Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

Summary: While new Android tablets keep showing up every week, new data from Good Technology shows that enterprises are still shunning them for iPads.


The number of companies getting in line to challenge the iPad grows almost every week. And, while a few companies like RIM and HP are using their own OS to power their tablets, most of the iPad challengers are running Android. However, new data released by Good Technology shows that enterprise customers are choosing iPad over Android tablets by a huge percentage.

According to Good's four-month tally of recent mobile device activations for its large stable of enterprise customers, tablets are taking a growing chunk of the activation pie, but among those tablet adopters the Apple iPad is grabbing 95% of all activations, while very few Android tablets are showing up in large companies. In fact, iPad activations actually surpassed Android smartphone activations in the enterprise in recent months, according to the Good data. Take a look at the chart below.

Good Technology has been an enterprise mobile stalwart since the mid-2000s when it helped many companies securely deploy and manage Palm Treo smartphones. In recent years, Good has shifted its software toward iPhone and Android smartphone deployments. It can manage both types of devices, as well as most other mobile platforms, and it can manage both IT-deployed devices and customer-owned devices. Enterprises that want tight control over their mobile data rely on companies like Good to help bridge the gap between traditional IT best practices and modern consumer-driven mobile devices. Good's customers  include 182 of Fortune 500 companies and 49 of the Fortune 100. It's sometimes called "BlackBerry BES for the rest of us."

It's interesting to note that while Android continues to gain market share in the overall U.S. mobile market, it's actually been slipping a bit among U.S. enterprises in recent months, according to Good's data.

As for the tablet picture, John Herrema, Good's Senior VP of Corporate Strategy at Good Technology, said, "Roughly half of the iPads we activated in this quarter were for the financial sector." The chart below shows the breakdown of deployments across different industries.

Good also provided some additional commentary on the

In general, iPads are being deployed as a complementary "+one" device, not as an outright laptop or PC replacement. Key use cases for the iPad in Financial Services and Healthcare center on deployment as a laptop alternative, but not full-time replacement, for users who are heavy content consumers and/or presenters, but not heavy content creators. Examples of such users include executives, sales and client services staff, insurance agents and adjusters, and doctors. We are seeing proactive deployment in hospital settings as an outright replacement for "computers on wheels" and legacy tablet form factors. There is increasing interest among our customers with significant retail and/or field operations to use tablets for a variety of "in store" and field service applications. This includes not only customers from the Wholesale & Retail sector, but also customers in Financial Services, Communications, and Energy & Utilities that have significant retail and/or field service operations. Based on feedback from our customers, we're seeing a greater tendency for iPads to be purchased and deployed proactively on both a BYOD and company-owned basis. This contrasts with the overall deployment model for iPhones and Android smartphones, where BYOD is the more dominant approach overall.

I'll throw out one last chart from the Good data trove. It's the top 10 devices that are activated on Good's enterprise network.

This was originally published on TechRepublic.

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  • Apple is simply the better choice

    and companies tend to know the difference between (Google's) hype and (Apple's) quality.
    • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android


      Unfortunately any company actually considering using these iToy bricks in enterprise has demonstrated sloppy thinking already - their preference doesn't really matter.

      Never mind Win 8 is coming ;-)
      • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

        @tonymcs@... I can't think of why any enterprise would be buying iPads in the first place. Certainly no internal software is written in iOS, so what are they doing with them? I mean they're nice and flat so you can hit bugs with them or crack walnuts, but beyond that...? <br><br>What do I know though, the highest I ever got in the enterprise was working at BB&B HQ where no one outside the legal department was even given POST-IT notes, much less a portable device. Yes, even Directors making a six-figure salary would have to make their own notepaper with scissors and paper from the recycle bin like the rest of us. And when they travelled, it was not only coach, but red-eye flights....
      • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

        @jgm@... <br><br>"Certainly no internal software is written in iOS, so what are they doing with them?"
      • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

        @Dave95 Those links say Apple want them in the enterprise, and IT people are getting their companies to buy them to play with, but the question still remains... what the heck would you build to run on them? What would you build and then buy iPads and give them to your employees for? Forecasting? Accounting? Key Performance Indicator trackers? Least-cost routing? No, no, no, and no. I spent 8 years working for a consulting firm that also developed custom software for 17 different firms during that time period, and I'm still drawing a blank here. Um... contact info tracker for sales people????? Sorry, I've got nothin' that would warrant handing out iPads to people. But like I've said before, at the one billion-dollar company I worked for, they didn't even give employees post-it notes.
        • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

          @jgm@... Coming from a logistics background, I finally thought of something to help drivers track deliveries, companies to track drivers, real time scheduling of drivers in short-haul situations, etc... but there's no way I'd even dream of putting that on something that wasn't ruggedized, so I've still got nothin'. Same with medical apps... they've got special hand-held units that are even bacterial resistant now. This is gonna haunt me all night, but my best guess is that IT people just want to play with iPads - come to think of it, I did have an internship with another billion-dollar company back in the days of DOS and one IT guy did have fun seeing just what kind of crazy, useless (fun for him) projects he could get the technically illiterate boss to sign off on. One "project" involved a lengthy proposal regarding evaluating compression software which was just an excuse for him to connect to a BBS and download shareware games and see whether zip or lha versions of the game were better compressed. :-)
      • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

        jgm@...<br><br>"In the 15 months since iPad has shipped, we've seen iPads used in the enterprise in ways we could have never imagined. Companies like Boston Scientific, Xerox and are deploying thousands of iPads and revolutionize in how their sales teams engage their customers. iPad is being used inside the country's top hospitals like HCA and Cedars-Sinai and in retail at Nordstrom and at Este Lauder's Clinique counters. General Electric, SAP and Standard Charter have developed internal Apps for training, currency tracking and business process management to help make employees even more productive. And Alaska Airlines and American Airlines are using the iPad in cockpit to replace paper-based navigational and reference information pilots carry with him on every flight."<br><br>It's only been one year and 3 months.
    • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

      @iPad-awan Some really good points brought up here. <a href="">Free MP3</a> <a href="">Get a DJ</a>
  • Let me get this straight...

    One company says this is happening so, that means it is true? Only on ZDNet do you find such profound logic!
    • There is no way to guess this is not true; iPad for now offers more smooth,

      @Peter Perry: ... consistent, baked platform, which "closeness" appeal to enterprises much more than less predictable -- for now, Android for tablets.

      However, within time Android 3.* will stabilize and, of course, will gain more traction. But not now and not in the nearest future.
      • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

        @DeRSSS It wasn't just iPad he claimed man! Most companies have bring your own device or offer Crackberries!

        My company has both iOS and Android Apps for connecting to our infrastructure.
  • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

    And just how many companies are actually using tablets? I'm guessing not many so take these stats with a grain of salt. Just more talk of the same, "companies will use tablets!" but nothing to really back it up, even the analysts can't back it up. All talk.
    • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

      @LoverockDavidson Agreed. Ipad might be winning in these statistics, but really, how many enterprises are there out there that actually use this kind of device anyway?
  • One vendor of at least 10 in the MDM space

    Not surprising data as everyone wants to manage iOS devices. But pretty meaningless as you are not also seeing data from all the other MDM solutions (MobileIron, AirWatch, Zenprise, Boxtone, Sybase etc). I'm sure iOS would still have a sizable lead due to Android has security issues Good doesn't fix:

    - No native encryption below OS 3.0 (tablet only at the moment)
    - App Market malware

    I'd like a query of companies that support Blackberry AND Good and compare growth of both.

    Our BES is still growing at 2% monthly for the past 3 years. Good adoption is slow as the bulk of our Good users are in the BYOT program and I hear over and over that employees do not want corporate security / compliance on their personal device - so they use web based email.
  • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

    Don't trust anything other then the PlayBook for security.

    It's second to none.
  • RE: Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android

    With 91% of the Fortune 500 already deployed or testing the iPhones, it just makes the decision to go with an iPad that much easier. If a custom internal app is created for instance for the iPhone, it can be used by both iPhone and iPad carrying employees.
  • Dont be blind

    Our company uses both for business phones. we have had more problems with the driod platform. Cant sync the calender correctly. With no support but hey the Gingerbread is coming two months late!!! i pad can be used with Citrix. I am useing it to replace my laptop. i can access my desktop and edit like if i was useing my laptop. So i dont know if any of you commenting have used one in business enviroment, if you have not you neeed not comment. It works great. iPhone and iPad have not has any syncing issues. NONE. Cant say that about Adriod which has caused me pain.
  • I have both

    If your looking to get red of your laptop for day to day things (not professional things like Internet browsing photo viewing and music and video seeing)just go for the Samsung galaxy tab or Motorola xzoom or a good Android tablet, if your looking to show off or you want a more stabled platform with less crashes just go for the iPad I have one Samsung galaxy tab 2 with Android 4.1 and I have apple iPad 2 and 3 at home with ios 5.1.1, iPad has more stabled apps less hacks than Android but Android has the cloud in it! And it's integrated with the net in a way that impresses me and iOS is a bit backward from what the Droid os is now the only 2 issues I find bad in Android is the hardware quality of the devices and the instability of some of the applications running on it( of course diversed hardware makes it difficult to program for it a dummy can program for an iPad it has a standard hardware with much less variables to think about) the 3 bad things I hate about the iPad are flash support and everything should go through iTunes and an immature iCloud the third thing I hate is the rudeness of apple support!