HP expected to decide webOS fate at all-hands meeting today

HP expected to decide webOS fate at all-hands meeting today

Summary: Is HP kicking webOS out the door? We could know by tonight.


Hewlett-Packard is expected to reveal the fate of webOS as soon as tonight.

According to The Verge, HP will be holding an all-hands meeting today at 4:30PM PST after the U.S. markets close. The meeting will be led by CEO Meg Whitman and will most likely cover webOS.

Considering that Whitman held up her promise that a decision about the PC unit would be made within a few months of her appointment, an imminent decision about webOS is highly probable.

There is room to believe that HP will sell off its webOS properties and resources -- especially considering that Whitman noted in a recent conference call that HP will focus on Windows 8 tablets. Even the HP Slate got a another chance.

The webOS 3.0-based HP TouchPad was discontinued just a month after being released this summer -- although that one proved to be a popular product once the price dropped to $99.

Names of Silicon Valley giants have been tossed around as potential buyers, including Oracle, which might be a long shot although it would boost Oracle's patent portfolio in its battle against Google.

Who knows? Maybe even RIM will buy up webOS.


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  • RE: HP expected to decide webOS fate at all-hands meeting today

    WebOS fate was sealed when Apotheker shot the Touchpad in the head. The only question now is who takes care of the corpse. HP can keep the patent portfolio and license it out like they do every other patent they hold. All of this is really show for Wall Street and accounting tricks to try and make the mess look a little bit better on paper.
    terry flores
  • Who is Meg Whitman

    A lot could depend on how much of the billion they paid for Palm has already been written down. Even though a new CEO usually has wide latitude to "take a bath" while blaming the previous regime for the bad news, a billion dollars (or a big chunk of it) is a lot to eat in one quarter.

    If they sell it, they'll almost certainly get far less than $1 billion for it, and the difference between the sales price and whatever it's on the books at now will have to be reflected in this quarter's earnings.

    The alternative is to keep it around, slowly writing it off as the asset decays. That way there's no huge one-time hit to earnings, just a slow leak that better news can easily mask.

    Whitman may be the type to just get it over with, blaming Hurd for buying it and Apothecker for not facing the bad news sooner. Even though it's an earnings hit, the stock might actually go up if people believe that Whitman is clearing out the cobwebs and telling it straight.
    Robert Hahn
  • RE: HP expected to decide webOS fate at all-hands meeting today

    Its already been killed. Now they discuss about how to make money by offloading the dead man.
    Ram U
  • RE: HP expected to decide webOS fate at all-hands meeting today

    HP should have stuck with it for a while. I find both the hardware and the software vary well done - just a few tweaks and it would have been perfect. More apps of course.