Google changes its name to Topeka? Don't be a "fool"

Google changes its name to Topeka? Don't be a "fool"

Summary: Google's April Fools Day pranks this year include a name change for the company to Topeka

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Go to Google's home page this morning and you'll find that the bright-colored letters on the screen no longer read "Google" but instead "Topeka."

Ah, April Fools Day. You gotta love it.

In a blog post, president and CEO Eric Schmidt explains that the company's "name change" is a gesture to Topeka, Kansas, which changed its name to Google. That name change was an attempt to be noticed by the company, which is eyeing communities worthy of its experimental ultra high-speed Internet initiative,

Schmidt offers a few quick explanations on new terminology, including how to refer to employees formerly known as Googlers - now known as either Topekers or Topekans.

April Fools Day has long been a day for fun pranks at the Googleplex, er, Topekaplex. Check out the Wikipedia page featuring Google's previous year pranks.

Topic: Google

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  • Google home page?

    People still use the Google home page? Wow, that's
    so 2006.
  • RE: Google changes its name to Topeka? Don't be a

    This is typical behavior of Google. They'd rather sit there and do stunts like this which have no meaning than actually get to work on improving their products and services. Glad to see that time and money is well spent at the Google office, all those years of playing with office toys really paid off and it shows.
    Loverock Davidson
  • @LD: You must be a riot to be around

    Get a life and lighten up a bit. Prepare for the day MS is no more. What will you do then?
    • Who cares? We'll all be long dead.

      MS isn't going anywhere in your lifetime. Don't kid yourself. Just because you want to swim against the current, doesn't mean everyone else isn't perfectly happy with Windows.
  • Well some scientist say: Booble it!

    No kidding!
  • Nice, alot of april fool jokes...

    This year is ripe with them...

    Blizzard btw unleashed their joke squads aggain this year... and now they need to pay me a coffee for I spilled mine today...
  • Youtube

    By using text-only mode, you are saving YouTube $1 a second in bandwidth costs. Click here to go back to regular YouTube and happy April Fools Day!