Microsoft Popfly masher welcomes developers

Microsoft Popfly masher welcomes developers

Summary: Microsoft's Popfly mashup builder is now in open beta program. During an interview at the Web 2.


Microsoft's Popfly mashup builder is now in open beta program. During an interview at the Web 2.0 Summit, Steve Ballmer made the announcement and it was demoed for the crowd. Popfly is a Silverlight-based Web browser plug-in that allows users to develop mashups--such as creating an album Facebook friend photos or a simple game--without writing code. It's a slick tool, and along with Yahoo Pipes and Google Mashup Editor is pioneering do-it-yourself programming for mere mortals.


Nutritional Facts (from Microsoft)

* Availability: Public Beta * Cost: Free * Storage Limit: 25MB per user * System Requirements: Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 * Browser Support: Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher * Content Supported: JavaScript, Ajax libraries, HTML, XHTML, CSS, WMV, WMA, MP3, Visual Studio Express projects, JPG, PNG, GIF, and EXEs

Topics: Microsoft, Browser, Software Development

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  • They're not pulling me in...

    I just went to the Popfly site, but it required some funky M$ login. I don't have one, so I guess their free crap is of no use to me.
    • OMG Grow Up Sheesh....

      If your that worried about it setup a free ID. Oh and BTW the goverment has bugged your phone, they are watching your house, when you watch a TV show they know what your watching, your waterbill balance is low, you better get that fixed, when you went to the store last night you were caught on camera....
  • Looks nice

    I'm a HUGE fan of Yahoo Pipes (use it to help manage and analyze a lot of my various feeds) so I'm all for this type of development. This actually looks even more robust although I'll obviously need to spend more time with it.
  • RE: Microsoft Popfly masher welcomes developers

    Neat stuff, especially the ability to build new modules using Visual Studio. Mashup fans might also want to check out MashMaker, from Intel, and AlchemyPoint, from Orchestr8. Both are mashup builder platforms.