Foursquare evolving into one-stop shop with NFC support

Foursquare evolving into one-stop shop with NFC support

Summary: Foursquare is rising from a simple check-in platform with the occasional coupon to a veritable one-stop mobile shop for dining and other services.


Foursquare is evolving into a mobile platform much more serious than just a library of fancy badges.

The location-based social media app is reportedly adding near-field communications (NFC) support to its Android app for devices running 4.0, a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich. (It only makes sense to add it to the Android one considering the only smartphones with NFC run on Google's mobile OS at this point.)

At this point, it seems that the NFC functionality will only be put to use to share lists and venues that Foursquare users have visited, streamlining the process for recommendations and making the experience all the more personal.

However, this could have a bigger impact down the line.

Foursquare has already expanded its services by adding menus to restaurant and bar listings. That has elevated Foursquare from a simple check-in service with the occasional discount code to a veritable recommendations and reviews service for finding the best place near you to fit your needs and appetite.

Although it is a bit far-fetched at the moment, the addition of NFC to Foursquare opens up the possibility of being able to search, find, check-in and pay for services all without leaving the app.

Again, this will take a long time to come about and become popular -- if it ever does. Nevertheless, it's an interesting route for Foursquare developers to consider as the location-based social media market gets cluttered.

Given how low-key (or nonexistent) the announcement for this addition has been, Foursquare has already proven to favor other trends in a rather discreet manner. For example, Foursquare recently introduced its mobile browser app based on HTML5 -- rather than going ahead with an optimized app for  tablets.


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  • RE: Foursquare evolving into one-stop shop with NFC support

    interesting to see how they'll grow in the future. and how they'll let users and potential users know about what is next.
  • RE: Foursquare evolving into one-stop shop with NFC support

    We used this service. The app was nice and easy to set up. NFC is a neat direction but given that google's NFC was just hacked I'm pretty concerned that others have jumped into this so quick.

    Also good luck getting your money from this company. They first told our business they would only release $1,000/mo of our businesses money run though their service then told us they would only release the funds every 45 days.
  • RE: Foursquare evolving into one-stop shop with NFC support

    Sorry, still not using it. Not fond of this idea of tracking me everywhere.