Google paying $0 in statutory damages as Oracle plans appeal

Google paying $0 in statutory damages as Oracle plans appeal

Summary: Oracle gives up on statutory damages as it tries to build an appeal against Google.

TOPICS: Google, Oracle

SAN FRANCISCO -- In what might have been the shortest hearing yet during Oracle v. Google, legal teams from both sides met on Monday at the U.S. District Court to clean up unresolved financial issues surrounding the case.

There were three major points that were discussed and finalized during the 25-minute session.

First, Oracle filed a stipulation earlier in the day in which Google has been asked to pay $0 in statutory damages (in reference to the nine lines of code in the rangeCheck method and the test files). Oracle has done this to move proceedings along faster as it works on an appeal. Judge William Alsup asked Oracle's lawyers if there is a catch here. There isn't really except that the damages can be discussed again down the line if Oracle wins an appeal.

Secondly, Google has 14 days to submit application for Oracle to pay legal administrative costs. It's possible that Google could also demand that Oracle pay for legal fees (i.e. billable hours for attorneys) too, but we'll find out in the application.

Finally, while there was no damages phase at all throughout this trial, there were lawyers hired by both sides to determine how much this case was worth overall. Payments for these attorneys hired by Oracle and Google have both been finalized, while the court had another attorney on retainer that analyzed the worth of the case from an objective standpoint for free.

Again, the next item we're waiting for is Google's application for legal cost reimbursement from Oracle.

Judge Alsup acknowledged to the court that he didn't know when he might see everyone involved in this case again. Oracle's lead attorney from Morrison and Foerster, Michael Jacobs, said he hopes after the appeal.


Topics: Google, Oracle

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  • good number :$0.00

    that's what I've been telling you about this lawsuit.
    And it might end up Oracle paying google for frivolous claims!
    The Linux Geek
  • Couldn't happen to a more greedy company.

    How in the world this suit got this far beats me.
    • If they knew that if they lost...

      They'd be responsible for their legal fees, the court costs, and Google's costs, they likely would not have brought the case. Hopefully this will happen.
      • loser pays

        I would have thought they would have known. In cases like this in the UK, the loser typically pays the winners costs and court fees as well as their own. Perhaps it's different in the US.
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  • Oracle's Own Stupidity In Insisting On A Jury Trial ...

    How easy is it to appeal a jury acquittal?

    Not very.
    • Yeah, but rulings from the bench...

      ...which decided some important points - not so.

    like Norma explained I didn't even know that a single mom can get paid $4427 in four weeks on the computer. have you read this web site
  • I don't know who is worse.

    Oracle management for wanting to spend even more shareholder money on a pointless appeal, or the Oracle lawyers who appear too greedy to tell Oracle to drop it.

    I guess, just like SCO, the egos at the top would rather destroy their company than admit they were wrong.
    If I owned Oracle stock, this bad imatation of management would force me to dump it.
  • Oh, brother. Permanent employment for the lawyers.

    An appeal for the original lawsuit. A lawsuit over payment of attorney's fees. An appeal of the judgment in *that* trial. And on, and on, forever and ever, world without end. Want to end the problems with the U.S. economy and create more jobs? Fund the law schools, create more lawyers, and file more suits. Ripple effects, too. Lawyers need clerical staff, IT, and management, and they all need a McDonald's, an Allsups, and a Walmart next door. All hail the courts!
    • And don't forget...

      ...all those Mercedes, Ferrrari & Lamborghini dealerships too.

      Then there are the "McMansion" builders out there who need their piece as well.

      I'm with you...MORE lawyers for everyone!!
    • Hmm...

      But at what point do the services get exported and the money start coming into the U.S. from places like China and the wealthy middle eastern countries?
  • The term ...

    ... flogging a dead horse comes to mind.
    Scarface Claw
    • More like ...

      ... a vaguely equine-shaped damp spot on the ground.
  • Larry Ellison owns approx. 22% of the outstanding Oracle shares

    One wonders if the remaining Oracle stockholders will demand that Larry finance any further litigation against Google through the sale of his current yacht, the Feadship Musashi:
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • Sorry...he's not selling the yacht.

      He needs somewhere to park it, so that's probably why he just bought a Hawaiian Island.
      • Nah

        Lanai sports an airport and Larry owns private jets. He'd be better off with a smallish, but not too small, and stylish schooner to hop amongst the Hawaiian Islands. He can wear a black eye patch just like the pirates of the Caribbean.

        Sell the yacht, pay off the lawyers for Oracle v. Google round 2 and buy a schooner.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
  • Lawsuits

    In these hard times the lawyers need to make a few dollars. Too bad the losers don't really have to pay much.
  • Woot!

    Zero. Awesome!
  • Oracle vs. Google

    Oracle just needs to push away from the table at this point. They are looking more and more like a shore loser every day. Move on, Ellison!