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Summary: Now, with the election over, you'd think that things over at the Web site might have quieted down.

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Now, with the election over, you'd think that things over at the Web site might have quieted down. Well, not quite. Not only is Kerry using his online presence to keep people informed of what he's doing in Congress, Kerry is looking for signatures on a petition to get Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld fired. In an e-mail to supporters dated Jan 19, 2005, Kerry writes:

"Earlier today, I voted in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee against the nomination of Dr. Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State....Dr. Rice is a principal architect, implementer, and defender of a series of Administration policies that have not made our country as secure as we should be.... Regrettably, I did not see in Dr. Rice's testimony before our committee any acknowledgment of the need to change course or of a new vision for America's role in the world. On Iraq, on North Korea, on Iran, to name just a few of the most critical challenges, it seems to be more of the same. I hope I am proven wrong."

The US presidential election may be over, but now that politicians have unleashed their Web weaponry, it doesn't appear as though they're about to resheath it anytime soon. It will be interesting to see how the Internet -- particularly with the rise of blogging - impacts the next round of congressional elections as well as the next Presidential race in 2008. If I were a politician with aspirations for re-election, or even first time election, I'd be forumalating my online strategy right now.

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  • Hit Bottom, Keep Digging

    The internet....a bigger shovel
  • Interesting

    This is interesting in it's potential to give us a more informed look into a reprentative's character and agenda. If a politician that I needed to vote on maintained a blog, I would certainly review it frequently to see where he/she stood on issues I cared about and what their track record was in getting certain things done. Overall this is a good thing.

    As to Mr. Kerry's content. Let's just say I didn't vote for him and see nothing here to make me regret it.
    Mack DaNife
    • For many politicians, this will be yet another propaganda pulpit

      Unfortunately, this may be just another way to continue to be fed party propaganda, regardless of the party of the candidate. Instead of packing in a series of misrepresentations, FUD, and outright lies into the typical election year, now you'll have the opportunity to get it constantly. Think about it: when you want to learn more about a business online, you don't go and read what the business says about itself! You check their reputation by looking them up at sites like and, or other sites specific to that business' industry.

      Seriously, if you want to learn more about your politicians, you need to research their histories on the web from multiple sources with an objective, fact-based viewpoint to get the best overall picture of the truth.
    • I agree.

      I agree with you. I did not vote for him, not because of his Viet Nam questionable medals but for his lack of decision. His opinions changed as quickly as the wind blew and as quickly as the contributor who gave to his campaign wanted him to, and I believe if he had been our President today, we would be a part of a 1-world government WARNED BY THE BIBLE as a 'Satan' deceiving plan, that Mr. Kerry would have fell right into. He is wish-washy at best. He is a FOLLOWER not a LEADER. He's a duck.
      • I agree with your agreement

        Stay tuned, though. Even though it didn't happen this time, it's bound to happen someday. My prediction is something like what the Bible foretells will start to happen with the future President Hillary Clinton in 2008/2009. I may be a pessimist, but this Bush win still doesn't make me to comfortable with our future prospects.
  • not quite finished

    This is one of the usual war path he is on, the so called 911 commision was one of his previous schemes. I suppose he could get a few petition happy people to sign it.
  • Petition to Oust Rumsfield

    I am not a democrat nor a republician, but I firmly support what John Kerry is trying to do. I one for think that Rumsfield is nothing but a puppet on a string that Bush is controlling and that Rumsfield is doing everything and anything that the President is telling him just so he can keep is job. Rumsfield is the biggest jerk I have ever seen.
  • John Kerry - sore loser

    This guy is unbelievable. He stated the other day that he didn't lose the election, he just didn't win - WELL, DUD MR. KERRY. How bright is that statement. Not only that, Mr. Kerry gave his own inaugural speech yesterday (1/20/05) early on. The only credit I will give him reminds me of a blind man. Gosh, I hope he does NOT run again for President - oh Lord please don't let this guy run or WE WILL ALL BE IN DEEP TROUBLE. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it IS A DUCK, Mr. Kerry. Be real.
  • America rejected Kerry's policies

    Move on Mr Kerry. You and the liberals were rejected
    by the American voters.