Dell signs up for Microsoft-Novell partnership; SUSE Linux or bust

Dell signs up for Microsoft-Novell partnership; SUSE Linux or bust

Summary: Dell says it's on board with the Microsoft and Novell Linux partnership.As part of the deal, Dell will buy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server certificates from Microsoft.


Dell says it's on board with the Microsoft and Novell Linux partnership.

As part of the deal, Dell will buy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server certificates from Microsoft. It will also launch a services and marketing program to woo existing Linux users who are not Dell customers to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It wasn't immediately clear how many certificates Dell either purchased or planned to purchase. The certificates sold tally--40,000--is the same as it was in March when Microsoft and Novell announced HSBC was buying certificates. The tally in January was 35,000.

The good news: Dell is going after the Linux market in a big way. The bad news: Dell may torpedo any goodwill it had in the Linux community after choosing Ubuntu for its desktop Linux distribution.

Many Linux fans haven't been thrilled with the Novell-Microsoft partnership. Needless to say Dell's buy-in on the Novell and Microsoft collaboration is a fairly big deal. Other technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard may follow suit. Dell is looking to be the first mover when it comes to endorsing the Novell-Microsoft partnership.

Now here's the part that'll ding Dell's goodwill. In a statement, Rick Becker, vice president of solutions at Dell's product group, said:

"Dell is the first major systems provider to align with Microsoft and Novell in this collaboration, and we intend to lead in this space. This move is a huge success for the industry and, more specifically, for customers who haven't purchased Linux through Dell and who want to migrate to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for the IP assurance and interoperability benefits."

I can hear the FSF screaming now, "Huge success!?!" My stance: Novell and Microsoft are merely foreshadowing the inevitable--mixed source enterprises are the present and the future. It's not a zero sum game and the folks expecting one to win over the other are missing reality. Enterprise customers do want software to work better together and if that means an unholy (to some) alliance between Novell and Microsoft so be it.

Customers that have signed up for the Novell-Microsoft 3-year certificates include AIG, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, HSBC and Wal-Mart. Dell should be able to add to that list.

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  • But you Linux zealot has lost credit

    and no one cares about your anti-MS words.
    • Yes , I choose to use Linux any day over Windows but

      I'm no Linux Zealot . I prefer the Mac OS over Linux , and I prefer Linux over any of Microsoft's offerings . That's the way it will remain for me . EOS ,,,
      • LOL!!!!!

        YOU, NOT A ZEALOT???


      • hmmm....

        "Beyond the vista , a Leopard is stalking"

        LOL... Leopard is nice, when it's a coat or a rug...
        • Speaking of IP

          Leapoard is just a extremly bad Linux ripof. How peoples think they are great because they use a such a poor os (Mac OS) is beyond.

          Let's rewind

          1. Mac alone in his little bubble
          2. Mac try clone, but quickly backoff.. because people will buy supperior mac clone for less money....
          3. Mac moves to intel hardware... 1st thing every mac head drone try.. install windows XP
          4. The future... Apple will simply sell PC that can run MS or Apple OS....
          5. fastward.... Apple abandon is crappy OS and just sell PC
      • Then why do you get bent out of shape

        if someone say they prefer to use Windows over any of the Linux or apple offerings out there?

        Why should it bother you as long as both you and they are happy with your choices?
        John Zern
        • Good question

          maybe some on either side don't care about choice as long as you make the one they want :0
        • John, that should win you honors for the

          most rhetorical question of the year.
  • FarberDignanBerlind: never show your anti-microsoft

    standpoint, or you'll lost your credits.

    "Dell is going after the Linux market in a big way."
    It's a good news for FarberDignanBerlind and linux zealots, not MS.
    "Dell may torpedo any goodwill it had in the Linux community after choosing Ubuntu for its desktop Linux distribution."
    It's a bad news for FarberDignanBerlind and Linux zealots, not MS.
    • So let me get this straight....

      I'm a Linux zealot? Just clarifying since that's a first for me.
      Larry Dignan
      • Don't feel bad ,,,

        many of these meatballs can't get it straight . They have so much of that Microsoft Spaghetti Sauce on them that they still can't see all the swiss cheese & spaghetti .
        • Unlike you, of course

          who is totally non-biased, factual, truthfull, and balanced, right?

          [i]Beyond the Vista, A leopard just choked on an iPhone[/i]
          John Zern
          • Wait til the iPhone hits the market , it won't be a failure like the ZUNE .

            Copycats never succeed , they just trail .Trust me on this . Don't be upset because Windows is my third choice for an OS . I prefer Mac OS X/9 , Linux and then Windows . Windows just being for my children who want to play video games .
            I'm Ye, the MS SHILL .
          • Wow. Who Cares

            I own neither an iPod or Zune (waste of money), so who cares what you like?
            I use Windows becuase "it just works", so who cares what you like?
            The sucess or failure of the iPhone will not effect me as I have no plans to buy any device like that, so who cares what you like.

            If you really see the need to get all bent out of shape over such a trivial thing as a cell phone, go see a psychiatrist before it's too late for everyone concerned.

            [i]Sometimes a phone is just a phone[/i]
            John Zern
          • You apparently care...

            or else you wouldn't have made that "leopard choking on an iPhone" comment.

            Lame attempt to deflect it too.
            Dave P.
          • You people really amaze . No surprising though ,,,

            Apple stock tops $100 per share; the next Google?


            Apple is succeeding where Microsoft is failing . Keep up the good work people , you truly are making me shine . It's time to shake the nasty stuff you people are spewing at me .
            I'm Ye, the MS SHILL .
      • Re: So let me get this straight...

        It's not that he's calling you a Linux zealot. He's pointing out that your "torpedo" statement showed bias, and it does. As you've stated in your article, 40,000 certificates have been sold since the announcement in November. Yet, you chose to say the use of Suse would torpedo any goodwill.

        I think 40,000 is a strong number, and for those of us who DO manage SLES in an enterprise environment and who do appreciate the benefits of the pact, calling it a torpedo is a slap in the face that implies that the roughly 40,000 supporters don't even exist.

        We do exist, we do want SLES in our environment, and we cheer that Dell is including SLES in their products.

        I pointed this out to you in an article a while ago, and you still don't want to acknowledge our existence. What is it that you have against us?
        • Actually I noted it MAY

          Impact goodwill for Dell. Notably among the FSF crowd--at this point I can't tell if that's a vocal minority or the norm, but they do seem to be loud enough to give Dell hell. My hunch is it's a vocal minority.
          Larry Dignan
          • Quite Frankly . . .

            If they don't buy software anyway, I don't see where Dell would even care about their opinion . . .
          • Your hunch is good.

            Even Linus Torvalds has nothing much good to say about them and of course stood/stands totally opposed to the original GPL 3 draft. I think anytime a non-profit organization takes advantage of tax breaks to undertake smear campaigns. I would think the role of a "foundation" is to promote the positive and the products and upside of OSS software. However, they have become a radical group that spends more time in destructive endeavors in an attempt to attack and bring down what they don't agree with, which is the first sign of a cult, rather than an "organization". <br>
            Check this out...there is a lot hatred here and not much positive if you ask me. It's one thing to believe open source is the best way to do computing but the smear every other model and try to bring "death" to it, smacks of gestapo style operations of pure intolerant radicals.