IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report

IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report

Summary: A new IT salary guide from Bluewolf reflects a widening talent gap as more baby boomers reach retirement age.

TOPICS: IT Employment, CXO, Legal

IT jobs will go up in number this year, but IT departments will have a harder time finding the right people with talent to fit those positions, according to the 2012 IT Salary Guide from sales and service cloud consulting firm Bluewolf.

The report pointedly reveals a widening talent gap as more baby boomers reach retirement age.

Specifically, the report also shows the biggest jumps in demand for mobile, data, cloud and user engagement technologists.

At the top of the employee food chain, CIOs and CSOs are seeing strong gains as well as business intelligence analysts, data architects, software and web developers, and security analysts.

Another handy feature that current and prospective IT employees might want to look over is the title subject matter of the report: average salaries depending on the job.

Most IT placements are in software development, and these employees earn $103,000 on average. IT technicians, executives, as well as security and quality assurance workers all find themselves with the smallest pieces of the pie at 5 percent each -- making between $68,000 and $155,000 annually.

The industries with the top IT placements are media/telecom, healthcare, retail, financial services, and high tech/software.

Issued annually for the past 11 years, Bluewolf asserts that its IT Salary Guide is used by companies and workers alike to identify emerging trends and opportunities in business and technology.

For a complete breakdown on salaries as well as advice about smarter staffing, the full report is available to download now.

Pie chart via Bluewolf


Topics: IT Employment, CXO, Legal

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  • RE: IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report

    That chart makes me a sad panda. I'm an IT Tech and I don't make 68k. :(
    That's not to say that I'm not overly happy with my current position and salary and benefits. It's funny, my best friend, who is in the storage/EMC field, makes a lot more money then me but his salary takes a big hit when his college loans come in every month, so despite making more then me on paper, our take home is a lot closer since I have no college loans.

    Then on the other end of the spectrum, I have a ton of friends who either don't work or make squat compared to me, which is why I don't complain about my salary. I get at least 1 raise a year anywhere from 3-5%, sometimes 2 raises, plus a few hefty bonuses throughout the year, lots of vacation time, and a 401k, plus some awesome benefits.

    For a 25 year old who went to college and majored in English, and who has no certifications, I think I am doing ok for myself in such a rough economy. Sure I could be doing better, but I could be doing worse too.

    But as I said, I am happy where I am, I work close to home, in a great work environment with good co-workers who actually know what they are doing, plus I really love what I do. As an IT tech, I get to work in all areas of IT: Hardware, software, networking, storage, servers. I don't like being limited to one field.
    • RE: IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report

      @Bates_ Who hired you?! An English major doing IT, no wonder support sucks.... around here you can only get in if you are MIS major... and certifications don't matter one bit, A+ should be a high school course not a cert..
      • RE: IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report

        @Hasam1991 You are so pleasant. I know many MIS majors that are completely useless. A degree is a piece of paper (one that I have by the way) but I would never limit my search to just MIS graduates.
      • RE: IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report

        @Hasam1991 YOUMADBRO? Hate to tell ya but before I landed my current job I had 7 years of IT experience in multiple fields including mobile broadcasting. Not too mention I used to support, setup and tech some of the biggest Manhattan trade shows at the Javits Center and the Manhattan Hilton. I also setup and supported a private party for Google a few days before the release of the first Android device (the party was to celebrate the release of the G1). I don't need to continue telling you my qualifications, because I could go on for a long while, I was hired in my position because I have developed people skills and more then enough experience, not too mention I pick up new skills very fast. I can run circles around most graduates coming into the real world trying to get a job because they don't know squat about how the real world works. I've been working in this industry since I was 18, it is amazing how a hobby becomes a career.<br><br>I am living proof that you don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to "hopefully" find a job, and be in debt for the next 10-20 years. It's all about experience and trust me I have a lot of it. <br><br>And maybe your support sucks because you don't have knowledgeable staff that can do their jobs. My team is made of 4 people (that includes myself) and we successfully support 40 offsite locations and hundreds of employees, and that is only half of our jobs.<br><br>Yea, you mad. kthxbye!

        And thanks @redhaven for the bit of defense, appreciate it.
  • RE: IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report

    "Average" is one of those misleading terms, because it covers people who just started up to ones with 20+ years experience. Try to hire a good project manager who has been doing it successfully for years for under $150K in someplace like the Bay Area, Dallas, or NY/NJ. It will be a real challenge.
    terry flores
  • RE: IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report

    Agree with Terry, The numbers look low because they are national averages, in S.F, D.C. Metro, NYC, Boston, and even Long Island, Salary ranges are much higher. Check out the full report to see granular IT salary ranges for all the major markets.
    • RE: IT execs earn $155K on average, make up 5% of IT jobs: report


      You said it, they're national averages.... to some of us, those salaries look like a dream. I personally have been in IT for the past 10 years, have 2 degrees and 2 certs, yet my pay is only about half of what they say it is. Of course, I also don't work in any of the big cities, and know my pay would be much better if I did - then again I'd be spending more to live, commute, etc if I was working in the city.

      Pay in this industry is very subjective to where you work.