Google+ Hangouts even more collaborative with Google Docs

Google+ Hangouts even more collaborative with Google Docs

Summary: Google+ Hangouts is getting a bigger taste of Google Docs, making the social networking platform more business-friendly than ever before.

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Google Apps business customers might be even more interested in Google+ now that Hangouts is further integrating Google Docs.

The Hangouts video conferencing platform on Google+ has proved to be one of the more popular (and sellable) features on the relatively-new social network. Even President Obama used Hangouts to answer questions from Americans in a new way back in January.

Google+ Hangouts also has the most potential to draw in Google Apps business and enterprise customers for the ease of use.

Now that Google Docs is part of the "core Hangouts experience," it makes Google+ a much stronger competitor on the business collaboration platform field.

For example, users can now add an existing document or upload a new one while in video chat mode. Users are also able to toggle between and collaboratively edit multiple documents at once.

Google software engineer Robin Schriebman explained (or exclaimed) on her Google+ blog that "the Google+ community has used it for all sorts of awesome -- from trip planning and lecture notes to doodling and charades."

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Topics: Apps, Google

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  • Will it really solve some issues of Google docs?

    I don't think this will solve basic problem. undoubtedly Hangouts and Google docs is great integration but since there are many issues when it comes to Google docs just like Google Spreadsheets is online, why doesn???t it go beyond versioning and creating multiple copies of the same data? What if I want to share different filters of the same spreadsheet for others to update and make my life easier?
    I would be interested in some alternatives to Google docs and have come across this tool called CollateBox looks promising to me, went through their blog which talks about getting alerts, notification.. Seems interesting..
  • Vidobounce kickbacks

    At vidobounce, we have an equally cool group video chat feature and there is barrier to entry, check it out