Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

Summary: Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said the next generation of Android phones and tablets will "really surprise people and delight consumers everywhere."


Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang acknowledged that Google and his company are behind in the tablet race against Apple's iPad, but was wildly bullish about designs in the pipeline.

How bullish? We'll let Huang do the talking. He was speaking on Nvidia's third quarter earnings conference call. Huang was talking Tegra, Nvidia's smartphone and tablet chips.

He said:

We're going to start building into our phone and tablet design wins. And although they're a little bit behind, the work that Google and Andy Rubin's team is doing at Google is just really amazing. I mean, this is clearly a world-class engineering team. And they're building a magical product. So I'm looking forward to the next generation of Android phones and tablets that are coming out. And I think it's going to really, really surprise people and delight consumers everywhere. And so although it's a little bit behind, I think it's going to be completely fabulous. Now it's going to take something absolutely great to compete against the iPad and the iPhone, as we all know. Because both of those devices are quite amazing devices. And so it's going to take something that is truly remarkable to compete against it. And I think Andy and his team, and all of our engineers here working with them, and all of our partners around the world working on it, are going to absolutely deliver. And so that's the second thing.

Huang has one thing right. The latest designs of Android tablets can't hang with the iPad. However, Huang said that more software and more power will be packed onto tablets. As they do tablets will become the dominant computing device, eclipsing notebooks and netbooks.

He added:

We know at this point that the projects that we're working on, particularly in the tablets, has taken longer than we expected. And it's taken longer than we expected by a few months. But the important thing is that you can't just build a tablet. You can't just put an operating system on a tablet and hope that -- on a piece of glass and hope that you're going to compete against the iPad. The iPad is a wonderful product. And if you're going to give that wonderful product a run for its money, you better build something absolutely exquisite. And so whether it's the quality of the work of the craftsmanship that our teams are working on, or the capabilities of these devices, they have to be absolutely ground-breaking or why would anybody come to buy them? So I think that the extra time that was necessary to build these devices, and build the operating system and all the applications and the system software necessary to do it -- and obviously, we're not going to talk about what they are right now, but they're going to be absolutely magical. And so I think that that's the important thing to realize. And I think that although we're a little bit late, the market potential is so huge, and this is the future of computing. This is the second device into the future of computing.

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  • What is the man thinking?

    When Apple introduced their first iPad as "magical," how can you announce your next generation as your "magical" product? Think of some other term, for crying out loud. You are just asking to cement in the memories of people that you are one wave behind. At least don't advertise that you're competing with their previous product, not with their (then) current device.
    • Non-issue


      Just like Android phones, which were behind the iPhones when first entering the market, the Android tablet MAY also be behind, but they will sell anyway, because many people do not like Apple. Just like the Android phones, the Android tablets will quickly catch up.

      EXCEPT that the Android OS itself has closed the gap to iOS, so the Android tablets may be more or less on par with the iPad when Android tablets are released.
      • And, with tablets, Android is not as far behind as they were with phones.

        But, Apple did such a remarkable job on iPad to deliver the first tablet with mass market appeal, at such an amazing price point, it will not be easy for Android. That said, I think Android designs will eventually beat iPad on price and expandability, having USB ports and SD slots.
      • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

        @Economister says: "the Android OS itself has closed the gap to iOS, so the Android tablets may be more or less on par with the iPad when Android tablets are released."

        I'm not sure you've actually held an Android device in your hands lately, but I'm so totally disappointed by the user experience and usability. I just can't believe this OS is being deemed "on par" with the iOS. It's not. It's still a half-baked operating system that shows no significant signs of becoming baked.

        Now before the anti-Apple howlers howl. I am a Palm Pre user. Crappy hardware to be sure. But a helluva OS. If Android were as polished as WebOS, I'd be right there with you.
      • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

        @Economister People buy Android phones because the iPhone isn't on their carrier, not because people "don't like Apple".
      • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

        This is particularly obvious to anyone paying attention to the Android development going on in India and China. This is where the perceived "lag time" in catching up with Apple's technology is closing alarmingly fast. The point everyone seems to be ignoring is that Android is the first OS (mobile or otherwise) to be sponsored by a major consumer brands and be made available to international manufacturers. The significance of this has been largely diminished in the mobile handset market, mostly because of wireless carrier monopolies and fragmented frequency markets that make it difficult for OEM manufacturers to compete globally with a single product unless they are as large as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, and other players large enough to support/join the Open Handset Alliance.
        But with Android Tablets, the scene shifts dramatically - as the wireless carrier issue is not important for most users and more and more options have come available for getting apps onto devices not endorsed by Google for access to their apps market (just do a search for "download .apk" on Google and you'll see).
        So I agree with both Economister and DonnieBoy that the gap is closing, and prices will be low: Apple better start pulling out the stops if it wants to stay ahead for much longer.
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      • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'


        And, Android comes with something that iOS does not.
        That is integrated Google spyware. With iOS, you cannot give your life to Google unless you expressly use Google apps. Clearly, everybody should dump iOS and switch to Android. Not.
      • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

        [i]"...but they will sell anyway, because many people do not like Apple."[/i]

        Your right, many people don't like Apple and most of them are here. The problem with always falling back on this argument is that a huge majority of consumer, you know those that actually buy the products, either like Apple or just don't care who makes it.

        I look forward to Android tablets improving just like we saw with the phones because regardless of if you like Android or Apple or neither, we all win when they each try to top the other.
    • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'


      Has anyone actually used an iPad? Use one for a week and you'll be wondering what all the fuss is about - a jumbo iPhone without the phone, with limited internet access, even more limited development tools, WiFi problems and a dirty, heavy brick to carry around.

      So we need another Android version of this with another lame phone OS?

      I could almost justify a tablet, if you could run Win 7 on it, but for the most part, these are a solution in search of a problem. I'm sure Apple could just market an Apple badge for people to wear, if they are just looking at seeming cool, it would be a lot lighter to carry and have around the same functionality.
      • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

        You can run Windows 7 on tablet such as iPad ( which many people do ! ) by using software such as ThinServer


      • Real solid, on point argument


        "I'm sure Apple could just market an Apple badge for people to wear"

        I am no Apple fan, but please stop posting your petty minded and bitter crap. Grow up. You are making yourself look childish.

        It must be very difficult for you to be an MS fan boy these days.
      • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

        Yes I do (small one 16 Gig/WiFi only - not worth the cell/data cost). Our IT Mngmt. gave to certain individuals for testing. While a weee bit over the top, some of what you said is accurate. They are essentially large iPhones. Much easier to type on but I cannot type very well (I'm a touch typer) they are not bad. They are nice to have for quick stuff, and when you are meetings. They are not laptop replacements. We looking at remote oncall support for SAP systems for my Architecture team. They are good info consumer devices and good field sales support devices, but will not replace a laptop yet. The hybrid units...now those may be the way to go.
    • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

      @dunraven perhaps he was saying that the iPad is not that magical (which it is not) and this next gen product will be THE magical product that Apple did not deliver. Maybe...maybe not, let's wait and see.
    • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

      @dunraven - Dude, it's pretty unlikely English is his first language ... his use of one particular word doesn't seem like that much of an issue.

      And as much as I follow technology news, and mobile computing specifically, I honestly had no strong association between the words "magical" and "iPad". It probably just went over my head ... but I strongly suspect the average consumer who doesn't own an iPad has no more of an association in their head than I did.
    • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

      I did not notice when the word "magical" also got patented.... along with words with dictional meaning involving expressions like synchronization, gesture, touch, etc..... Looks like control freaks (Gods) will either make every person on earth pay for the language spoken or eventually "motivate" them to "create" their own "patented" language.
    • Like You Claiming "FIRST"? Like a ReTarded Wintoid/CrAppleloid Fan!

      @dunraven Knowing how irreverent Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has been with Microsoft over their policies toward driver issues and Windoz OS through the years, I'm sure it was used in jest here. Just another of his flippant remarks aimed squarely at the iCrApple leader's head! haha..... I just love how he really puts the whole ridiculous thing of being FIRST as the joke it's become. Today.... NOBODY really cares who was FIRST. Because CrApple will always claim to be FIRST.... anyway. Like some kid on YouTube claiming FIRST COMMENT (then not say anything... like you), they are the only ones that really care in the end! ;)

      Note: Nvidia knows only too well how quickly people forget. Because they had the most powerful and advanced GPU on the planet for over 3yrs before the competition could even respond! .....remember? ...not likely.

      Just like now, it's been Nvidia who has put enabled that Chinese Super Computer to now take the Crown as most powerful in the World, beating the out the total FLOPS production of any CPU in the World with their GPU!

      NOW they are bound to do that in the mobile market as well. They make GRAPHICS BEASTS able to kill the CPU competition and I'm sure they don't care if they are FIRST or SECOND doing it on Phones, Tablet and Slates either!!! :D
  • RE: Nvidia CEO: Next-gen Android tablets will be 'magical'

    Sheer numbers.
    Apple may have great engineers (usually) but so does the competition. And the competition has the numbers.
    The tsunami comes and it is called Android.
    • True

      @zenwalker And the numbers game also applies to the consumers as well. As Android increases its share of the global smartphone market, consumers who own Android phones and later wish to purchase a tablet will tend to gravitate towards Android tablets because of their previous investments in the platform. It's quite likely that Android phone ownership will help drive sales of Android tablets in the coming years and allow Android to relegate iOS to niche status.
      • iOS will still be the choice for those that can afford it. Apple is a

        luxury brand that will be very hard to beat. Myself, and probably the masses will go with Adroid.