News to know: Vista on 512MB; VMware Workstation 6 gallery; Joost funding

News to know: Vista on 512MB; VMware Workstation 6 gallery; Joost funding

Summary: Notable headlines: Ed Bott: Vista Home Basic on 512MB? Hey, it works!


Notable headlines: 

Ed Bott: Vista Home Basic on 512MB? Hey, it works!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
Introducing VMware Workstation 6. Gallery (right).

GPL likely to regain Apache compatibility.

Mary Jo Foley
: Could Microsoft take a community lesson from Sun? Microsoft keeps the Open XML fires burning.

George Ou: Retailers haven't learned from TJX - still running WEP.

TechCrunch: Joost Announces $45 million Funding From Sequoia, Index, CBS & Viacom. Techmeme.

Christoper Dawson: Edubuntu update - it rocks.

David Berlind: Intel Mobile VP/GM Mooley Eden Unplugged: Centrino Pro (out today) will 'rock.' Google Apps To-Do Item #38: Make Google Apps documents 'more' attachable to e-mail. HP's Dragon 'notebook' is a friggin' monster (but I still want one).

Donna Bogatin: Google Analytics: Should Google be minding YOUR Web business?

Larry Dignan: Red Hat takes OLPC knowledge corporate.

Sun hopes for Linux-like Solaris.

Mary Jo Foley: Date set for Microsoft's SQL Server 'Katmai'

WebSideStory becomes Visual Sciences; bolsters enterprise focus. Gallery (right): Visual Sciences: Web analytics style throughout the enterprise.

Dan Farber: Motorola CEO Ed Zander says leave the PC behind. Social networking giants--the new lock in.

'Simpsons' game leads EA summer preview.

Epicenter: PC World Editor back. CEO out.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Surge in Mac users good for Apple, not so good for security. Mac shipments expected to soar.

Feds: Electronic medical record sharing needs surgery.

Images: Cracking open the Alienware Area-51 7500 (right).

George Ou:
Solving the network storage dilemma.

The digital home
: Still a handyman's special?
Pioneer unveils revamped 'black' plasma tech.
Photos: Pioneer gets 'Elite'.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: VMware Workstation 6 is released.

Bill Gates transcript: Microsoft Strategic Account Summit 2007.

Joshua Greenbaum: Racing Towards the Future, Stuck in the Past: Microsoft BI Moves… Not Far Enough.

Images: Next Mars probe lands in Florida (left).

Photos: The next generation of unmanned aircraft (right).

AP: Comcast CEO Shows Off Super Quick Modem.

Donna Bogatin: Better than YouTube? Google Testing on the Toilet!

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