Meet HP's new CEO Mark Hurd

Meet HP's new CEO Mark Hurd

Summary: The waiting is over--Hewlett-Packard chose Mark Hurd...

TOPICS: Tech Industry

The waiting is over--Hewlett-Packard chose Mark Hurd, NCR

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Can Hurd, herd?

    Today, HP is a mess. Their reputation and products are declining - as is the morale of the workers. They abdicated their leadership in computer chip technology to InHell - only to become the sole salesmen for the Itanic. Carly had the "initiative of the month" problem, and now there are many half-finished, half-defined projects at HP. Maybe Hurd could sell the whole lot to Lenovo . . .

    What should/could Hurd do? Some suggestions -

    1. Rekindle interest in Itanic. It really is a marvel - and people need to understand that.
    2. Buy MandrakeLinux - Just as IBM/Novell purchased SuSE to ward off EE2 (Evil Empire 2 i.e. RedHat), HP needs to show the world that they can play Linux better than the rest. Mandrake is a great distro with a wide following, and would be a nice catch.
    3. Services, services, consulting. With Mandrake in hand, develop enterprise solutions and personnel to get you there. Also revamp the other offerings (Non-stop, HPUX, OpenVMS) and have a seamless offering from "top to bottem".
    4. Open Source Tru64 - Rather than throw it away, why not try the same thing Sun is and open source it. This would shut up some detractors that give HP some bad press. If this tactic worked well, maybe open source your other offerings.
    5. Open source printer software - HP makes money on ink and printer sales, does it care about drivers and fonts? Let the open source people tinker with the software - they will come up with some neat stuff!
    6. Work more with Apple - reselling iPods is a start. Maybe you can resell mac minis! How about OSX on Itanic?

    There are about 1000 more ideas I have for HP, but these wil ldo for a start.
    Roger Ramjet
  • Interview with Mark Hurd

    You wrote some words concerning order.
    Just wanted to say that only would interest a fourth grader. You said someone was to get involved with products services and decisions..
    Yes--that would only interest a fourth style and pooh pooh grace. Spit Sorry. MMMMMMM