MSN's new home page; Nice, but it won't lure new users

MSN's new home page; Nice, but it won't lure new users

Summary: MSN rolls out a preview of its new home page. It's cleaner and simpler than the old page and brings in elements of social and local - but it's not enough to lure new users


Microsoft rolled up the curtain on a new look for the MSN Home Page, the first redesign in about a decade. (Techmeme)

Strictly from a visual standpoint, it's a much cleaner and simpler interface than the previous version, which was cluttered with way more links and darker in color. It's also integrated with local and social elements, too. And, there are areas now where users can preview their Hotmail accounts or get updates from their Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It reminded me a bit of the new home page that Yahoo rolled out a few months back, notably the attempt to be the one-stop shop for all of your personal accounts. Here's the difference: Yahoo allows you to bring any feed into the page - even services from competing companies such as Google's GMail. With the MSN page, you're limited by what Microsoft allows you to bring in. In the image, I've noted a few areas to watch.

If you were a MSN Home Page user before, I think you'll like the new look and the simplicity of it. The designers have clearly put some effort into making it easier to navigate. But if you weren't a MSN Home Page user in the past, I don't know that there's any added value by making MSN your new home page.

In a blog post, the company said this release is a limited one, giving Microsoft the chance to gauge the reaction of users. The company writes:

That behavior has changed immensely as people get more and more adept at using search engines to find what they're looking for on the Web. The reduced home-page links will be augmented by the deeper integration of Bing search technology.

The company will flip the switch on a full rollout early next year.

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  • MSN's new home page; Nice, but it won't lure new users

    Way to keep your spirits high there, Mr. Negativity!
    Loverock Davidson
  • RE: MSN's new home page; Nice, but it won't lure new users

    Excite has the most customizable home page off all. The new MSN doessn't offer anything and Yahoo is only slightly better.
  • This is a reason I don't use hotmail

    I don't mind Hotmail but as when I log out it goes to the
    MSN home page which I am not interested in at all, it is
    just junk for my eyes, total clutter which I never intended
    to visit. It is forced advertising - something which
    Microsoft with their gazillions in revenue doesn't need. It's
    the same with Yahoo and AOL.

    Now Gmail, wow what difference, when logged out it goes
    to the login page again with no clutter. A breath of fresh

  • RE: MSN's new home page; Nice, but it won't lure new users

    I have a problem with MSN since they want to install Silverlight on my computer. I am getting very tired of all the specific plugins required to obtain content. I just said no thanks.
  • RE: MSN's new home page; Nice, but it won't lure new users

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