More on Google's master plan

More on Google's master plan

Summary: Om Malik has a guest post by Robert Young, who really nails how Google could replace Windows as the dominant computing environment. Google will make Microsoft’s entire strategic plan and mission, which revolves around the continued proliferation and dominance of the desktop PC operating system, obsolete by making Google itself the operating system.

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Om Malik has a guest post by Robert Young, who really nails how Google could replace Windows as the dominant computing environment.

Google will make Microsoft’s entire strategic plan and mission, which revolves around the continued proliferation and dominance of the desktop PC operating system, obsolete by making Google itself the operating system. The model they are pursuing is very similar to Sun Microsystems’ (Jonathan Schwartz’s) vision of turning computing into a utility, like electricity. The only difference is that Google is already almost there.

To some extent, Google is bringing back the architecture of the mainframe to render Microsoft obsolete. In the future, all computing devices, whether it be the PC, mobile phone, TV, etc., will simply be terminals that “plug-in” to Google’s massive server grid and application services. With the increasing price/performance of CPUs, memory, bandwidth, and storage, Google’s strategic edge will be based on their advantageous cost of processing bits. And as long as users are comfortable sharing their private data and behavior with Google, all services will remain free (and supported by advertising).

Microsoft has lots of cash and smart people, and has survived many classic battles over the last two decades, including the Department of Justice. The biggest battle going forward won't just be with Google. There will be a battle for resources and favor between the Longhorn/Vista and MSN/WebOS worlds, and with the forces trying to merge the two together even more tightly. Among the masses of global users, Microsoft will find it increasing difficult to compete with "free." 

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  • I Like This Idea Better
    • An interesting idea

      Although I've been a windows tech for 10 years I personally use linux and os x 10.4. I think os x is way ahead of windows and if it weren't for the hardware prices I'd be using a g5 instead of a used dual 867. I put together a dual core 64 bit machine w/2 gig of ram, twin WD raptors and a geforce 6800gt for less than what a g5 cost. But I know a slew of people that would drop windows in a heartbeat if os x ran on i386 or amd64; including me.
      skeptic tank
    • Leap in Logic

      You can logically put things together to come up with theories on the Google piece of this equation, but I don't see where the author, Cringely, comes up with his idea about Apple.

      Just random speculation. Hooray.
  • Article "Is Google going to kill Microsoft"

    I absolutly agree with this and actually described it in my article about server applications at Aug 24 2005. Our world is moving back to mainframes.
    • too many blogs

      Your article is very poorly written. If you are going to write a blog or whatever, you may want to invest in an editor or editing service.
      • You're right about too many blogs...

        Everybody's an expert and everybody has a blog. Unfortunately too many people speculate (as they're not in the circle to know) in their blogs, and what gaps thay have, they tend to fill in with "wishfull thinking" or wants and desires...
        John Zern
    • Fat clients are here to stay

      I believe the retail public will want more than a WebTV appliance. Thin clients or diskless system hooked to the mainframe are best suited in companies where central control is best suited, not the retail public. Cannot use P2P tech on thin clients or laptops. So here is my prediction for retail:

      Fat Clients
      IPv6 (static ip for everyone)
      Public partition on hard drive (non-accessable)
      Software Rental renewed annually

      Your backup of your hard drive will be in chunks and pieces on other clients. It will be encrypted and redundent on other public partitions. Your machine lets go and you get another one and plug it in. Then enter password and your machine will rebuild itself with all the data. You will rent your software. There will be software teasers (shareware) more than ever.

      You will be able to backup confidential data to a local disk so privacy will not be totally lost or where data is too important and is needed on hand in case of failure like a home business.

      andreysmagin, you are going the wrong way. Thin clients will be a minority. It will be servers that will decrease in number. Unix will be going away after linux & MS get done pounding it. There will always be a solution best seated for the occasion.
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  • You need to read Search Engine Forums

    MSN is making great improvement recently with new neural network data mining based search engine. It will change the search engine in a next few years. The engine is inherently far more powerful and versatile. So I think it's time Google wakeup and do the same improvement. I don't want another Netscape. I love competition and choice.
  • Enterprises won't use Google applications...

    But I agree, the AJAX based apps are where it is all heading, but everybody will have good enough AJAX apps.

    Google will have the world's largest computer as we run back to the "timeshare" era, and its scale offers cheap computing cycles. No one will come close to matching Google's machine cycle costs, but, others will be able to offer "cheap enougth" computing services and offer their own value-adds and be competitive with Google.

    I think Google has to create a walled garden, and it has to have a wireless comms/mobile phone company because the near-future is about scale *and* aggregation of services/products. Today, AOL/Time Warner makes sense...

    Tom Foremski,
  • A Bit of Overstatement

    I think it's quite an overstatement to call SmartPhones, PDA and other gagets as dumb terminals. Sure the web is getting more dynamic and letting smaller and smaller devices connect, but that doesn't portent the end of the desktop PC. As the web gets richer, smarter, and freer, I can say with just as much confidence that Google, a proprietary software company, stands just as much chance @ being replaced by a free alternative as M$. Why do you think Google hasn't delved into the world of the OS yet? Because they realize the only way to go is OSS via Linux which has to be opened to the world. Instead, they're choosing to build proprietary SW on top of a free OS. There's no reason 10 years from now M$ won't do the same thing. BTW - I think it's a fair bet to say Google, M$, and Yahoo all have a big piece of the pie.
  • RE: More on Google's master plan

    I want to see a Google Desktop Operating System that we can install on our computers in place of Windows XP or Vista. Even UBUNTU is not with out problems and is more complicated to install and manage then Windows OS's.
    If Google goes that route I believe it will be a relatively free OS in the likeness of UBUNTU but easier to install and manage then UBUNTU with comparable manageability to Windows XP.
    A central super computer by Google is nice but those of us who work off-line away from the internet at times need an OS with plenty of features without being tied to Microsoft or a complicated OS system like UBUNTU.