Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

Summary: At Google I/O today, there were two significant announcements, the launch of Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) and the introduction of Google TV

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This morning's keynote presentation at Google I/O developer's conference was bursting with news and applause-worthy demos (as well as a few jabs at Apple). In a nutshell, the company made two introductions: Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) and Google TV.

I'll come back in a bit with some analysis of these announcements - but here are some quick talking points. First up is Froyo:

  • The new mobile OS is faster and more stable than previous versions of Android. A game demo - head to head against an older Android device and an iPad - showed a much faster and real-time sort of demo, without hiccups.
  • New features for Enterprise, including some updates for compatibility with Microsoft Exchange, including some security features such as remote wipe.
  • Cloud to device messaging API: I'll be writing more about this later but the coolest part of this demo was the integration between the browser and the mobile device. The user had pulled up directions on Google Maps and clicked on a Send to Phone plug-in. But instead of sending a link, the phone received the request and launched the mobile Maps app and pulled up the turn-by-turn navigation feature. Very impressive.
  • An enhanced Web browser that allows advanced features, such as accessibility of the camera from within the browser.
  • Support for Flash. Before this could even be announced, the crowd erupted into applause, a reflection of the Apple-Adobe battle and Apple's refusal to support Flash. Google says,"It turns out that people use Flash" and that "Part of being open means you're inclusive, not exclusive."
  • Update All functionality: Instead of having to update the apps one app at a time, there is now an update all feature.
  • Crash report button: When an app crashes, there's a report button that not only allows users to add more comments but also allows them to first see what information is being sent to make sure the user is comfortable with it. For the developers, the result is a full stack trace so the developer can see exactly what happened.
  • Music: It allows users to stream their music - whether music they buy in the marketplace or the existing collection (yes, including iTunes) - directly to the mobile device. (It sounded a lot like what I wrote about mSpot earlier this week.)

The second half of the keynote was devoted to the announcement of Google TV, a new open-source television experience that brings the Web to the living room's big screen.

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In a nutshell, here's what Google TV offers:

  • Search: It's built into the TV experience. Search for "Survivor" and get a list of results that include live TV (select to watch now), episodes airing later (select to record to DVR) and web content related to it.
  • Integration with Android phones: Over WiFi, an Android phone can become a remote and you can even go so far as to use voice search, too.
  • Partners: Sony, Intel, Dish Network, Logitech, Adobe and Best Buy. Power names for a power launch, expected this fall. As a bonus, the CEOs from all of those companies joined Google CEO Eric Schmidt on stage to talk about Google TV

There's a lot more to say about Google TV and the demos - though bogged down by some wireless connectivity issues - were very strong. The bottom line is that Google is bringing TV to the Web and the Web to TV. I haven't done it justice in this post but as I dig back through some details, I'll put up more information about Google TV, as well as Android.

And more importantly, I'll be back soon with some analysis about the new Google vs. Apple landscape. If it wasn't intense before, it will be now.

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Topics: Hardware, Google

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  • Impressive!

    I wonder how Steve will react to this.
    OS Reload
  • RE: Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

    Does this mean that Infinite Solutions was right all along?
    Loverock Davidson
  • If Steve Jobs and Apple couldn't get AppleTV to sell

    then do you really think that many people will even bother with a GoogleTV?
    John Zern
    • RE: Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

      @John Zern
      "...they also noted that their idea is different from Apple because they??????re trying to do this in a different way. That way, naturally, is the ??????open?????? way.
      Whereas Apple TV is a device and a piece of software, Google TV is just a platform..."
      Dell-Bill B
    • RE: Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

      @John Zern They are different... I explain it a bit more in this post:
  • I'd be all excited about Google TV....

    ...if there were anything on TV worth watching.

    P.S. Google will now note what you watch on TV so that they can target ads to you better. Yeah, they're all for freedom. Freedom to analyze your every move to increase the income from their ONLY revenue-producing product--ads!
  • Internet TV is addictive

    We've started using the catchup services offered by various TV stations - suddenly you see a glaring need for internet TV, so I think this will do brilliantly, provided its done right. As usual the google technique is to embrace and organise the internet mess for people, rather than building their own walled system.
  • Tech details lacking...

    Is this another useless 720p streamer like AppleTV or is this full high-definition content? I have no interest in "new" technology that doesn't even produce 1080p output.
  • One benefit...

    Now I won't have to watch ads for feminine hygiene products and slap chop. I'll get ads based on my surfing habits. Oh wait.... is that a good thing? But then I'll get ads based on my wife's surfing habits and I'm right back to feminine hygiene products and slap chop!
  • Droid and VPN

    any news from Google/Droid folks about allowing VPN access from the Droid? either with IPSEC or SSL.
    • RE: Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV


      Already done:
      • RE: Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

        the Droid doesnt support Groups though. the Cisco VPN you sign in using Groups - so i am looking for a VPN that works with IPSEC or SSL. have you tried the VPN access on the Droid? If so, what are you connecting to and how? thx
  • RE: Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

    I just purchased the Google TV and its one great product. I first learned about this product at my job DISH Network. I used it a bit and I loved it. I think that the apps on it are great and with the integration process to sync up with your receiver is amazing. Now I can search things that will pull it up in my guide as well on the net, then I can select if I want it to record or not. I like the VOD Amazon is great and Netflix is there as well. There is just so many other things going on there I could go on forever. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. I like this has made life easier for me both TV/internet right in one spot at the same time.
    Joe Lo.
  • RE: Google I/O: Introducing Android Froyo and Google TV

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