HP unveils multi-touch consumer laptop/tablet

HP unveils multi-touch consumer laptop/tablet

Summary: Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday launched its first multi-touch notebook for consumers.The TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC was modeled after HP's desktop version of the same name (statement, Techmeme).


Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday launched its first multi-touch notebook for consumers.

The TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC was modeled after HP's desktop version of the same name (statement, Techmeme). The move ups the ante in the notebook race--assuming you think multi-touch is important.

hp.pngThe laptop also comes with a twist hinge that can make the TouchSmart tx2 a PC, display or tablet. It comes with a rechargeable digital ink pen to write.

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While multi-touch is nice the TouchSmart tx2 may become known for something else. It's one of the first tablets that may have the mojo for mass adoption. Why? The laptop starts at $1,149, well below what a lot of tablet PCs cost.

A few specs:

  • The laptop is 4.5 pounds with a 12.1 inch screen;
  • Comes with a content partnership with MTV for video content from 10 channels;
  • Runs on AMD's Turion platform;
  • And has Vista Home Premium.

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  • Unfortunately its an HP and HP computers suck.

    Their printers rock, but I've already dealt with crappy HP computers with low quality parts.

    HP is the reason why I started building PCs.

    If only I could build a tablet pc...
    • I think that comment is a bit unfair.

      HP aren't known for pretty computers and this one isn't the exception, however I wouldn't go as far as to say that they suck. My HP notebook is just over a year old now and I've never had a single problem - it's literally been perfect in terms of reliability. Though, it's one ugly piece of machinery. My previous notebook was a Toshiba, and I had several problems with that one.

      It's not like HP can't build pretty computers. I mean they teamed up with Voodoo to create that carbon fiber notebook that looks pretty decent. What I really hate is how they round the edges and then stick in the port section that makes it look like a broken piece of hardware. Why can't they make the ports flush?

      I've actually sent an email to HP about this problem and I said that I'd like my next notebook to be an HP as well, and they gave me the standard: "thank you, we'll take it under advisement." Hopefully, they build more Apple-ish notebooks in the future.
      General C#
      • Actually, it's not.

        HP's used to be good; in fact, I used to swear by them. However, since they merged with Compaq, they have gone downhill fast. HP's products were solid, but after Compaq was brought it, the quality of the hardware and assembly QC went down, customer service tanked, and you never knew/know what is/was 'under the hood'. Is it an HP (i.e. quality), or a Compaq (i.e. crap) with an HP sticker on it?

        True, when they work, they generally work well. But, the minute you start having problems, just throw them away. That has been the solution for Compaqs since the late 90's--it's just not cost-effective to fix them.

        So no, dude's not being unfair. On the flip side, I've not worked on one that's...oh, let's say 2008 vintage or newer. It's possible HP finally pulled their head out.

        Doubt it--but it's possible.
        • every one I know my self included loves HP

          And many consumers agree since they beat forcasted earning sending their stock soaring, yeah that was for this quarter when everyone else is looking for handouts from uncle sam. HP rocks, their customer service is excellent, and their laptops are top notch.
        • HP is not that bad

          It beats the hell out of dell!
      • Hold the phone.. Wait a second... You're kidding.. Right?

        [b]Hopefully, they build more Apple-ish notebooks in the future. [/b]

        Er... This Monday, I read a blog on ZDNet where they were comparing a 2 yr old HP notebook with a brand new Macbook...!


        DOH! Except for the trackpad, they DO kinda look similar.
      • HP Pavalion Laotop

        I have had my ZD7000 series laptop for several years.

        Other then upgrading the memory & HD & needing a battery after a few years, this one has served me well. (Battery does have HP & Compaq stickers)

        As this is more of a desktop replacement then a laptop, battery life would never make it through a DVD, but then I don't normally need it unplugged for 4 - 6 hours in a strech. (might be what the 1st battery tanked!)

        Just don't understand why they would have Harmon-Kardon speakers on the laptop and then use crappy Altec/Lansing on the docking stand?!?

        To compare, my work Dell Optiplex SX280 is younger & had to have it's MB replaced last year. (onboard video went bad)

        I would agree that many HP boxes have a face fit for radio!

        Amen to home built machines though. Even have water cooling on 2 of my boxes at home.
      • They DO have pretty computers...but they suck.

        I actually like HP's style vs others. But both my laptop and printer have been nightmares. I refuse to buy anything else from HP.
    • HP does not Suck!

      It is apparent that you may have had a bad experience with one of HP's consumer grade pcs... I buy the business class machines from HP and have to report the complete opposite.

      HP cannot be beat in quality and service!

      Build all the clones you want but my time is worth more money - I'll let HP have all the headaches.

      On another note - Kudos to HP for supporting FREE DOS and LINUX!
    • Third HP Lappie...

      I'm on my third HP laptop--the previous two being replaced not for mechanical or performance issues, but for periodic upgrades. I've never had a single issue with an HP lappie. Aside from one firmware upgrade, it's been a non-issue. At the same time, I've had a ThinkPad as a result of a consulting gig which is currently holding my office door open. Like Mike Singletary said: "Can't coach with it. Can't win with it. Can't do it."

      HP lost its way organizationally at the merger, but let's get over it. They're making wonderful products--regardless of where they're assembled. They've escaped the mass recalls that have plagued former market leader Dell and innovation darling (in name only) Sony.

      Ask yourself: which would you rather stuff in your briefcase: HP or Dell? Which would you trust your files to: HP or Sony?

      HP is just fine.
      • it wasn't the merger.

        HP lost its way organizationally when Dave died. He was the final balancing force against the corporate raiders that went hog wild. test equipment spun off because it wasn't a "core competancy" (translation, wasn't making money at the time) HP's core competancy was their engineers, their corporate culture andmost importantly of all, their ability to identify and develop disruptive technologies. When Dave died, the corporate culture devolved into the general screw the employee corporate culture instead of valuing each employee for their ability to contribute to the company as whole, not just the bottom line. The printers still rock, only because of some stout hearted individuals at its helm and the expensive ink, low cost printer philosophy. Also correct on the PC side of things. the enterprise class PCs are very good and the consumer level stuff is schlock. because the majority of consumer purchases are made on reputation, not quality.
    • I don't know about that

      I have an HP Pavilion that I'm using to write this. It's so old that it came with Windows ME. The hard drive went "belly up" after 4 years, but it warned me. I installed XP and additional RAM over the years. Works fine, although a bit slow compared to today's offerings. I bought an HP Entertainment Laptop in August that's been great. I have an HP Pavilion a6660t on order from HP. Should be here next week. Got spoiled by the fast Laptop. Maybe my old one will go up in a puff of smoke someday, but I will hang on to it until then. I had one HP printer that wouldn't feed paper no matter what I did. Took it back and got a C5180 that works great. So far my experience with HP computers has been a good one. Printers 2 out of 3 have been fine. Your mileage may vary.
      • Not related

        Sheesh, that is so wrong... technology changes over time. There was a time when Compaq totally sucked and over time they improved considerably. If you look at notebook ratings these days, you'll find HP among the top best laptops to get, BUT it depends on the model. So your comments are really not indicative of HP quality.
        • My Compaq

          I will admit my 1st Compaq was defective but HP stepped up and replaced it with an upgrade I have used hard every day for 3+ yrs. without incident. I'm a designed for XP Vista Capable guy who has used Vista Ultimate without issue since it came out. I have recommended Compaq/HP to everyone I know and all love them. They fix problems, or upgrade period. My battery replacement upgraded to a 12 cell.
          • Hp Business Class rocks!

            I do agree that their home computers are not the best, but their business class machines are great.

            I would never buy their home machines, but I have been swearing by the business models for over a decade. The only problem I have ever had is when I dropped one and the dvd drive broke. My machines are on 8-14 hours a day and never ever an issue
          • Busness class rocks

            I could not agree more.

            Our stress test shows this figure
            On 20 business PC's which are moved between location, manualy or originaly packed by currier each 2 weeks we had only 2 problems,
            1 dead PSU, 1 bad disk in 2,5 years all covered by a 3yr warranty.
  • RE: HP unveils multi-touch consumer laptop

    It looks like a good value for the price. I don't need another machine but have looked at Apple notebooks. Work in a Dell shop but have IBM thinkpad 10 inch tablet - reliable but cramped. Personal tablet is Toshibar R15-S829 is heavy and must use power save options to preserve battery life to 2 - 4 hours. I recently purchasing a musical instrument and the clerk used a touch screen on a generic monitor/workstation setup. This got me interested in touch screens to put over monitor for home use. Work is cutting back all expenditures due to fiscal uncertainy with the economy. I hope it is not ahead of its time.
    user support
  • You recharge digital ink? WHAT?

    What the heck is digital ink?
    • RE: rechargeable digital ink pen

      Think stylus with a battery and you'll be in the ballpark.

      It probably has functions of a stylus and a remote (infrared) or bluetooth device as well.
  • About the interface issue...and other missing laptop features

    I believe the real leap in consumer interface, that may save the tablet niche, is the multi-touch with haptic feedback that does not require a stylus at all. The new Blackberry Storm is supposed to have one, so it should be possible to add a feature like this in the near future.

    On the other hand, after many years, HP is finally beginning to realize two obvious omissions in almost all non-MAC laptops: Lighting keyboards and slot drives. Those features alone will drag me to any store to purchase a new laptop.