EMC to acquire Greenplum for data warehousing, analytics

EMC to acquire Greenplum for data warehousing, analytics

Summary: EMC today said that it will acquire Greenplum, a data warehousing and analytics firm, for an undisclosed amount.

TOPICS: Storage, Hardware

EMC said today that it will acquire private data warehousing company Greenplum in an all-cash transaction, though the terms of the deal were not released. It said that Greenplum will "form the foundation of a new data computing product division within EMC's Information Infrastructure business."

It's no secret that digital data is on the rise, both on business and consumer levels. EMC called Greenplum a visionary leader that utilizes a built-from-the-ground architecture for analytical processing. In a statement, Pat Gelsinger, President and Chief Operating Officer of EMC's Information Infrastructure Products, said:

The data warehousing world is about to change. Greenplum's massively-parallel, scale-out architecture, along with its self-service consumption model, has enabled it to separate itself from the incumbent players and emerge as the leader in this industry shift toward 'big data' analytics. Greenplum's market-leading technology combined with EMC's virtualized Private Cloud infrastructure provides customers, today, with a best-of-breed solution for tomorrow's 'big-data' challenges.

The company said it expects the deal to be completed in the third quarter, following regulatory approval. It is not expected to have a material impact on EMC's fiscal 2010 GAAP and non-GAAP earnings.

Topics: Storage, Hardware

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  • RE: EMC to acquire Greenplum for data warehousing, analytics

    Tomorrow's "big data" challenge ...while everyone gets poorer, except for the rich and the oligarchs, of course.

    With the way these people talk, you'd think that society were on the path to prosperity. Instead, the economy is bankrupt and is collapsing fast. I.T. just follows the financial rules; it "adds value" to those who want to take value away. Twenty years ago, I.T. was promoted as the big envelope of progress. It was a fraud. We should then have been - and should now be - talking about national infrastructure projects run by *government* not the parasitical private financial sector in water, power and transport infrastructure. Water: not water tanks, but large projects like the snowy mountains scheme. Power: not wind and solar negative "energy", but nuclear power. Transport: not bicycles but magnetic levitation rail. How much I.T. do you need to run all this? Probably 10% of what we have now. We need more welders, mechanical and civil engineers, physicists and astronauts. Not more "business intelligence professionals". Look at what they did in the 1940s and 1950s with the Snowy Mountains Scheme, before any of this "I.T." existed.