Gateway stops selling PCs direct

Gateway stops selling PCs direct

Summary: Gateway, one of the early PC makers that sold their wares direct, said Friday it will sell its systems completely through channel partners and retailers.The company, now a part of Acer, said shifting to a channel-based distribution model will simplify its business and cut costs.

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Gateway, one of the early PC makers that sold their wares direct, said Friday it will sell its systems completely through channel partners and retailers.

The company, now a part of Acer, said shifting to a channel-based distribution model will simplify its business and cut costs.

In a statement, Mark Hill, Acer's U.S. general manager said:

“We are shifting Gateway’s distribution method to better align with Acer’s successful global strategy, which was built upon an indirect model."

That's where the cost savings come in. Gateway will simply piggyback on Acer's existing channel relationships. But for those of us that remember Dell and Gateway as direct selling champions the news is still a bit shocking. Bottom line: Don't go to if you want a system. You'll find Gateways at outlets like Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Costco, Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Wal-Mart.

Topic: Hardware

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  • How does this save money?

    I mean won't part of the sale have to go to the outlet? While
    a direct sale Gateway gets it all? Also can we stop this name
    game thing. Gateway is not longer Gateway it's Acer. I
    remember when HP bought Compaq and they kept selling
    systems under the Compaq name. Everything that was truly
    Compaq was gone except the name and from my perspective
    it was silly to keep using that name.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • hmmm.....I wonder why Apple started selling at Bestbuy and Walmart...

      Doesn't part of the sale go to Bestbuy, Walmart ? <br>
      why wouldn't they only sell direct and via the apple stores to keep all of the profit? <br><br>
      Hey Rev...hows tricks?
      • Well I think Apple wanted a larger footprint.

        But Apple did not stop direct sales. That is the difference
        and oh yeah tricks are just fine...:P

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
        • I think they got that larger footprint......

          they moved right on to clown shoes. ;)
          • While uncalled for - that was funny....nt

  • Try getting ahold of an acer rep for repairs.

    i hear a company fizzling.
  • RE: Gateway stops selling PCs direct

    I have to say I have a gatewa laptop and they had to work on it and I had it back in 10 days. They did great work and their customer service was good. Since they are owned by Acer they can use the same way that acer sells its computer through the big box stores. by selling online they had to take the orders this way they make system and people can tweek them on their own.
  • Maybe they can stop skimping on PSU's now

    I think the standard Emachines tower self-destructs in 2 yrs because faulty power supplies. Gateways aren't much better.
  • Farewell to the spotted Cow boxes

    I always liked the Gateway boxes with the spotted Cow motif. And as you all know, it's the package, not what's inside, that matters most. So what do Acer's boxes look like?

  • I bet Ted Waitt has a tear in his eye...

    While I haven't seen Ted in 25 or more years I did know him well when he started Gateway in Sargent Bluff Iowa. Yeah, Iowa, the real home of the spotted cow boxes.

    Ted retired from Gatway back in the summer of 05 I think, but this news will surely be painful for him to hear.
    • I'm sure as well. My first machine came in a cow box.

      Yep, my first machine was a Gateway DX-386 (32 bit bus on a 386) I forget the year...'90 or '91 I hand.
      • My 1st two machines were as well, then I started building my own...nt

  • Wow! My first PC was a Gateway

    Bought it in 1996 (had a 2 gig hard drive with "plenty of space") and Windows 95. Bought Windows 98 when it came out and the upgrade hurled.

    I called the Gateway tech support - waited just a few minutes, got a knowledgeable tech who had to send me via snail mail a boot disk (yeah, I was a real noob back then), and gave me a DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER to call back when I got the disk.

    Called him back, got me up and running in about an hour and had a very pleasant conversation during the entire process. He was patient, helpful, knowledgeable and very funny.

    I will always remember that Gateway rather than the eMachines Gateway.

    I knew that there would be changes but I guess it is time to finally say farewell.
    Confused by religion
    • All of ours are Gateway's, and have been..

      I've been purchasing Gateways for years and haven't had problem one outside of some minor glitches that were remedied quickly.

      Kind of sad to see them go. I like being able to order PC's exactly the way I want them.
      • both my Gateways died

        I had a GT5028 once. It died. I brought it back to the store and got a replacement. It died. So I replaced the motherboard. Not a big fan of Gateway. I'm not sorry to see them go offline.
      • If you go laptop

        I've found great value from Toshiba. <br>
        Many of the higher end machines are preconfigured but there are many models you can still build. I think Dell is a good play if you can find decent coupons, they are priced too high otherwise, but coupons are available for all OEMs regularly.
        I have a high end 17" HP laptop now(1400.00 with 400.00 coupon) as well and cross my fingers, no problems so far. It's a nice entertainment machine(dv9720us) that i ordered with Vista Ultimate 64 bit, which if you get Vista I highly recommend the x64 version. Media Center is better than I even anticipated. I got 4GB of 800Mhz RAM (65.00) to take advantage of the OS's ability to address beyond 3GB as w/ 32bit versions.
  • RE: Gateway stops selling PCs direct

    I had to replace the case, too, because Gateway used a 'backwards' ATX motherboard.