for a [i]Dell.[/i]
  • Dell

    Could be it is time for Dell to get serious about Linux. Example: Dell computer with Stux linux operating system booting and running from USB memory stick. No hard drive and less the cost of Microsoft operating system, would offer dell buyers a really rock solid, secure and competitive low to mid range priced computer. But then a company that appears to want to make money from high end, upgrade type computers isn't going to listen anyway.
    • How is there anything NEW in using Linux?

      It's still jsut a generic box I can buy from 10,000 other vendors. BORING....
  • Who they really need is Jonathan Ivy!

    Dell does disign-by-committee, he will just be another vote!
    Reverend MacFellow
  • You mean they're not top notch already? :rolleyes:

    For being a top brand, Dell "may get serious" reeks volumes about how little they give a damn about their customer base.

    I've never understood how such low rated fall-apart garbage could render them top notch in the biz. It can't be for good support... and selling a crap product to engender support is like me saying "You can lean on me if you break your leg" while I break your leg... (me figuratively; for "me" read "Dell company", "Microsoft", and any other applicable name you enjoy giving free advertisement for.) :D
    • That dog won't hunt.

      Dell's quality is the same of everyone else that uses OFF THE SHELF components. WHat, you think because it says Dell they used their own MoBo, CPU, PS, Disk Drive, etc....
      • Troll!

        finally found something to snipe at while ignoring the subject?
        Dman Troll!
    • Dell has always been good to me

      I always have to laugh when I find people that complain about Dell quality (speaking in terms of hardware, I have never used their support). I've been working with Computers for over 8 years and I have never bought anything but a Dell (when I needed a windows or Linux box). Rarely had any issues that were not 100% software based. I've spent a good amount of years fixing and upgrading them before I got into programming and it was extremely rare I had to fix a Dell, most of the time it was crappy Gateways, the next most common I worked on was a mix of HP/Compaq and no name brands.

      This is just MY PERSONAL experience, I'm happy with Dell and always recommend them and I for one am excited to see what new designs they come up with, I hope they lean in the Direction the MacBook's are, I love my MacBook Pro.
      • I have to agree with you about Dell quality

        I have been using Dell computers for nearly twenty years, and both of my daughters have been Dell owners for at least five years. Their quality has been top notch, in-home warranty service has been great the few times that I needed it.

        The only problems that I have encountered have been with customer service from India with one recent exception. However, when I reach a customer service representative in the Philippines, I can count on their knowledge about software and hardware being extensive. Customer service did go down hill along with other companies when it was outsourced overseas.

        Otherwise, the only problems over the past 20 years have been with a faulty IBM hard drive and an external tape backup tape drive that went out within the warranty period. No problems with replacements.

    The Dell BIOS is not the real core BIOS in the Dell computer.If you try to contact Dell or their BIOS vendor you get the runaround.The Dell BIOS is set to make the computer run very slow.It's the same for every computer brand.
  • dell

    Got seven years of usage out of an inspiron 7500 laptop, trouble-free on the hardware side. Aside from being obsolete in certain areas, it still runs fine. Upgraded last month to inspiron 1505 and have experienced a spate of tech problems...all software in origin. (wouldn't it be great if everybody ran the mac o/s?!!).

    have used dell tech support a number of times with very uneven experience--they always want to start by re-installing the o/s. Why should dell do msft's job? it's appalling that MSFT doesn't provide the consumer with any tech support--despite the fact that most "computer probs" arise from their SW.

    dell needs to build more functionality into its products (i.e., the HW) making them less vulnerable to crappy software. as a customer i want functionality that will make me more productive. i can't do that if i'm on the phone for hours with dell.
  • Dells bios and cast styles

    I too ran into this issue, I wne tto config the bios to meet the HDD and foun it locked out. Ihave always been one to match the partitions tables for the HDD I called dell up and they had said tht I cant make any cnages of that nature to the bios.

    I was not happy. I guess I can take the processor and the ram and build a different PC lol...also this Thing about dell saying that it can't sned me an upgradable mother baord is a load of Horse fecal matter. I have studied dells sight and found that the cases for the Dimension 5150 is the exact same case style for Dimension E521 I have studied theses cases Both and I have a friend who has a case and he placed his MB that he ordered form Dell into his case and went form the 5150 to the Dimension E521

    I don't know waht Dell was trying to pull but...I am still going to order the MB ...
  • I too have been happy

    I will admit. that when my ex had down loaded a free game and installed a buch of psy ware and lord knows what elseinto the thing Not even the Norton systems restore would work correctly.I had to delete the partions, Reformat the HDD and reload every thing, dell sent me the reload disks and I have to admit.I was thankfull for them to send me the disks.

    Ever since then I have been problem free. and its been runnin smoothly since then. One thing I don't want to do is back up, Ihear backing up is great, but what if you back up a prgram that ahs a virus..Does taht not defeat the pupose for backing things up?