Gates on Microhoo: Offer very fair

Gates on Microhoo: Offer very fair

Summary: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has been silent on the offer to acquire Yahoo. He has been purposely taking a back seat to CEO Steve Ballmer and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie in lieu of his retirement from active duty in a few months.


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has been silent on the offer to acquire Yahoo. He has been purposely taking a back seat to CEO Steve Ballmer and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie in lieu of his retirement from active duty in a few months. He officially exits day-to-day activities in July to focus on his philanthropic foundation.

In a Reuters interview on Monday he offered a few remarks on the deal, calling Microsoft's Yahoo bid "very fair", and emphasizing Microsoft's need to be more competitive in Web search.

"We can afford to make big investments in the engineering and marketing that needs to get done. We will do that with or without Yahoo," Gates said."But we also see that we'd get there faster if the great engineering work that Yahoo has done and the great engineers there were part of the common effort."

It will take a bit more than Gates patting Yahoo on the back and calling the offer very fair to get the deal done. He is also telegraphing to Yahoo that while he views the union as a shortcut to competing more effectively with Google, Microsoft isn't a desperate suitor. Next move Yahoo.

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  • They may not be desparate but....

    They are acting as such. And we all know the recent loss to Sony in the DVD format war has to hurt the company pride. In fact, this almost appears like a tactic to make us forget.
  • Very Fair offer

    The repeatedly convicted predatory monopolist indicates this is a very fair offer. Given Mr. Gates consistent and continuing reputation for "fairness", I think we should just take his word for it- he is a unique authority on the subject.
    Here is a little more information covering how Mr, Gates puts "fairness" into practice:

    And here is a summary of Mr. Gates legendary "fairness" (from judge Jackson): "Most harmful of all is the message that Microsoft's actions have conveyed to every enterprise with the potential to innovate in the computer industry. Through its conduct toward Netscape, IBM, Compaq, Intel, and others, Microsoft has demonstrated that it will use its prodigious market power and immense profits to harm any firm that insists on pursuing initiatives that could intensify competition against one of Microsoft's core products. Microsoft's past success in hurting such companies and stifling innovation deters investment in technologies and businesses that exhibit the potential to threaten Microsoft. The ultimate result is that some innovations that would truly benefit consumers never occur for the sole reason that they do not coincide with Microsoft's self-interest."
  • Why MS wants to buy Yahoo. By the numbers:
  • Not desperate?? The h#ll they ain't!!

    Why else the willingness to do the proxy buyout?

    Why else the free dev tools for students?

    Why else the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP)? (My company, a F500, has this offer from M$ - we can all get the full Office suite for home use for $19.95, the license is good during our tenure at the company)

    All of these things spell desperate: desperate to maintain user base, to corral in the younger generation before they learn or even try competing tools. Desperation to get instant search share and a brand that is liked. Why? Because M$ is not. And they have *lost* the mind share battle while the cash cows die slowly. It is underway: F500s are checking out and finding it *quite* suitable for their purposes at *zero* cost. They are using open source compilers...or at least much lower cost IDEs, such as MyEclipse for Java.

    M$ products have gotten far too overpriced and bloated...and the company has had lousy business practices for far too long. The chickens are finally coming home to roost.
    • And the buzzards are circling.......

      Nice eulogy. I rather liked it.
      Ole Man
  • RE: Gates on Microhoo: Offer very fair

    Oddly enough, most people who "make an offer" on something think (and may actually be convinced) that their offer is "more than fair."

    So, what was the point of this blog/article? What next, Street gangs saying that they provide a secure foundation and good opportunities for the youth of America?
  • Yahoo by Microsoft.

    Ok. It's fair. Just accept it that it's going to be Yahoo by Microsoft once it is finalized.
    Just choose between YAHMIC! or Microhoo or YangGates!
    billy yang
  • Letter to Stockholders from Mr. Yang

    Dear Stockholders,

    We have no choice but to accept Microsoft's offer. I don't want our company to be involved in a proxy war which will just end up Microsoft winning it by a mile. I have suggested to name the company Yahoo by Microsoft so as not to lose our identity and brand. Either way, if they insist on putting their name together with Yahoo then I am not considering MicroWho? because it is a kitchen appliance like a Microhood. I like the idea of naming it Yahoo by Microsoft or YAHMIC! This way, our brand Yahoo will always come first.

    This will be a great company and we are moving quickly to make it come true.

    Billy Yang,

    YahMic! Inc.
    billy yang
  • Mr Gates should audit the value of his opinion

    On the street. He might want to short a few
    shares before....... you know.......

    Naahh! He's already got more stashed away
    than he could ever use.... why should he
    Ole Man