News to know: Mix07; Google responds to Viacom; Credit card passwords

News to know: Mix07; Google responds to Viacom; Credit card passwords

Summary: Notable headlines:  Google denies Viacom copyright charges. Full response (PDF).


Notable headlines:  

Google denies Viacom copyright charges. Full response (PDF). Donna Bogatin: Google accuses Viacom of 'Unclean Hands': Demands day in court.

Ryan Naraine: Verisign putting disposable passwords on credit cards.

Supreme Court sides with Microsoft in patent spat.

Ed Bott: How to get sued by Microsoft.

George Ou: 2.5 *terabyte* hot-swap storagefor $730. Photos: How five 500-GB hard drives stack up.

Mix07 coverage

Russell Shaw: Insider's diary of BlackBerry service shutdown.

6 Habits of Top I.T. Groups: A Consultant's List.

'Keeping the lights on' stifles tech innovation.

Comcast and Yahoo ink Internet advertising deal.

Phil Windley: Trips processor reveals new architecture.

Computerworld: Cheating on IT Exams May Cast Doubt on Their Value.

Jason O'Grady: Stealthy Apple Battery Update addresses swelling.

Review: Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One printer (left).

Mashable: YouTube Launches Active Share.

Techmeme: A look at iGoogle. Garett Rogers: iGoogle: Google's newest brand.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
AACS licensing authority censors Cory Doctorow's class blog.

Wikipedia co-founder wants open-source search engine.

Donna Bogatin: Google zeal breeds more identity theft risks.

Marketing Pilgrim: The Technorati 100 Not So Hot?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: WGA - The “A” stands for Advertisments.

David Berlind: One Office Suite please. Hold the mayo (I brought my own).

Mobile minitablets still grounded. UMPCs in China (right).

Larry Dignan: What Yahoo's Right Media purchase is really about. Techmeme.

Verizon's FiOS network: Payback time?

Russell Shaw: This Vodafone pricing model could set the tone for North American Skype-over-handset charges. North American wireless broadband REALLY needs these two Japanese innovations.

Xbox 360 GPU to go to 65nm in fall, TSMC to see side benefits, says paper.

eWeek: SCCM 2007 Offers One of Many Vista Deployment Paths.

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