News to know: Google; Web Olympics; Patch Tuesday; iPhone

News to know: Google; Web Olympics; Patch Tuesday; iPhone

Summary: Notable headlines:Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Will the Olympics melt the Internet?Time Warner's Olympic boost, courtesy NBCMore worries for Beijing visitorsPhil Wainewright: Hello, Google, is anyone in there?


Notable headlines:

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Will the Olympics melt the Internet?

Phil Wainewright: Hello, Google, is anyone in there? Larry Dignan: Google: Our AOL investment is ‘impaired’

Ryan Naraine: MS Patch Tuesday: Critical IE, Office, Excel patches coming

Larry Dignan: iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

Heather Clancy: Bright idea: Verdiem offers free energy-monitoring software

Christopher Dawson: Will RIM please make a BlackBerry MID?

Paula Rooney: Dell now ships XPS PC and Studio notebook with Ubuntu Linux 8.04 factory installed

Video: IBM: Linux in 2018?

Jennifer Leggio: 'Conversation Prism' helps corporations visualize social media strategies

Larry Dignan: Google doubles its cookie tracking: Will you opt out? Techmeme

Sam Diaz: Internet brand-jacking: What can be learned from Exxon Mobil?

Janice Chen: Nikon announces six new Coolpix cameras: P6000, S710, S60, S610c, S610, and S560

Paul Murphy: From Chapter one: Data Processing and the IBM Mainframe

TechCrunch: Some Mashups Harnessing The Power Of Yahoo's BOSS

Steve O'Hear: Parents spy on underage social networkers

Andrew Mager: The Digg toolbar for Firefox 3

TechRepublic: How do I... Install VMware Workstation as a Service?

P2Pnet: RIAA ‘MediaSentry’ owner hired by China

Dancho Danchev: CNET's Clientside developer blog serving Adobe Flash exploits

Tom Foremski: The government has an "iPatriot Act" ready for Internet control

Matthew Miller: Nokia Email service drastically improves the email experience on S60 devices

John Morris: ThinkPad X200 reviews: Great ultraportable . . . but it's no X300

Jason O'Grady: TSA 'checkpoint-friendly' bags fly on 16 August

Jeff Jarvis: The myth of the creative class

Roland Piquepaille: Teaching language to robots

John Carroll: The Microsoft middle ground

Gallery: Scientists develop eye-shaped camera

Dana Blankenhorn: Can global competition bring health care quality?

Vonage narrows losses: Can it grow?

Jason Perlow: I went to Moscone Center and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt

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