LTE will 'dominate' wireless infrastructure budgets by 2013: report

LTE will 'dominate' wireless infrastructure budgets by 2013: report

Summary: Global spending for LTE infrastructures is expected to nearly triple between 2012 and 2013, according to new research.


As 4G LTE coverage and usage increases, so will the budgets of wireless providers building out these wireless infrastructures, according to a new report from IHS iSuppli.

While this might seem quite obvious, the amounts that telcos are going to have to spend are the key points here.

The report predicts that global spending on LTE technology is projected to reach $24.3 billion in 2013 -- almost three times as much as the $8.7 billion figure expected for this year.

Overall, iSuppli's report posits that LTE will end up dominating wireless infrastructure budgets as soon as next year.

IHS director and principal analyst for communications and consumer electronics research, Jagdish Rebello, cited in the report that the number of mobile network operators that are experimenting with, deploying and/or commercially operating 4G LTE networks has grown to total approximately 200 worldwide, up from 160 in 2010.

While 3.5G remains the dominant air interface technology in the mobile infrastructure market, the 4G LTE space has been gaining momentum. This trend started in the second half of 2009 when some wireless operators in Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea started to deploy LTE technology...

...And such widespread support will drive carrier spending on LTE to surpass 3.5G by next year.

Another survey published today, this one from personal cloud provider Funambol, found that 89 percent of mobile users think that their digital content usage and volume is "out of control."

Thus, one could draw the conclusion that there is definitely a need to build out the LTE infrastructure quickly to accommodate the escalating amount of data consumption, particularly in countries where smartphone ownership is rising.

But the question remains asks whether are wireless providers acting quickly enough. Graph via IHS iSuppli


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  • RE: LTE will 'dominate' wireless infrastructure budgets by 2013: report

    I believe the smart providers will skip LTE and build out immediately for LTE-Advanced (specifications were locked last year). With faster speeds and required security elements LTE-Advanced is the communications platform of choice for the future and skipping LTE will allow the providers to build out once and use the infrastructure for years to come. -Jeff
    • IMS core is same

      @lease12 LTE Advanced is an upgrade to the radio link. Smart carriers have already deployed LTE so that they can get hands on experience with it.

      The IMS core is here to stay and smart carriers already have experience with it.

      It's the latecomers that now have the steep learning curve, the rest of us have been gaining valuable experience.
  • They will as a marketing tool

    Restricting use (data caps) limits the real usability.
    AT&T starts warning me every month when I get near the 2gb mark on an unlimited plan now that I am on LTE.
    On nonLTE I never had a warning even on months I used as much as 5gb.
    Coworkers with Verizon are finding themselves in the same boat.

    Marketing gimmick 80% - actual user benefit 20%

    • Verizon LTE is a huge scam

      @rhonin Verizon charges extra, limits their data ..... just to keep people on 3G most of the time.
      • Uh no, 4G is same cost as 3G

        @wackoae Verizon is trying to move MORE people to 4G.
  • RE: LTE will 'dominate' wireless infrastructure budgets by 2013: report

    All of this is a moot point till the carriers come up with a family plan with shared data at a reasonable price (such as $20 or less incremental over the voice only plan). Cramming data down our throats by minimizing the availability of non-smartphone handsets is going to backfire. Most folks will not pay for pricey data plans on each line just to check email while in the grocery store line. Probably folks will start to bring their own handset instead of paying $15-$30 on each line which needs data.
    Joe Customer
    • Realistic Family Plan?

      @Joe Customer

      That's my issue.
      I looked at a LTE hotspot to replace my current DSL. The LTE was on average 6-8 times faster.
      Then I looked at my usage. Via DSL, my family uses 10+ gb per month via notebooks, tablets, smartphones, smart TV and gaming systems.

      While slower, I pay $30 a month for DSL with no data limit.
      LTE hotspot? Ouch! for the same volume.
  • RE: LTE will 'dominate' wireless infrastructure budgets by 2013: report

    Ignore this post, was a dup of the above post...
    Joe Customer
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