Google acquires EtherPad maker for Google Wave team

Google acquires EtherPad maker for Google Wave team

Summary: Google acquires AppJet, maker of the EtherPad real-time collaboration tool


AppJet, a company that has been offering an online real-time collaboration tool called EtherPad, has been acquired by Google and will become part of the Google Wave team, according to a post on its blog today.

That makes sense. Real-time collaboration is gearing up to be one of the business buzz phrases for next year and Google - which continues to reach out to potential enterprise customers with its Google Apps offerings and "Go Google" campaign - wants to make sure it has a competitive offering when Wave goes mainstream.

It's hard to judge Wave right now, mostly because invitations to use it are limited and - at least in my situation - the people I might normally collaborate with on a project aren't on Wave. But, I also recognize, just by messing around with it during some free time, the potential that it holds. I don't know much about EtherPad and have never used it, but just based on some research of what it offers, it seems that it would integrate well into Wave and build up the tools for a real-time, online virtual meetings and document sharing.

The AppJet post didn't go into much detail on the deal itself and I couldn't locate a post in Google's blog network to offer more information. However, the AppJet post does contain some important information for existing EtherPad customers about what will happen to their accounts and data.

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  • attacking msft sharepoint

    looks like they are trying to take market share from msft's sharepoint. It's going to be hard for them to do since google leaves products in beta for years and most shot callers dont trust them.
    • Well, it is just that "shot callers" make decisions in their own best

      interest, not the companies. They LIKE
      Microsoft's duct tape and bailing wire
      technologies that require armies of people to
      keep running.
  • RE: Google acquires EtherPad maker for Google Wave team

    google wave really needs the Ehterpad guys' expertise to make wave fast and reliable.
    • Yep, wave has a long ways to go, and Google is going to spend the money

      necessary to get there. This acquisition will
      get them where they want to be faster.
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