Mozilla 'crowdsourcing' State of the Union address

Mozilla 'crowdsourcing' State of the Union address

Summary: Mozilla will use captions and subtitles provided by people worldwide, translating the speech into dozens of languages within hours.

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Even though social and digital media played a strong part in the 2008 presidential election, but based on two announcements already today, we're likely going to see candidates take advantage of these new communication platforms at new levels this year.

Mozilla is working with media partners for "crowdsourcing" the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening.

More specifically, Mozilla will use captions and subtitles provided by people worldwide using Mozilla's new web tools (including Mozilla Popcorn, a new HTML5 media feature), translating the speech into dozens of languages within hours.

This online event also marks the launch of "Open Election 2012," a new partnership between Mozilla, PBS, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Participatory Culture Foundation.

According to the official Mozilla blog, this initiative is intended to "showcase how new open web technologies and citizen participation can make election coverage more accessible to diverse audiences, and provide new ways to engage with the news."

For those of you who have questions after the State of the Union, you will have the opportunity to ask President Obama yourself as Google and YouTube will be sponsoring a Google+ Hangout video conference with the POTUS next week.


Topic: Browser

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  • How about we translate what cones out of his mouth into the truth for a

    change. I'm so tired of his intentional attemprs to decieve and mislead and his pathetic one sided halftruths. Only problem is not even a large crowd could keep up with him on that. At this point we just have to hope he can do no further damage on his way out.
    Johnny Vegas
  • RE: Mozilla 'crowdsourcing' State of the Union address

    Honestly, all of the world outside the US couldn't care less about the "State of the Union" speeches. And those few who do care most likely will either speak english anyway or have people translate to them. Therefore translating and subcaptioning this is a complete waste of resources, especially, that whatever information will be contained in the speech will be all outdated in weeks or months.

    Hey, even subcaptioning a commercial movie would bring more actually in the long term. That is, for the world. But Mozilla doesn't care about that. They just want free PR for themselves - they make/let others do the hard work, and then collect credit for it.

    But then again, that was what they have been doing since Mozilla was formed.