Google goes to Capitol Hill: Messaging wars next

Google goes to Capitol Hill: Messaging wars next

Summary: Google's Eric Schmidt will be grilled by a Senate committee, but the real messaging wars have already started.


Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee is only the first phase of a long messaging war between the search giant and its rivals.

In fact, Schmidt's actual testimony before the Senate is almost an appetizer for what's going to be a lot of bluster from all sides. Naturally, Senators will want to look tough on antitrust. These hearings are typically marked by a good bit of grandstanding.

While there may be a few fireworks in the Senate, the real battle will be for public perception.

To that end, Google has already published a guide to the Senate hearing.

The guide from Google is a bit predictable. Google emphasizes that it isn't the gateway to the Web even though Senators will portray it that way. Google notes that AOL and MySpace were gatekeepers at one time too. Ouch.

Google's overall message is that it doesn't favor its own content, doesn't tweak search ranking to hurt other Web sites and survives because it gives customers what they want. And when it comes to local content, Google noted that it changed its Place Pages to exclude review snippets from the likes of Yelp.

The flip side of this argument comes from Yelp and others. Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman posted his response to the antitrust investigation surrounding Google complete with testimony and exhibits. Other players such as Nextag are also on the opposing side of Google at this hearing.

At this juncture, it's worth paying attention to all sides. The truth is likely to be in the middle somewhere.

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  • the senate is misguided

    instead of investigating google who did no harm they should investigate the new M$ rackets:
    The Linux Geek
    • RE: Google goes to Capitol Hill: Messaging wars next

      @The Linux Geek

      Microsoft rackets, just because companies sign patent licensing deals do not make them rackets, do you honestly think companies just sign these without due consideration with legal council?

      As for not doing any harm looks at the Yelp responses and think back to when Microsoft got hit over Windows with internet explorer and there are definite similarities.
    • Then why dont those companies band together and go to court?

      @The Linux Geek

      If things are as you say, it should be easy for them to win.
  • RE: Google goes to Capitol Hill: Messaging wars next

    Why is it that Chrome is selected for download and also selected to be made the default browser on the Google Earth page? It's also buried in the middle of the page where consumers are least likely to look.

    Is that not illegal?
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • It shouldnt be

      @Cylon Centurion I dont like this kind of tactic but it shouldnt be illegal. All these fools do is piss off users...
    • RE: Google goes to Capitol Hill: Messaging wars next

      @Cylon Centurion
      - It's not illegal at all
      - everybody does this
      - that's not where the issue lies, it's about the search engine
  • RE: Google goes to Capitol Hill: Messaging wars next

    Google is getting too big for it's britches. It is acting the same way our duly elected public servents are and that is, IT knows what is best for you and you don't. Google is "my way or the highway" They even admit since it's inception, google has saved every search by all who have used its engine. BIG BROTHER IS HERE AND HE IS GOOGLE.
    • Nah, the govt just needs a new company to shake down

      @gongdark@... They need to take attention away from the mess they have made at home and abroad, and Google is a great target--just as MS was.

      The senators can pretend to stand up for the little guy against big business.
      • Yes

        The Senators think this grandstanding will make us believe that they give a d*mn.
        sissy sue
    • RE: Google goes to Capitol Hill: Messaging wars next

      @gongdark@... really??? Any time I install windows.....the ONLY way to get online is me thats worse then having a link on a page to download a product.....and that 1 time is the ONLY time I use download CHROME!
      • Not just limited to Microsoft, remember.


        If you want Firefox, or any other browser, on your Mac, what do you do? *Open the default (Safari) browser & download it*.

        If anything, Google's Chrome OS is worse. You get *no choice*, since the browser (Chrome) *is* the OS.
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