Memo reveals Yahoo is talking to potential buyers (report)

Memo reveals Yahoo is talking to potential buyers (report)

Summary: A leaked memorandum from Yahoo executives reveal that things at the company might be more unstable than we realize.


Yahoo has been on a bit of a whirlwind lately. First, Carol Bartz was fired from her job as CEO. Now, the company might be up for sale entirely.

The Business Insider has published a leaked company-wide memo penned by co-founder and former CEO Jerry Yang, informing Yahoo employees that the search engine is fielding inquiries with the help of investment bank Allen & Company.

A full copy of the memo is available to read on The Business Insider, but here's an excerpt:

Our advisers are working with us to develop ideas that we will pursue proactively.  At the same time, they are fielding inquiries from multiple parties that have already expressed interest in a number of potential options. We will take the time we need to select and structure the best approach for the company, its shareholders and employees.

In addition, as we announced previously, the Board has commenced a search for a permanent Chief Executive Officer. That process also continues.

Although the intension of the letter is to reassure Yahoo employees, it does little in that effect -- granted the letter is authentic in the first place. Yet, it's no secret that Yahoo has been suffering as of late. Thus, it is only natural that Yahoo is looking for a buyer when the company goes through leaders so quickly and quarterly earnings are tumultuous.

Yahoo has had its own share of drama when it comes to potential mergers in the past, most notably with Microsoft. But now that it is public knowledge that Yahoo is eagerly looking for a buyer, it might not find the ideal buyer anymore but rather just settle for the best option available.

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  • RE: Memo reveals Yahoo is talking to potential buyers (report)

    Dear Jerry,

    You say that one of the things that Yahoo needs to do is to "give our users what they want now." These words ring hollow to me. They remind me of the $100 million that Yahoo wasted on an advertising campaign that said "the internet is under new management yours," -- remember that ad campaign Jerry, it was right after the one that said everyone should wear purple clothes?

    If you really cared about what your users want now, you wouldn't allow your community management staff on Flickr to alienate your key users by banning, blacklisting, censoring and generally speaking treating them like crap.

    Your team is disconnected from what your users want and you just don't seem to care.

    I've sent thousands of users to Flickr over the years and as a user how am I thanked for that? By being permanently banned from the Flickr Help Forum for daring to disagree with flickr policy issues from time to time.

    I'm one of your top users by any metric you could possibly use to measure me on that site -- activity, favorites, comments, page views. If you really cared about what your users want now Jerry you'd have Zack Shepard unbar me from the Flickr Help Forum for starters. Allowing your employees to use your sites to hold petty personal grudges is not only unprofessional it's bad PR as well.
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