Nook Tablet ships with 'big order volume' but lacks numbers

Nook Tablet ships with 'big order volume' but lacks numbers

Summary: Barnes & Noble is boasting about shipping a large volume of Nook Tablets, but there are still questions remaining.

TOPICS: Tablets, Amazon, Hardware

Now that Amazon has launched its Kindle Fire earlier this week, it's time for Barnes & Noble to play hardball.

So far, B&N has made a couple of moves -- chiefly shipping the Nook Tablet one day ahead of schedule to customers who pre-ordered the advanced e-reader, which became necessary after Amazon did the same thing. So if you're dying to have one of these tablets immediately, head to one of more than 700 Barnes & Noble stores nationwide.

FYI, the Nook Simple Touch and Nook Color at the reduced prices of $99 and $199, respectively, are also now available.

B&N also boasted in a statement that the Nook Tablet launched with a "big order volume," and CEO William Lynch remarked in the same release that "the customer response has been even greater than anticipated."

However, that statement lacks any sort of numbers that we can get our minds around to understand just how successful the device is so far.

To be fair to B&N, many companies don't actually reveal specific numbers, and this is a common ploy to boost hype around a product. Only Apple really seems to offer sales figures after a launch day or weekend because those numbers typically tend to hover in the millions, so of course we'll get specifics there.

It's likely that B&N won't release specific shipment numbers until the next quarterly earnings statement, which is slated for Thursday, December 1.

Check back later for my review of the Nook Tablet and how it compares to its predecessors!


Topics: Tablets, Amazon, Hardware

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  • RE: Nook Tablet ships 'big order volume' but hold back numbers

    Barnes & Noble's "OMG, OMG! We've totally shipped... like... more of these than... WOW.... I mean you gotta see it to believe it!" exceeded analysts expectations. Wall Street was only looking for "OMG, OMG!"
  • Why are numbers so important to people here?

    can't people decide for themselves anymore, buy what they like instead of what sells the most?
    William Farrell
  • RE: Nook Tablet ships 'big order volume' but hold back numbers

    I see the ZDNET prejudice is hanging in there. You guys all jump on one product (in this case the Fire) and disparage all competitors. You are now giving the same treatment to the Nook competitor (as you did with Playbook, esp. after the HP fiasco er, release): never have a headline that mentions the device without adding a "but"; claim that specs are useless, because its all about ecosystem - no, price - no, brand name - no, service...

    If it is pure coincidence that ZDNET hypes certain products, then you need new bloggers, that can see beyond the bandwagon.
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