Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

Summary: A Nokia executive outright said that the company would bring out a Windows 8 powered tablet by summer 2012.


Phone maker Nokia is planning to launch a Windows-running tablet during the summer of 2012, the head of Nokia France said in an interview with a French newspaper.

While the company has not made any formal announcement nor outlined its plans publicly to bring a tablet to the market, his comments suggested the company could be building a tablet to rival existing Android tablets and the holy-of-all-holy, the iPad.

"In June 2012, we will have a tablet that runs on Windows 8", Paul Amsellem said in a telephone interview with the paper. A company spokesperson backtracked, saying: "We have not announced any specific plans as it relates to tablets".

Beyond the Windows 8 mention and the date, there is not so much to go on.

This is not the first hint the consumer market has had that a Windows tablet may be on its way. Earlier this month in an interview with Bloomberg, Nokia's chief executive hinted that competitive devices were on the way, particularly in the U.S. market.

But Nokia's tablet market is somewhat non-existent. It has proven itself in the notebook market with its Nokia Booklet 3G device, a relatively old device compared to the cultural shift of tablets and slate devices on the market today.

A sceptical-me thinks it would make sense for the company to jump on board the tablet market, but the logistics of doing so may not produce a high-quality device in line with some of the more advanced, redesigned and improved-upon tablets already on the market.

As CNET's Stephen Shankland points out, the "synergies aren't always easy", pointing to the applications that are written for one may not be so easily ported over to the other, making the range of devices a headache for the end developer.

Nokia last month unveiled two new Windows Phone powered smartphones in time for the upcoming December holiday season, with the company making clear headway in clawing back the company's dwindling marketshare against Apple and Google.

But those in the industry will know that existing knowledge of building fully touch-screen smartphones only goes so far when moving onto tablets. The architecture is different, the size ratios are off, and far more technology needs to be packed in proportionally less space.


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  • A Windows 8 tablet and a WP7 Nokia Device would be nice.

    If Nokia has the same design skills they use in their mobile phones incorporated in a Windows 8 tablet it surely would be a nice device. Based on Nokia's reputation, I'd say it would be comparable to the iPad in build quality.

    I have an WP7 HTC Trophy, and although I love the darn thing, I'm looking to get a Nokia phone. The build quality is so appealing. I certainly do like the Lumia 800, a lot, but by the time this Summer rolls around maybe there will be a N900. It would probably have a few more bells and whistles that would work in conjunction with the Nokia tablet.

    I don't have a tablet ....yet, but maybe these two devices together would be a good option. It would give me a reason to get a tablet.
    • A Nokia W8 tablet could be an awesome addition to the market

      I would bet build quality wise it would best the ipad. The N800 build quality is quite a big step up from any iphone. If Nokia manages their tablet production to the same degree then the same will be true of their tablets. Hopefully they will do so and not just throw it over the fence to foxconn or some such cheap builder like apple does. Nokia your reputation will be on the line here. But regardless it will be very interesting just because W8 is such a better quality os than ios and has such a nicer ux. Even in it's very early pre-beta state which really says a lot.
      Johnny Vegas
  • RE: Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

    A Nokia Windows 8 tablet would be worth looking into. There would be a lot of portability between the PC and the tablet since they will both be running Microsoft Windows. Nokia being the trusted name that it is, you know you would get a quality product from them.
  • RE: Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

    Nokia is probably the only company that can come close to Apple with its slick industrial design. If past is any indication, the Nokia Win8 tablet should be a gorgeous device. Nokia also has some beautiful accessories and that counts a lot.
    • RE: Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

      @sunilgmishra +1
  • RE: Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

    ???In June 2012, we will have a tablet that runs on Windows 8???
    Saying that they will have it and actually having it available for purchase are two TOTALLY different things. They might be able to get on this and do it, but will they be able to compete on price if others bring out competing products (unless Microsoft is making a deal with Nokia to have some exclusivity on being the first to market with this tablet ?).
  • Who's going to buy it?

    The question will be not of quality or even price. Because Nokia I am sure has learned from previous failures. But who will buy it. I just read a survey where a third of iPad owners in Europe don't even use their iPad once a week. Some have even sold theirs. Could it be yet again the Tablet was another fad that was unique but ended up being not very practical? I personally find my original iPad to be annoying to hold and use for any length of time. Certainly not to watch a full length movie or anything like that. I actually find my wife's Nook Color to be better for longer periods. I can't say I will buy another one if its not much lighter then the iPad.
    • RE: Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

      WTF: ZDNet post comment is busted
  • RE: Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

    If any company can build this item with absolute quality and umptah, Nokia is you company. Both Nokia and Microsoft are no stranger to producing top-notch software. I believe that between the two of them, they could build and/or transport as many apps as one could possibly use. INMHO, these two companies have the talent and resources to bring it to the tablet market. I may be proven wrong, but will wait in frantic anticipation, and if wrong, will eat a quadruaple helping of crow! Just one man's opinion!
  • RE: Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012

    Kinda weird as most buzz says windows 8 wont be ready to late 2012 early 2013. Then you have to see the price as Nokia likes to jack prices up to impractical amounts and offer just fair quality and design.
  • Windows Is Declining Into Irrelevance

    I suppose you've heard that 100 million copies of Android were activated in the last 6 months, and it's still growing fast. I predict that, sometime in the next 12 months, we will reach the first quarter where more copies of Android are activated than copies of Windows, and Android becomes the world's most popular OS.

    Will Messrs Ballmer and Elop still have jobs then, do you think?
  • RE: Nokia planning Windows 8 powered tablet debut in mid-2012 get the market if the price is under 150usd lol.