Groupon's IPO: The numbers to know

Groupon's IPO: The numbers to know

Summary: Groupon's IPO will be closely watched because it's largely a crapshoot. Here's a look at the numbers to know.

TOPICS: Banking, Legal

Groupon launches its initial public offering on Friday and there are comparison's to Google's debut, worries about the end of the world and lots of talk about how much the company has to prove.

The storylines today are going to be relatively predictable. To wit:

  • There will be the Groupon is a sign of a bubble story.
  • There's the Groupon failed because shares didn't do much Friday story.
  • There's the "wow look at that surge" story assuming shares do anything.
  • And then there are a lot of tales about whether Groupon has the chops to make it or not complete with debates over whether the company is a Ponzi scheme or not.

The reality is Groupon has a bunch of doubters even though it's arguably the fastest growing company in history. Groupon's financials do give plenty of reasons to be skeptical, but the company's latest financial results showed some serious signs of maturation. We're not going to pretend to know how this Groupon tale will play out---and anyone that does is full of it---but we do know the numbers that matter.

$20: The price for one of Groupon's 35 million shares being floated to the public market under the ticker GRPN.

$28: The price Groupon opened at in the first day of trading.

$26.40: Groupon's closing price Friday.

3.6 million: Shares of common stock acquired by Andrew Mason. on Nov. 1, 2009 for $144,000.

$72 million: Value of those 2009 shares at Groupon's $20 IPO price.

45.9 million: Total Class A shares held by Mason after the IPO good for 7.3 percent of total.

999,984: Class B shares owned by Mason after IPO.

19.8 percent: Total voting power held by Mason after IPO.

$99.6 million: Free cash flow for the nine months ended Sept. 30.

$214.5 million: Net loss for the nine months ended Sept. 30.

$466.5 million: Money spent on online marketing for the nine months ended Sept. 30.

142.9 million: Subscribers to Groupon's daily emails as of Sept. 30.

$465.6 million: Groupon's merchant payable balance as of Sept. 30. Groupon collects cash up front when customers buy Groupons and pays merchants later. The merchant payable balance topped Groupon's cash and equivalents as of Sept. 30.

59.3 percent: Portion of revenue generated from international units as of Sept. 30.

93.6 million: Groupons sold as of Sept. 30.

$11.90: Average revenue per Groupon sold.

16 million: Repeat customers.


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Topics: Banking, Legal

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  • Don't buy, Don't buy.

    If you were able to get in early and sell, sell, sell, then good for you, but buying this stock in the after market is probably a mistake right now.
    • Wise Words.


      Now, if only the investment banks had sense enough to don an avatar from a cartoon...
  • The hunt goes on

    We need to find the editor who approved "largely a total crapshoot" and stick skewers in him or her until they are principally composed entirely of metal.
    Robert Hahn
  • Three words

    Take a pass.
  • RE: Groupon's IPO: The numbers to know

    Might as well set fire to your money, do not buy.
    Alan Smithie
  • RE: Groupon's IPO: The numbers to know

    Let us see, huge accounts payable but very little assets and cash to cover the bills. I see bad deal. My prediction is the company goes bankrupt and the CEO looks to be the next CEO in prison.
    • Why? they raised 700 million and are valued at 13 Billion

      @Richard B
      so why would you think they'd go bankrupt, and why would you think the CEO would be in prison?
      William Farrell
  • RE: Groupon's IPO: The numbers to know
  • The missing number....

    ... from that list is $6B.

    The price Google offered them. Unless I had another offer in my back pocket or a cure for cancer, I'd have taken the $6B. It's not going to be all ca$h, but a mixture of ca$h and Google stock.

    Watch the news for Groupon employees & investors holding hands as they jump off a cliff en masse when they become the newest MySpace.
    Mihi Nomen Est
  • RE: Groupon's IPO: The numbers to know

    "???There???s the ???wow look at that surge??? story assuming shares do anything."

    That's ZDNet in a nutshell. More interested in wall street than main street.
  • RE: Groupon's IPO: The numbers to know

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  • RE: Groupon's IPO: The numbers to know