Nielsen: Women make up the majority of bloggers

Nielsen: Women make up the majority of bloggers

Summary: Most bloggers are well-educated, active in social networks, and are female, according to new research from Nielsen.

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There are more than 6.7 million people in the United States publishing blogs through blogging platforms, with another 12 million maintaining blogs on social networks, according to a new report from social media intelligence firm NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey company.

Naturally, this has given way to a rise in blog readership.

But what is more interesting is who is actually behind these blogs in the first place.

According to NM Incite researchers, most bloggers in the United States are actually female (one in three are mothers), well educated (seven out of ten have gone to college), and they're active across multiple social media platforms.

Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are three of the most common portals for consumer blogs, but Facebook is number one in the dedicated social networking category.

One social media site emerging rapidly that doesn't follow traditional blogging methods but displays one's interests and opinions in a concise but unique form is Pinterest. Coincidentally, Pinterest, a social media curation site of sorts, has also found a more solid fan base with female consumers.

Nielsen's report doesn't offer any reasons to explain this corollary, except that there might be something here for online advertisers and marketers to hone into more closely.

Chart via Nielsen Wire


Topics: Tablets, Amazon

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  • Women as communicators

    I don't know about most families but in mine for the three generations that I know about the women have always been the communicators. First in the form of letters, then with telephone calls and now over the internet whether it's email or social media.
    And that's only right since they taught us men to talk.
    A. G.
  • Or is it because their husbands won't listen to them?

  • Surprise?

    Women make up the majority of people.
    Steve Webb