iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

Summary: Apple, according to reports, is looking to release the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 by fall. A pre-announcement is slated for June or July, as Apple remains deathly quiet.

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The next incarnation of the iPhone could be in the hands of consumers by fall, later this year, according to reports.

Often a reliable source of information, Japanese blog Macotakara makes the claim that the next-generation iPhone will be in the hands of the public by fall this year.

Speaking to "reliable sources", it would fall in line with previous schedules of roughly a year between each major iPhone release.

With the next-generation iPad expected for mid-spring, the iPhone 5's launch would come around half a year later.

In regards to the iPad and iPhone release schedule, I previously wrote:

"It makes sense for the Cupertino-based technology giant to space out the iPad and iPhone releases. The early months of the year, usually around March--April is generally when we get our hands on the latest iPad tablet. During the middle-months of the year, typically around June--July, we are presented with the next-in-line iPhone."

If that works, then we can expect an announcement in June or July, and a following device in our hands by September or October.

However, late last year, as sister site CNET reported, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said in a note to investors that the expected redesigned iPhone 5 -- despite other rumours -- would be available by midsummer.

Apple normally holds an iPod event in fall, but iPod sales are falling far behind that of the iPhone. While Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than it sold Macs in 28 years, only the iPod touch runs the iOS operating system. Apple sold around 42.6 million iPods last year, and 37 million iPhones in the last quarter alone. Simply put, the iPhone means a lot more to Apple than the iPod does.

An Apple spokesperson said they did not comment on rumours or speculation of product launches.

Image source: CNET.


Topics: Browser, iPhone, Mobility

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  • $$$

    My spies tell me that the iPhone5 will be so expensive that this time the prototype will be left on the bar at the Lion and Compass.
    Robert Hahn
  • The Grass is Green

    Yeah, there'll probably be a new iPhone this Summer or Fall.
    • Such a bold predictiction


      William Farrel
      • RE: iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

        @WilliamFarrel haha. Insightful comment huh?
  • When I buy one...

    Can I resell my 4S?
    • RE: iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

      dub dub dub dot gazelle dot com

      They'll buy your old device and either resell it or dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner.

      NOTE: I am not affiliated with this company in any way.
    • RE: iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

      @HollywoodDog No. You can't. (Seriously... ? )
    • RE: iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

      Iphone 5 = Iphone 4s with bigger screen and 4g and sleaker sexier form factor, better battery life. Adding a quad core CPU , a vastly improved gpu, and cameras would cost too much for apple to add the screen and 4g support in the same model. The iphone 5s will have the hardware bump up.
  • RE: iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

    If it was not an iPhone, someone from ZDNet would have already wrote an article to summarize the '5 reasons that it would be dead on arrival'.

    Because it is an iPhone, it is bound to be 'the biggest iPhone ever since...', since Cisco registered the iPhone trademark in 1998...
    • RE: iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

      @yoroto : Funny you said that. Apple likes to use other company's names. The iPad name was not originally from Apple, but from another company who are in a legal battle with Apple. May want to trademark anything that begins with an "i". iComputer. iBurp. iPuke. iMorgue. iFell. iEat. iFuneral. iInternet. iDied. :-)
      • RE: iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

        @Gisabun iTaly, iSrael, iReland, iCeland, iNdia, iRan, iRaq, iNdonesia, iNdiana, iLlinois, iOwa ... but don't worry my friend, they are all going to be Apple products by the end of the decade. Even NBA will be bought by Apple and rename to iSlam.
  • But Ballmer said it would fail back in 2007....

    We should all listen to Ballmer, he's been right since the iPod.
  • Jeeez......

    Don't have to be a rocket scientist to known the iPhone 5 [if they call it that and not something like the iPhone 4 GS] will be released in the fall. I think most [all?] of them have been released that time of the year.
    • RE: iPhone 5 set for fall launch: report

      @Gisabun Nope most of them have been released in early June.
    • Jeeez......

      Lack of Siri will reach a new low in iPhone 5 users to fall " SPLAT ".
  • iPhone 5 text messaging with other devices

    Much like the Blackberry,Is it true that mighty Apple iPhone cannot perform text messaging through to all other text'n devices ?