Google+ finally arrives for Google Apps customers

Google+ finally arrives for Google Apps customers

Summary: Soon, nearly everyone on Google Apps will have access to Google+.


Good news for Google Apps customers that have been waiting to use Google+ seamlessly with their business and education accounts. Google+ is now available to anyone who uses Google Apps for work or school.

All of the same features from Google+ now will be available to enterprise and education Google Apps users. In fact, this is where Circles might become an even more valuable feature as you can better organize co-workers, project team members, and customers in a more distinct way on screen.

Additionally, Hangouts offers a much more budget-friendly (i.e. free) solution for video conferencing and telepresence as it supports multi-person video chat with screen sharing and collaboration in Google Docs.

Sure, all of these features were available for free before to anyone who wanted to sign up for a personal Google account. But for those who don't want to bother with multiple accounts (or can't access personal accounts at work), this makes the Google+ experience much more seamless for the workplace and classroom. (Even better, Google is promising a migration tool soon for anyone who actually does want to port personal Google+ data over to a Google Apps user account.)

But in case you visited Google+ from your enterprise/education account and/or are wondering where it is in the Apps menu bar at the top of Gmail or Google Calendar, note that Google+ needs to be manually turned on at your organization.

More so, Google Apps for Business customers and some other Google Apps users will see Google+ roll out over the next few days. Select U.S. universities are making Google+ available for their students starting today. A full list is available on the Google Enterprise blog.


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  • RE: Google+ finally arrives for Google Apps customers

    I have been waiting to use Google+ at our school but am disappointed to find out that it's only for students 18+...not "available to anyone who uses Google Apps for work or school." Would like to know when the 13-17 group will be able to use it.
    • Using Google+ at your school?

      why would anyone seriously consider letting their 13 Year old kid use this product?
      William Farrell
  • RE: Google+ finally arrives for Google Apps customers

    ITS AMAZING.......

    very much