Jeremy Allison: Why the Vista launch will be a disaster

Jeremy Allison: Why the Vista launch will be a disaster

Summary: Samba developer Jeremy Allison, who recently quit Novell over its Linux deal with Microsoft, predicts that the Vista launch Jan. 29 will be a train wreck.

TOPICS: Windows

Samba developer Jeremy Allison, who recently quit Novell over its Linux deal with Microsoft, predicts that the Vista launch Jan. 29 will be a train wreck.

In a new monthly column on ZDNet, Allison, an open source guru who now works at Google, eyeballs the Microsoft marketing machine revving up and scoffs.

"Microsoft's most important product launch ever" blare the headlines in the trade press. Yet the silence from businesses and customers is deafening. No one cares. Contrast this with what most people would consider Microsoft's most successful Windows launch ever: Windows 95. People actually queued outside stores to be the first to buy this exciting new product, the launch itself was covered as news; real news, actually covered by the mainstream press as a real media event; not just in the computer trade press.

No matter how much spin is put on this launch, it's a disaster. There's simply no excitement about it."

From there Allison notes that Vista's features are nothing new and pans the hardware requirements. Does Allison have a bone to pick with Microsoft? Perhaps. But his point of view is worth a look. 

He even urges folks that buy PC's loaded with Vista get a refund.

"My only advice to the home user is to do what my good friend Dave Mitchell in Sheffield, U.K. did and get yourself a refund for Windows from the vendor; Dell in Dave's case. It's hard work. Getting a refund is so rare that he's still coping with his 15 minutes of fame as media such as the BBC call him up for interviews."

Topic: Windows

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  • Launch is already a massive success...

    Mr. Allison once again shows his ignorance of all things Microsoft. FIrst he basically rips off SMB for Samba. Now that Microsoft has given him his fame and fortune, he has the nerve to speak out against Vista. The Aero interface has reinvented the way we work and live. The ability to see mini-Windows of minimized applications has added untold amounts of productivity and intelligence to our workforce. As CIO, I am charged with making sure that all employees are 100% productive. Vista, Aero and Office 2007 have done that. And as for people lining up to purchase Vista, I hired a few contractors under the guise of having them do some scripting, but then I ordered them down to CompUSA to start standing in line for Vista.
    Mike Cox
    • Thank goodness you're here !

      To set me right..... Sorry Mike, I really should see the error of my ways. Maybe if I had a rep like yours I'd be queueing up for Vista too :-).

    • LAUNCH

      Did I understand this correctly?

      You "Paid" people to Buy Vista?

      I thought that was only an "old saying";

      "you couldn't pay me to do that".

      But,they were hired under " under the guise ".

      Which brings a paraphrase to mind.

      "forgive them,for they no not what they do".

      This should not be the "only" way a product

      can be a success.

      Why dont Msft. just hire people to stand in line and

      buy it, and "on paper", and in the press, It could be a

      "massive success".

      Nobody would have to know the truth.

      Think maybe you've hit on a Great Idea.
  • Does Allison have a bone to pick with Microsoft?

    Gee, does a cat killing dog have a gripe about all cats?

    Look, Jeremy worships at the feet of the GPL gawd (and even takes it beyond what it says in black and white) and ANYTHING that doesn't fit in that world view is a disaster in his eyes.

    The guy needs to find a quiet corner and Samba himself. His credibility on ANYTHING not open source is ZILTCH.
    • And You Have Credibility?


      No press, no coverage, zilch, nada....

      Just like your postings..


      Get it? Got it? Good.
      • And yet you care enough to post to every Vista article on ZDNet

        Good to know that no one cares (except you), there is no coverage of Vista (except everywhere), and it hasn't even gone on sale yet.

        I see you are living up to your name, it(anal)yst. <eg>
        Confused by religion
        • Yes, And That Is Why

          Nearly every IT person I have come in contact with in the last six months, every student, every PC owner, every technician has told me they aren't going to touch Vista until the last possible moment. And let's see...that would come to about 500 people, and about 90% of them said they weren't going to Vista unless they were forced to...

          Pretty good demographic IMHO.
          • Upgrading

            I thought the choice was rather easy. As soon as I started learning about Vista, I decided to upgrade. To Ubuntu. Happy as a clam.
  • disaster because XP works great

    There isnt much excitement because Win XP works great and so there is no real rush to upgrade. All the nonsense spouted by Allison and his cronies dont mean a thing to the average user.

    Vista won't be a disaster and it won't be as big a deal as the Win95 launch.
  • Nothing to do at Google!

    When this guy left Novell, I wrote right here in this forum that Google really have nothing for this guy to do. They created a custom position for him - meaning "we don't know what the hell to do with you but we don't want any competitors to have you." So now, this supposed professional (that I would not touch with a 10 foot pole) in our IT department (and we are Fortune 100), has nothing to do. So he spends his time eye-balling ZDNET and gets a column to find things wrong with MS. Please! Get an IT life for cryin out loud! I guess we can really expect some enhancments to Samba now. There are a million things that can be done with Samba to make it a better product and what is he doing ....(crickets)..... right! Absolutely nothing! If all he has is comments on MS, then he'll join all the other trolls I routinely disregard and ignore. Jeremy - you are no longer relevant and you are already a disaster. You can hate on MS all day long, but they have cash, marketshare, and influence you only dream about dreaming about. Oh and lastly they own themselves (no debt) and still have to get a W-2 cause that is the only way you know. LOL :-)
  • I don't care about Vista

    I can remember the exitement over Win95, then Win98 and 98 2nd Edition, ME and XP. I was always an early upgrader of each OS.

    Vista? I'm not even the least bit interested in it. I doubt I'll even download it from the groups when I spot it.

    Even after reading all the coverage of Vista, I fail to see how using it will benefit me. Maybe because I also know that a SP will follow a few months later and then maybe I'll grab it.
  • looks like someone wants another 15 mu inutes of fame

    Jermey read this "No one cares about what you have to say".

    Looks like you will go to any lengths to get another 15 minutes of fame. Its time you stopped wasting our time.

    Your ethics is appalling. Ethically speaking there is no difference between the following
    a) talking about Novell a day after you offer your resignation
    b) talking about Novell after you are no longer an employee of Novell

    If you had to say something about Novell to the public you dint have the balls to say it right after you offered your resignation.
    • Good ol' defconvegas....

      ... another contribution at your usual low level!

      His employer at the time (Novell) required him to say nothing whilst an employee and he honoured that. There was presumably no "gag" clause to keep him quiet after he left and as such he is now free to say what he likes.

      So what's your problem?

      Is it that he's bashing "The Great Microsoft" and not being ultra-ultra-fanboy positive about the Holy Scripture known as "Vista shall succeed and conquer the universe"?

      Well, bad news for you DefCon - we don't all believe that the light of creation shines gently upon Redmond and that all else is darkness. Some of us can see problems ahead and we don't go into denial when that happens.
      • stop talking what you know nothing about

        "His employer at the time (Novell) required him to say nothing whilst an employee"

        This doesnt make any sense at all. No talk while you are an employee but no gag order. Why do you talk about stuff that you dont know anything about.

        I dont mind people talking the truth. Reality is he doesnt like Micrrosoft for some reason and so he goes about spreading mis-information. And the problem is the people who know half (not the complete) fall victim to this kind of mis-information.

        The ignorant (whose careers are other than IT and dont know much), the misinformation doesnt make sense.
        • Well...

          This much is clear. You really don't know what you are talking about and it is laughable that you claim someone else is like that.

          If (a big presumption) you had actually read Jeremy's explanation of the whole thing which he published online (and which has not been contradicted at all by anyone from Novell), you might actually have a chance of offering something of value. However, looking at what you wrote, it is clear you didn't read anything (or if you did, you have very selective recall, largely omitting anything that Jeremy has said).
          • why dont you point out whats wrong

            You mean to say that Novell had a gag on Jermey while he was an employee. I dint hear anyone say that Novell had a gag order. Reality is there wasnt.

            I read it and so did everyone. Speaking out in public the day he resigns or after last working day, ethically makes no difference. However it just shows the ethical character of someone.

            Looking at what you wrote there is nothing that makes sense. Stop wasting others time.
  • How The Heathen Rage

    Whatever you're doing Jeremy, it must be right. My!, how the heathen rage.
    A bitten dog is the first to holler. I hear a lot of hollering here.
    Ole Man
  • Are any OS launches nowadays "exciting"?

    I don't see people lining up to buy Mac OS or Linux, either.

    The Windows 95 development cycle was quite different than Vista. How many people have used Vista? How many CTPs of Vista did they release? How early were screenshots available?

    Compare that to Windows 95--betas were private, there were no CTPs, and screenshots didn't appear until quite near release.
    • I don't see people lining up to buy Mac OS or Linux, either.

      Only a bloody pillock would make a statement such as this,
      PC 200-2,000 dollars

      1. Buy Microsoft Vista 200+ dollars unless its oem then the price is included in the price of the PC
      2. Buy Vista Office 200 + dollars
      3. Buy Vista Plus 80 + dollars
      4. Buy a plethora of firewalls, download a plethora of hijacking software. 150.00 or more depends.or deal with nagware.
      5. Buy the next best HYPE from MS. 80 - 150.00

      People are getting sick of this, especially large corporations, licensing fees, usage fees, fee this, fee that, etc.

      Compared to MacOs which usually ships OEM
      Machine Cost 1,200 - 2,000.00
      1. Plug in machine.
      2. Be Productive, access to a Plethora of FREE Useful Software both mac and unix based.
      3. spyware ? mac's know of no such things
      4. virus ? very few and far between

      Compared to Linux which is an option with most major PC MFG's now to ship OEM.

      PC - 200 - 2,000.00
      By the way there is also other Free Operating systems EG: BSD

      1. Download Linux, Its FREE as in Air is free
      2. Burn Disk
      3. Put in CDROM
      4. Turn on PC
      5. Select Install to hard drive on most recent distros, ubuntu, gentoo, suse, pclos, etc. most will even give option to dual boot windows without being a magician.
      6. Access to thousands of free productive software packages, and yes even 3D games for those that use this as an excuse to defend windows.
      7. spyware ? Linux knows no such thing, and it wouldn't run constantly or embed itsself in the OS without root access if it did.
      8. virus ? very few and far between

      9. Can be used as Desktop or Server.
  • a