Motorola's Jha clarifies MotoBlur, Android 2.0 conundrum (Cliq vs. Droid)

Motorola's Jha clarifies MotoBlur, Android 2.0 conundrum (Cliq vs. Droid)

Summary: Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha says that MotoBlur software will be on the bulk of the company's devices and will be used in the future to solve other consumer problems.


Anyone that has played around with Motorola's latest Android devices---the Cliq and Droid---stumbles across a few questions about the company's savvy MotoBlur software vs. Android 2.0.

Motorola's MotoBlur software, which aggregates contacts and pushes data to the user via widgets on the home screen, dominates the Cliq. On the Droid, MotoBlur is a no-show since Android 2.0 takes care of a lot of the problems MotoBlur was designed to solve.

Here's MotoBlur at work on the Cliq (review, gallery):

And Android 2.0 on the Droid (review, gallery, all resources):

The big question: What becomes of MotoBlur and is it outdated already?

Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha clarified a good bit on the company's earnings conference call. Jha indicated that MotoBlur has a big future for Motorola, but the software will be used in multiple ways.

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"MotoBlur will not be on Droid," said Jha. "[The Droid is] what we call a Google experience device."

Most of Motorola's devices will be built on Android, but won't be as tightly integrated with Google services. "We will have MotoBlur devices on Verizon," explained Jha. "MotoBlur will be on the vast majority of our devices."

Over time, MotoBlur will be used to "address other experiences." Jha added that "there has been good consumer response to our experience."

It'll be interesting to see how the MotoBlur-Android 2.0 conundrum plays out. In many respects, Android 2.0 makes MotoBlur somewhat redundant. Over time, MotoBlur may play more in the low-end smartphone and feature phone market while Android 2.0 and "Google experiences" will be reserved for the higher end.

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  • What?

    That was not exactly a clarification, and I don't
    see this as a small issue. What, exactly, can we
    expect from Motorola as Android matures? Further,
    will it be possible to choose, at will, whether
    our handsets will use one or the other, or if
    MotoBlur can run on top of the latest Android
    version? This issue puts the brakes on my formerly
    imminent purchase of the Cliq.
  • RE: Motorola's Jha clarifies MotoBlur, Android 2.0 conundrum (Cliq vs. Droid)

    Um, i need an answer. Will the Cliq be updated or not? I don't care when/if it gets Android 2.0 Motoblur is redundant. I want to be getting everything other google phones are getting as Android progresses. I just got my Cliq yesterday, and I need to know if it will be getting updated, in a timely fashion, in the next 30 days. If I don't hear anything, it will be going back to T Mobile.
  • RE: Motorola's Jha clarifies MotoBlur, Android 2.0 conundrum (Cliq vs. Droid)

    Um, that didn't clarify a damn thing.

    Moto: You're selling 2 $200 Android devices. One of them
    runs Android 1.6, the other runs Android 2.0.

    Is the Cliq going to get Android 2.0? If so when, and
    will it have the turn-by-turn navigation?

    That's not a difficult question -- so why all the
  • RE: Motorola's Jha clarifies MotoBlur, Android 2.0 conundrum (Cliq vs. Droid)

    Moto told me this week (after I bought a Cliq) that 2.0 was coming ASAP because Motoblur was simply a service that would need a minor tweak to run on 2.0 vs 1.5.
    • thanks

      thanks for this info. i guess i will hold out a bit longer.