More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

Summary: I've come full-circle.Last night, I returned a Blackberry Storm, the same one I purchased 29 days earlier when I returned an iPhone I'd bought a couple of weeks before that.


I've come full-circle.

Last night, I returned a Blackberry Storm, the same one I purchased 29 days earlier when I returned an iPhone I'd bought a couple of weeks before that. As it turns out, after struggling over which one would be best for me, I decided that neither of them was the right one.

Regular readers might recall that I returned the iPhone because of weak AT&T service in my area. I loved the phone itself - the variety of available apps was my favorite thing - but I just couldn't see paying $100-plus every month for a phone that had subpar service. As a Verizon Wireless customer, I already knew the service was strong. And as a longtime Blackberry user, I knew I'd have no trouble figuring out how to use the Storm.

But I found the Storm's touchscreen and accelerometer - the technology that shifts the screen between portrait and landscape modes - to be buggy. The keys were slow to react and there were times that the accelerometer would get stuck on landscape mode, no matter how much I moved it around.

I also had trouble - get this - making an actual phone call. There really was no quick way to just make a simple phone call. Getting to a dialpad or the contacts list wasn't necessarily hard. But it was a cumbersome process to get there. While I am mostly an email/text kind of guy, I occasionally need to make an actual call and the Storm made it too hard.

For me, it wasn't worth the money spent.

Now that I've returned the Storm, I'm still eligible for my contract-renewal upgrade. I know it's just a rumor, but until Apple actually does offer up the iPhone for Verizon Wireless, I think I'll just stick with my old Blackberry - and hang on to my money.

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  • My choice is...

    The samsung omnia. Besides it not being the most touch friendly device, though the samsung widget helps a little in that area. As far as the device goes it works really well as far as performance goes. I do agree the apps are what makes the iphone what it is. Apple got that part dead on and I would like to see some apps come out on Blackberry and WinMobile that are comparable. Also my samsung will go almost a full week on one battery charge and that is a benefit that I love about the device. Its also small and compact. Its all about what suits your needs.
    • It's a great phone but...

      ...I switched mine for a Nokia 5800. I like Nokias and the lack of a 3.5mm jack and separate charging socket on the Omnia just ate away at me until I couldn't be bothered with it anymore.

      For business I would stick with a Curve or an E71.
      Sleeper Service
  • Similar Problem

    I was one of the many dorks in line at the crack of dawn to get an iPhone. I love the phone and it is fun to play with. They in that sentence is of course "play" and not "work." I have massive buyers remorse now that I've had the iPhone for about 1 year and will be getting a Blackberry once my contract renewal comes up.

    I think the biggest thing I've come away from the iPhone with is that touchscreens aren't really that cool.
  • RE: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

    SAM, I am listening (reading) with interest.
    I am VZW user for years, now with a RZR, and contract
    ending in August. I heard about the rumor of iPhone with
    VZW, so I will wait out my term and listen here!
    I was considering trying a storm! but NOT! Thanks
    • See what I mean Sam?...Look at what this guy said

      I have had an awesome experience with my Storm. Yes, it had bogged down once or twice but that was because I installed plently of apps, several of which all run in the background. If this caused the accelerometer to stick then it didn't last for more than a second or two. I press the "Back" key and hold it still and it orients itself in two seconds. Not overly frustrating and to give up all the power the device gives me because it's done that when I left 5 apps running is out of the question. This phone is simply amazing and while it has kinks to iron, to miss out on it without trying it George, is doing yourself a disservice.

      Sam kind of panned the device but I have already stated how phone calls are so simple a child can figure it out. Not the "cumbersome process" that Mr. Diaz makes it out to be. Should you really be listening as intently as you seem to be, to someone that can't figure out how to make calls when there is a bright green phone icon right on the device?

      Try the device for yourself for a week or so. Take it back if you don't like it and wait until the iPhone or something better arrives, if they ever do.

      I'm no fanboy, I wish Verizon had the iPhone so I could try it out(long term) for myself. But the Storm is a wonderful device and I personally think it's more powerful than the iPhone capabilities wise. The iPhone just currently has a slicker OS and a fresher app development community. The Storm will catch up. Mark my words.
  • RE: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

    Funny, I have tried both recently and had the same (almost) impressions. I liked the Storm a little better than you - I did not find it that hard to do a speed dial and I call the same folks most of the time. I have Sprint now and VZW's service is excellent too. The call quality of the Storm itself was not good enough for me - muffled outgoing voice and the ear piece was bad. I took the iPhone back after only 3 days due to the poor service. As I read more and more on the web, it seems besides c&p and MMS, service is the biggest complaint people have about the iPhone. Too bad - I still need to make quality phone calls. Waiting on the Pre and then will wait to see if ATT improves.
  • If most of your stuff is e-mail/text

    I really don't see how a pure touchscreen device would be the right solution anyway. The HTC Fuze/Touch Pro seems like a better alternative especially if Exchange support is a must. Full keyboard, touch for browsing the web and remote desktop/vnc. Pretty nice package.
    • I'm testing HTC Fuze

      I'm on a 30 day trial. Thus far I'm starting to like the phone overall, but the battery life is the worse of any phone I've used. Definitely worse than my BlackBerry Curve on Sprint. For less than normal use yesterday, for example, by bedtime the phone had one tick left on the battery. If I'd of made the one hour conference call that got cancelled, it would have been on a charger for sure. Fix that big issue, and the Fuze is a nice phone, albeit a little laggy at times. But hey, that's WinMo for you.
  • RE: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

    I've had those exact same issues (slow to respond keys, or gets stuck in landscape or portrait mode, or switches when you don't really want it to) with my iPhone.

    I'm coming to the realization there's no perfect device out there. There are many days that I miss my Blackberry. The iPhone is a mediocre phone, arguably abysmal for business users, but the app store saves it.
  • sounds like you liked the iphone, just not the service in your area

    and didn't like the storm phone, despite good service in your area. is that assessment correct?

    • your assessment

      is right on the money. Actually, I had some issues with the iPhone, too, but they were pretty minor and I was willing to overlook them because everything else worked so well.

      The Storm was a nice device but just too buggy to be worth the money spent.
      • Did you try another Storm?

        Aside from the calling complexity point, a number of my colleagues have Storms and they've never complained about either the touchpad responsiveness or the tilt-a-whirl feature; and they are a very verbal group.

        Maybe you just had a bum unit?
        • I still don't get it...


          Were you saying here that your colleagues have also complained about the "calling complexity" of the Storm? Or are you just saying that you were taking Sam's point?

          I'm just having difficulty wondering how pressing "THE GREEN PHONE KEY" on the device is "cumbersome" or leads to "calling complexity"...

          It seems more that you were just saying, "okay maybe thats a valid point" and not that your coworkers have complained. Am I right?

          I've had no trouble at all with that aspect of the phone and the rest is great as well. I don't know why I put off getting a blackberry for so long.
  • RE: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

    I recently upgraded to the Palm Treo 800w on Sprint... Palm makes the best smartphones. Everything is easy and the speed is incredible. I have had several Windows Mobile devices and this is the first one that ever worked as advertised for me. Also, the Treo 800w is only $99 as they are coming out with the Treo Pro soon so it is a STEAL. Sprint offers the exact same coverage as Verizon at a lower price so you might want to consider that... and if you are waiting... the Pre is just around the corner.
  • Try the HTC Touch Pro thru Sprint

    Last fall I got the HTC Touch Pro thru Sprint, and it is a great device. It is thicker than the iPhone, but smaller in height and width. The slide-out keyboard is great! I have tried the iPhone, and there are some nice about it, but the soft keyboard drove me nuts.
    My only complaint is that the touch screen (which is resistive) is not as sensitive as the iPhone (which is capacitive). This means that gestures are harder to make, and not as responsive as the iPhone.
    For just getting things done, this is a great phone and I love it.
  • RE: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

    I purchased and iPhone in UK through the O2 scheme and although it is a very nice phone I returned it. My main reason for returning it was the lack of Bluetooth connectivity with my in-built hands-free system in my car. It worked fine if I asked the system to dial a number but if I tried to use the address book facility it would not recognise it. I was also disappointed to learn that the SatNav system would only work out of UK if I went on-line; so in fact it is not a proper SatNav system.

    I have gone back to my Motorola Raza phone which works perfectly with my car systems. Yes it does not have a SatNav system but I now use a TomTom which is pretty neat.

    Oh! the other thing is when is Apple going to catch on to the fact that people want a copy/paste facility (when they do I might invest in an iTouch)?
  • RE: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

    I have been an avid Blackberry user for years on ATT and
    have had a great experience with the BB and for the most
    part the service of ATT. When the Iphone came out a
    decided to wait and let the bugs get worked out because I
    use my phone heavily for business and use it 70% for
    phone and 25% for email 5% for web. When I heard the
    Storm was coming out I wait and just returned it after 30
    days of frustration. The service level was terrible from
    Verizon, other Verizon users told me they generally had
    good service in Austin TX and thought it was a phone
    problem. But other then the poor service, the phone was
    quirky, could not be used with one hand, making a simple
    phone call which could be done on the Pearl without even
    looking with one hand, was a frustrating time consuming
    task. One major benefit of the Pearl was being able to type
    a phone number or a name in the same field to be able to
    make a phone call. Typing a response to and email which
    used to be simple was difficult as it was hard to hit the
    right buttons, you sacrifice a lot of speed when typing a
    message. I found myself just waiting to get back to my
    computer to respond, which defeats the purpose of having
    the phone. But after 30 days of really trying to make it
    work I returned the phone. This was a first for me as I
    have never had to return a phone. I moved back to ATT
    and have had an iphone for two weeks. I do not really care
    that much about adding apps, so I needed the basic
    features and I have been very impressed and surprised.
    The speed and clairity of the screens, the ease of use. I
    had my email working with my exchange server in less
    than two minutes first try without even looking at
    documentation. I will probably keep the iphone, the only
    concern i have is that if you are not in a 3G area, and your
    iphone is retrieving emails, I get about 150 per day, if
    someone calls you or sends a sms message you may miss
    the call or text message as the phone and only do one
    task at a time in none 3G areas. Worse case I get a new
    Pearl and move on. The Bold has a great screen but the
    little buttons do not work.
  • RE: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

    I use the simplest international-capable LG phone (Verizon) and an iPod Touch. The result is all of the bells and whistles of an iPhone (except comms are limited to hotspots) and a wireless bill of $42.95 a month (+roaming if I'm in Europe).

    Best of both worlds and I'm saving a bundle over the iPhone monthly costs.

    Sure, I lose a bit of coolness factor, but I can always get a call through.
  • I experienced same problems

    I have owned a Storm since the day it was first released. I've upgraded the OS three times (2 released, 1 unreleased version). The screen orientation does sometimes get "stuck", and is generally sluggish. Sometimes keys are very sluggish to invoke their respective functions. Overall, however, I like my Storm. I just want a future OS release to fix many of these early(?) problems. Kelly Carter
  • RE: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

    I have been reading articles like this one for months. It just a matter of time before the place where I work will be handing me a smartphone. There is a whole user group within the company that is addicted to their CRACKberries and another group that are iPhone 4ever types.

    What I really want is a good cellphone that makes calls with clarity. Don't need the text, camera, and all the other things tacked on. Just a phone that will last the two year contract and make great calls.

    Years ago we used to purchase Nokia bar phones that were sturdy, held up to the accidental drop and lasted four to six years each. Where can we get a phone like that?

    Thanks for the article.