Intuit services back online after extended outage

Intuit services back online after extended outage

Summary: Following an outage that lasted at least 36 hours, Intuit's online services - including Quickbooks and TurboTax - are back online and operating normally.


Intuit said today that its online services - TurboTax Online, Quickbooks Online, Quicken and Quickbase - are back online following an outage that lasted at least 36 hours.

The company said the outage occurred during routine maintenance and that a power failure affected Intuit's primary and backup systems, causing the company's corporate sites and services to go offline. In a statement, company CIO Ginny Lee said:

We’re carefully monitoring the sites and the applications that support them to ensure we provide the services that customers expect. And they’re performing well at this time. We’re deeply sorry for the disruption to businesses and consumers and appreciate their patience as we worked to resolve this problem. With service restored, it’s our priority to work with those affected and resolve any issues caused by this outage.

The company said some customers may need to refresh their browsers to reconnect to the sites.

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  • RE: Intuit services back online after extended outage

    That's it? 36 hours and you get "We're deeply sorry..."
    and "users should refresh their browsers"? Seriously, I
    thought it "best practice" to always close the browser
    after finishing your business at any site that uses some
    sort of credentialing/verification system, let alone a
    FINANCIAL SITE! Underwhelming to say the least...
  • RE: Intuit services back online after extended outage

    What do you expect? It's Intuit. Probably the worst software developer on the planet.

    Like Intuit Quickbooks Point of Sale (appropriately nicknamed 'POS'). In order to move the data file from one server to another, you have to uninstall POS from every single client computer, reinstall the OS, reinstall the POS software, apply all the upgrades, and then manually install a newer version of dot net.

    Or Intuit Quickbooks for Macs. Won't even access a networked file. Excuse me? What decade is Intuit living in?

    Or the Mac version of Quicken. Won't print checks or track investments. Maybe they should just leave the software out of the box and enclose an abacus instead. It would probably be more useful.

    Or TurboTax - still updating the tax tables 2 years after everyone has filed their taxes.

    Anyone expecting decent software from Intuit is going to be disappointed.
  • RE: Intuit services back online after extended outage

    Isn't that how BP does it ? Over 50 days oil spilling and you get we're very very very sorry.
  • Demonstrates Why Cloud Computing Stinks

    This outage just illustrates my point that so-called cloud computing is inherently unreliable. Unfortunately the computer industry is incredibly trendy and once some experts declare the cloud is the way to go, the rest follow without thinking.

    Shifting applications and data to "the cloud" is inherently insecure and at the mercy of the Internet. Imagine all the increased traffic on the Internet if cloud computing takes hold. Where is the capacity to handle all this traffic going to come from? And what are you and I to do when the cloud sites we are forced to use go down, as they inevitably will?