Gates proves real resolve in bringing spammers to justice

Gates proves real resolve in bringing spammers to justice

Summary: Being somewhat of a tech-weenie --...

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Being somewhat of a tech-weenie -- one

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Here's the scary part about Microsoft

    While the bankruptcy notice of Richter is good news on one front, it should also send a warning flag up for everyone who uses the Internet for business purposes.

    What happened to Richter was not the result of legal _judgment_, but of legal _threats_ only. In other words, his bankruptcy was not the result of having been convicted of violating the law, but only having been accused. Further, bankruptcy -- not conviction -- was the expressed purpose of the actions taken by both Microsoft and Spitzer.

    While the results appear to be commendable in this specific case, is this the kind of justice we want to see?
    • Not entirely correct...

      Remember the reason this case did not become a legal judgement was the fact that Richter settled with Spitzer for $50,000.00, back in July.
      Personally I'm glad that Microsoft went in with the object to bankrupt this organisation, remember it was the US government that decided to make the CAN-SPAM law (superb idea btw.....NOT) and in turn made it more difficult to use legal means to deter spammers.
      The really scary thing here however is the fact that Scott Richter was sending out something in the region of 15 million emails a DAY, and he was only listed as the THIRD highest spammer (according to Spamhaus). Now if only Microsoft could get their teeth into Alan Ralsky, Eddy Marin et al.
  • "suffer in silence" still the name of the game

    It will only be time to celebrate (and pass out kudos to the computing fraternity) when all the millions of people who have had their identiy adopted and their savings stolen by cybercrooks are made whole again. The way things stand now, individuals are told THEY must make the phone calls, write the letters, and notify the creditors (over and over again) before they get any traction. Meanwhile, their credit is ruined and their lives are endlessly disrupted while an unavailing "system" slowly grinds away.

    Who is even TALKING about this situiation, let alone helping out in any meaningful way? Gates chasing after some hackers who dared monkey with his precious hotmail? You gotta be kidding!

    The problem is WAY WAY bigger than this. No party hats for anyone just yet....OOh-OOoh! Gotta go! A Minister Of The Posterior in Nigeria just emailed that he's gonna wire my bank account $2.5 million by next Thursday.....
  • Only a Test

    Only a Test
    David Grober