Google buys QuickOffice: Mobile reinforcement ahead of Windows 8

Google buys QuickOffice: Mobile reinforcement ahead of Windows 8

Summary: Google's acquisition of Quickoffice is a nice move to counter the Microsoft's Windows 8 and Office mobile ambitions.

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Google has acquired Quickoffice for an undisclosed sum and the move is billed as a way to bridge Google Apps, mobile and Quickoffice.

All of those points are true, but the timing of the Google-Quickoffice deal makes a lot of sense. Why? Microsoft has Windows 8 on the runway, is touting new form factors and Office will be the main productivity case for the company.

When you add up the moving parts, Microsoft Office is probably the most compelling reason to use a Windows 8 tablet going forward---at least for businesses. Microsoft is likely to integrate Windows 8 and Office in a big way. In other words, Microsoft's big mobile plays will depend on Office.

From the Google side of the equation, the search giant has the following assets:

  • Android devices everywhere.
  • Google Apps integration with those devices.
  • And now Quickoffice, which serves as an almost de facto office suite for many folks.

Quickoffice CEO Alan Masarek said:

We are ushering in a new chapter with Google. By combining the magic of Google's intuitive solutions with Quickoffice's powerful products, our shared vision for anytime, anywhere productivity can only grow.

Microsoft's calendar on Windows 8

Officially, Google said:

Today, consumers, businesses and schools use Google Apps to get stuff done from anywhere, with anyone and on any device. QuickOffice has an established track record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats, and we'll be working on bringing their powerful technology to our Apps product suite.

Quickoffice has a strong base of users, and we look forward to supporting them while we work on an even more seamless, intuitive and integrated experience.

Google should have said:

We've acquired Quickoffice as a nice offensive against Microsoft before it goes mobile happy with Office. We think we can integrate Apps and Quickoffice before Microsoft launches its mobile assault.


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  • Please!

    "We think we can integrate Apps and Quickoffice before Microsoft launches its mobile assault."

    First off they integrate right nice and have done so for a long time! And "Microsoft Mobile Assault" Please, A Microsoft tablet is still an up hill push against the iDevice onslaught, which was successful in part because Microsoft has lost it's edge.

    Looking forward to the day when I can get my dual boot Android / Ubuntu phone, which will already work with QuickOffice and Google Docs.
    • Do you understand any law?

      Do you know why Microsoft could not market Zune, Phone etc much earlier though they knew these products were necessary? Though business lethargy can be cited as a reason, dont you think the anti-trust ruling played into Apple's hands? Or do you really think businesses are independent fiefdoms that have nothing to do with law?
  • Before!?

    I seem to recall that I have Office on my Windows Phone... Let me check..... Yep! I have Office on my phone! How does Google not know that?
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Funny, me too!

      Now how did that happen?

      Would I prefer a "real" Office on all my devices or another Google Beta that never quites seems compatible with my documents?
    • So..... you are the one

      That bought a Windows Phone!
  • This video pretty much says it all
    Your Non Advocate
  • Nice Timing and Needed

    If I had an equal (or close too) office suite on my Transformer I would not be seriously thinking about Win8 on a tablet.

    I don't have this option... yet. QO is good, not great. GDocs is good, not great. MSOffice is great.
    The closer Google can get their offering to MSO, the less likely a user will choose Win8 over Android when basing a good part of their choice on document productivity.
    • How much $$ is ..

      QO ?
      GDocs ?
      OpenOffice ?
      M$ Office ?

      Think, compute, repost !
    • Polaris Office not working for you?

      From what I have seen in various reviews and feedback on the Transformer, its bundled Polaris Office seems suitable for a lot of folks. Just wondering...
  • on a tablet, only need file viewer.

    I find that the only thing I use office on a phone/tablet for is viewing mail attachments, although even there its usally a pdf (for which there is the free adobe), occasionally a doc file. Why pain yourself trying to create docs on a mobile. For that, pull up to your nice 8 core desktop with giant monitor and knock yourself out.
    • Some of us take notes on the go

      I find that capability important such as when at the doctor's office to make sure I capture what we have discussed - desktop/monitor not quite feasible in those situations. And no, I do not like audible notes since my hearing is not good, and some people freeze up when being recorded.

      Pocket Office on my WinMo 6.x phones works nicely for that type of use case, as did Palm/Graffiti in the years before (yes, both with a stylus!). Full-fledged Office (with that overwhelming Ribbon) would be overkill. I tried using Androids with onscreen keyboards, or Swype, but those just are not fast enough, without a LOT of mistakes, for me (and any Android phones/tablets smaller than about 4 inches or bigger than 5 are just too awkward for me to use).
  • Google buys QuickOffice: Mobile reinforcement ahead of Windows 8

    Google is desperate. Every other service of theirs had failed. Not looking good for Google at all.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • No, you are desperate

      You know the ship is sinking but you being the main rat won't jump off.
    • Failed Google Services

      Yup, Maps is a simple failure. And also GMail has failed. Add to that list Calendar, Picasa, and a host of other Google services. All failures, right? Google should just close their doors as they are hanging by a mere thread because of their failed services. (sarcasm off now)
      • Right

        Maps was bought, Picasa was bought. Now lets name some apps that Google developed in house instead of bought. Buzz, Wave, Notebook... where are they now?
        Loverock Davidson-
    • I agree this is a desperate move from Google against Windows 8 approach

      Google lied to businesses when they said they could replace Windows/Office with Chrome and Google docs, well the businesses saw this was not true, and cloud computing is less efficient and more expensive than having Office and Windows licensed on thousands of business computers.
      Gabriel Hernandez
    • Apps come and go

      but an advertising company really doesn't care. Apps are Google's equivalent of doodling on scrap paper while the money rolls in ;-)
  • It's getting heat..

    It's a non-stop of big companies buying or making deals with smaller and dedicated other companies. Google and the duo Microsoft/Facebook are making their arsenal bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger.
  • Nice pick up

    Personal productivity has become a commodity. I've been running Android and Quickoffice for years. I've never needed Office to view or edit any MSFT docs.

    True productivity occurs between a person and other people - not a person and MSFT Office. MSFT should have grabbed this company years ago. But they continue to underestimate mobile and the web.

    Great news for Google Apps for Business, Government and Education customers as well as consumers leveraging Google's services.

    It's pretty hilarious that Google know owns the best solution for viewing and editing MSFT docs on iOS and Android.
  • Microsoft has no choice

    Office for iPad/Android will be a reality.