Has anybody's identity not been lost by someone you trusted?

Has anybody's identity not been lost by someone you trusted?

Summary: Through my RSS feed, I've been noticing an unusual number of reports of lost IDs; companies and organizations that have some how lost customer data.

TOPICS: Big Data

Through my RSS feed, I've been noticing an unusual number of reports of lost IDs; companies and organizations that have some how lost customer data.   Here's a scary sampling of the recent news on this front:

Topic: Big Data

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  • Is anything being done about it?

    No, not really. A lot of posturing and talk, but no real progress. We wouldn't even know about it if it weren't for the CA law. Just like in mine "safety," the little guy pays.
  • No Excuses

    It's true, a lot of companies are getting away with being lazy about data security.

    I'm not normally the sort of person who advocates regulation, but this is an area that needs
    - A Standard for best prectice
    - Qualified Examiners and Certifiers
    - A Name & Shame, and/or Legal Redress, mechanism

    Without this our privacy and security will quickly become non-existant.
    Stephen Wheeler
  • FORD lost my data - twice

    In Novemeber, someone stole a computer with all employee's names and SSN's. A few years back, FORD Credit had some lease information stolen. Both times MY id was part of it.

    When I finally looked up my info on Equifax, my permanent address was some P.O. Box in Colorado Springs! Hmm, work in Detroit, live in Detroit pretty much for my whole life - but perm. address in Colorado? I was and am still appalled at how easily bio data is changed - without confirmation.

    A VERY SIMPLE FIX for this activity exists - when a permanent address/phone number etc. get changed, send a letter to the old address and give the old phone number a call. SIMPLE! Alas, the 3 amigos (Equifax et al) don't WANT to do this - so we all get screwed.
    Roger Ramjet
  • medical info also at risk

    Another area of great concern is medical information being exposed on the web. There's a big push to get health organization online now. Obviously it's a huge advantage to have doctors be able to access your medical records online in case of emergency at 3:00 AM, but there have been a number of reports of security breaches allowing confidential medical information to be exposed. Of course, HIPAA regs are supposed to prevent that but it's happened still.
  • Don't worry... it's the Dept of Homeland Security

    NSA is stealing your data. You haven't done anything wrong, so what do you have to worry about?

    Doubleplusgood my Brothers.
  • Until Loss is made into a Criminal Act

    Until making it a criminal act for these companies to loss data trusted to them nothing will change.The only other pressure on these companies is bad press and the threat of lost business. But most people don`t even know who has their information.
    Also, until the government gets serious and prosecutes all we can do is cross our fingers.
  • Could all these "mishaps" be a ploy for RFID implants or such?

    I seriously believe that it is a concerted effort on a global scale
    to raise public fear and outrage to sponsor the next evolutionary
    scheme of personal ID which will lead to the mandated
    implantation of RFID or the likes. Face it, every day there seems
    to be news of these such occurrences and the technology sites
    are streaming the virtues of RFID to where it is heading, not just
    inventory management but digital enslavement for the masses.
    Everything manufactured today is virtually microchipped and is
    becoming common fare for society to implement this for
    automatic ID anytime, anywhere! Just some rants on all these
    irresponsible activities of losing public and private identity
    materials in unusual circumstances ....... Not!
  • Why keep it completely in one place?

    What I mean, is that you never NEED to transfert one tape or whatever that contains complete records.
    What you can do is to "randomly" split the data into a few files, pad with REALY random trow away stuff, encrypt. Then you send each part using different chanels.
    If you are paranoid, you start by encrypting with a low level algorythm (one that don't interfer with the compression), compress using some oddball compressor, expand with random garbage, encrypt randomly split, pad once more, encrypt, send via several chanels.
    That way, if your tape or whatever get stolen, the thief is left with worthless partial files, as you need all the parts and the right keys to access the data.