Intel CEO: Our first smartphone launches this week

Intel CEO: Our first smartphone launches this week

Summary: Intel's smartphone strategy is being closely watched since it represents future growth for the company.


Intel's long-awaited smartphone strategy is ready for lift-off, said CEO Paul Otellini.

Otellini, speaking on an earnings conference call, said:

We expect to see another important milestone for our business later this week. The launch of the world's first Intel architecture based smartphone.

Details beyond that were sparse, but Otellini touted a Lenovo-Intel smartphone at CES in January. The company did say that it has made progress on CES announcements with Lenovo and Motorola.

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Intel's smartphone strategy is being closely watched since it represents future growth for the company. The catch is that Intel faces fierce competition from the likes of ARM architecture players Qualcomm and Texas Instruments among others.

The chip giant in data centers and PCs enjoys a lopsided duopoly with AMD.

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  • Gingerbread? On a new phone?

    Isn't Gingerbread old now? Why put it on a phone yet to be released? If you are going to introduce a new phone why not start with the newest OS that alone is a few months old now?

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • ...

    I don't see Intel making much of a splash in ARM's territory. I'm really interested to see their power management in a device on the market though.
  • Intel is not ready to compete

    It's going to be many years before Intel's x86-based processors can be energy efficient enough to compete in the smartphone market.

    And what OS will it run? We already know that Intel has an x86 fork of Android. Alternatively, Intel could use the open-source Tizen OS.
  • Better yet...

    why would a cell phone company let Intel/Microsoft anywhere near their pile of money? ARM is doing just fine, and they have NO designs on taking away the money that the cell operators are making...
    Tony Burzio
  • Intel and Meego ?

    I wonder if Intel is going to release the Phone with Meego ? I had heard that the Meego initiative was going to work with both ARM and Intel processors and if so, Intel had a decent amount invested with Meego at one point. Other Phone OS could be a possibility, but Nokia released Meego on ARM and the N9 phone seems to be well liked. If Meego is on the Intel phone and Nokia Meego apps can be compiled for Meego on Intel, then there may be a quickly available number of applications.
    Hope we get an announcement on the Intel Phone details soon. I would be interested to see the information and possibly chose one of these phones.