News to know: Microsoft-Yahoo talks (again); OLPC; Gmail themes; Firefox 3.0

News to know: Microsoft-Yahoo talks (again); OLPC; Gmail themes; Firefox 3.0

Summary: Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Microsoft: We don't have to buy Yahoo outright; Is it joint venture time?Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft and Yahoo: A new deal in the works?


Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Microsoft: We don't have to buy Yahoo outright; Is it joint venture time?

Christopher Dawson: Who decides which OS makes it onto an OLPC? What is the future of Sugar?

Robin Harris: If hackers don't get you, maybe Google will

Garett Rogers: Tipster says Gmail to get themes

Jason Perlow: I swear, this is not another Unixfication post

Charles Cooper: Amateur hour at Facebook. What gives?

Dancho Danchev: Redmond Magazine Successfully SQL Injected by Chinese Hacktivists

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Firefox 3.0 RC 1 takes the lead on speed

John Morris: Fight card: AMD Radeon 4800 vs. Nvidia GTX 200

Harry Fuller: Florida going slowly solar? High tech: respected in Europe, projected in the U.S. Heather Clancy: The power of you: Siemens recognizes green efforts of three U.S. communities

Roland Piquepaille: Games to make computers smarter AMD sets new game PC specificationsMary Jo Foley: Microsoft, HP ready XP SP3 endless-reboot patches

Micro Persuasion: The Hyperconnected vs. 84% of Everyone Else on Earth Dan Farber: Observations on Twitterdom

David Morgenstern: Office 2008 for Mac: The straw that broke the backs of Microsoft's Windows developers?

Paul Miller: Calais 2.0 unveiled by Thomson Reuters

Nate McFeters: McAfee's HackerSafe: "Um... we go in like a super hacker" Kevin Johnson's letter on updated online strategy

Matthew Miller: Mobius Seattle 2008: Windows Mobile devices in hand, Zune, and more.

Phil Wainewright: Web 2.0 and the end of advertising

New York Times: Online Search Ads Faring Better Than Expensive Displays

Jason O'Grady: iPhoneDevCamp 2 announced Review: CardIris 3.0 scanning software

Rumor Mill: What's next from Apple (updated)

Paul Murphy: Buying from the enemy.

Ed Bott: Windows 7 ship date? The crowd has spoken...

Blankenhorn: Ready for the iProd?

AP: China allows bloggers, others to spread quake news

Joe McKendrick: Analyst: vendor issues still dog Service Component Architecture

Gizmodo: Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV Is Way Better Than Cable or Satellite

iPhone's international rollout continues; 10 million units not a stretch

Ryan Stewart: Moonlight, the Silverlight for Linux project, releases first public version

Dana Blankenhorn: Novell produces lead pony for Silverlight

Kingsley-Hughes: How to ... install Ubuntu 8.04 on a USB flash drive. Gallery (right).

RIM's Lazaridis on why Qwerty's still working

IT Facts: 24% of teens write for personal enjoyment several times a month

Heather Clancy: Disaster averted: But (sob) my next notebook might not be an Apple one

Dave Greenfield: Nortel Demos Virtual World Platform

Paul Miller: Tom Ilube ponders 'social verification' with FOAF

Jerry Yang is busy...Writing email

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