News to know: Macworld; Your Gmail on iPhone surprise; Patches; Intel

News to know: Macworld; Your Gmail on iPhone surprise; Patches; Intel

Summary: Notable headlines:Macworld coverage: Ed Burnette: Time Capsule works with PCs tooGarett Rogers: New iPhone update will confuse and upset many Gmail...


Notable headlines:

Macworld coverage:

Security roundup: Oracle patch batch fixes 26 flaws; Come and get it: $20K bounty on Microsoft vulnerabilities; Just in time for Macworld: A rogue application dubbed MacSweeper; Researchers outline Wi-Fi router hijacking via browser

Rik Fairlie: Wi-Fi routers vulnerable to UPnP attack from hackers

Larry Dignan: Intel: Fourth quarter falls short of estimates; outlook light

TechCrunch: Twitter fails keynote test

Christopher Dawson: I just wrote a proposal for a big Mac rollout (?!?!?)

AP: IBM to add software for Apple devices SAP's business user organization to move to Business Objects

FCC chief says economy could hurt wireless sale. Internet 'heroes and villains' vie for ISPA awards

Photos: Brain signals propel robot (right)

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to push WGA-free IE 7 update to corporate users in February Seeing red over Microsoft's Macworld spoiler

Matthew Miller: Handmark releases Pocket Express Travel for the iPhone

Robin Harris: High-end flash drive goes mainstream

Russell Shaw: This developer I've been corresponding with could be weeks away from a truly killer app for cellphones

Joe McKendrick: Europe leads with SOA: if so, why? Dana Gardner: MuleSource takes aim at SOA governance, launches subscription-based ESB

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Building a sub $1,000 gaming PC

GigaOm: Google's Achilles heel

George Ou: Beware of rigged CPU efficiency study

Dana Blankenhorn: What the electronic medical record movement needs

Is Jazz the real deal for IBM?

Google, Clearwire team up on Google Apps

VMware picks up application virtualization company Thinstall

ArsTechnica: 2008 shaping up to be the year of filters for ISPs

Boom predicted for GPS-enabled handsets

Photos: A Googleplex grows in D.C. (right)

Josh Taylor: Mixed HD-DVD messages from Toshiba (and Google)? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: HD DVD price cuts - Fire sale or an attempt to keep the format alive?

Roland Piquepaille: Capturing ambient intelligence

Ryan Stewart: Babbel: Learn a new language with a rich Internet application

Nokia to cut up to 2,300 staff

U.K.'s fastest supercomputer unveiled

Analysts: Sony Ericsson earnings down

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